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New to quitting alone   Quit Support

Started Sep-17 by Dolphins92; 178 views.

From: Dolphins92


I have been trying to quit for a month now using my vape. But the only person that is helpful that I'm close to is my fiancé and he lives 3 hours away. And I know it might sound odd but I think a major reason I can't completely quit is because we no longer live together and I've been battling depression since I moved back home the end of June. I feel like I can't make it now then a week or two without smoking since I moved away from him.  -Amanda-


From: Jerthie123


Hey Amanda, I want to say the right words to you now so you feel better about being quit or at least you are not smoking and just vaping. I quit smoking many years ago with the help of nicotine lozenges, but now I am addicted to the lozenges which is why I feel I might not say the right things to you. I am still an addict, just now on lozenges instead of cigarettes. I can tell you to stay close to this forum and by doing that I can say with confidence you will get the support you need. God bless your quit!