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VIV MOVING FORWARD    Quit Stories and Journals

Started 8/24/15 by VIV691; 90181 views.

From: JoJoMn


Save him to your computer - until the graphics and signatures get sorted out.

Same for posts - save as documents on your computer - en masse -  you can always sort, discard, and bring here at your leisure.

Without monks copying script,  there would have been no Renaissance. No Age of Enlightenment without the Dark Ages (which were actually not that DARK AND DANK).


JoJoMn ( formerly JoJoJax ) ~ Temporary Dots : O O O ~ Quit August 1, 2015

Carpe diem! Nunc coepi! Seize the day! Right now!

Lest there be no tomorrow for me. 


From: karenvans


Viv: Good for you volunteering and going to the gym. Perhaps someday I will follow your example!

Love your picture!


From: Rick342day


Hey Viv,

I'm sorry to hear about your mum. As for my sister, she texts me almost everyday. It gives me mixed feeling because I know that she is trying to communicate as much as possible while she still can. Mom is still mom. Trying ti take in every stray cat she sees. And I'm still running them away as much as possible. Everything else in Rickland is about the same.
How are your husband and your daughters doing? I hope that they are well.


From: VIV691


Hi Rick,  The good thing about Mum being in Nursing Home is that she actually eats and looks much healthier.  She was so mal nourished when she first went into hospital.   It was an example to remind us all to eat healthy.   We (her daughters) knew this and tried all sorts of services - even some that would come and cook for her, but she kept sending them packing.    Her mind is a bit all over the place still, but she is 98.

My family are all fine.   My son has decided to quit drinking and I know it will be a hard road.   Funnily enough he never smoked.   I myself am an ex-drinker, but I swear it was harder to give up smoking.

I think I am getting used to this new forum.   The only constant in life is change.

Moving forward with you



From: karenvans


Viv: So glad to see you. You and I have much in common. 

nancarol 54

From: nancarol 54


Hi Viv , How have you been? I see you are still with the program ,that is wonderful and I'm so proud of you!!  I have finally made it back here to see you and every one on there winning journey!!  I'm trying to get started as 2015 just hasn't been my year!!  We lost our lively hood this past winter do to ice it sank our boat and lucky know one got hurt...Thank God!! Everyone was off the boat before my husband tried to get out in the ice to head down the bay to finish out his fishing season .Thank God there was a boat a head of my husband and he was able to walk on the ice to get on board the other boat so trying to quit hasn't entered my mind only as of lately. We had a lot of support from the go fund me it raised over 17,000.00 plus the community got together and also raised money it was so wonderful the support that we got...We still have a ways to go before we are financially straight do to losing everything that my husband had on the boat...We will get there it will take time...I have missed everyone please write to me Viv, With much Love,  Nancy

Deb (fluffersDeb)

From: Deb (fluffersDeb)


Hi Viv thought I would check up on you. Seems you are now into warm weather again in your neck of the world. Here in Toronto the daylight length is getting less and less each day and the temperatures are cooling off. We still have some nice days but the fall can get get quite wet and windy. I reached my two year milestone on Sept. 27th and I am losing the weight I gained while quitting. We are going to be voting on Oct. 19th for a new Prime Minister (can't stand Steven Harper). We are hoping young Justin Trudeau wins. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Hugs!

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From: VIV691


After my disastrous happenings of the last 3 weeks, I thought I would dust my journal and maybe write in it from time to time.     I always found a journal a good way to keep track of my thoughts etc.

I have recently been reading some psychological stuff.   One of the suggestions for healing if you are depressed/ or even too high was to indulge in "Expressive Writing".    The idea is to just write.....non stop...for 20 minutes.   Just write any thoughts that come into your head.     I have tried it and it really is a good way to "clear the head>"



From: ModAustinPen


Viv, Viv, Viv, My buddy Viv,

I just read your post and I am so sorry that this addiction attacked you! It is terrible, but you are here and you are back and we all understand. It will be a little tough for a bit because the addition thinks it can win BUT we KNOW you can beat it again because you have in the past. I am going on a little vacay to Vegas and I will not be posting much --just know, my buddy, you are in my heart and I am thinking warm, loving thoughts for you as you slay this demon.Stay close and post and help a few newbies and remember only one rule----Don't Smoke!


ModJenn (blakwolf013)

From: ModJenn (blakwolf013)


((viv)) ~ Whether the stream of consciousness happens in your journal or mine is of no consequence. Post, post, post. You have a home here.

Hugs, Jenn