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Welcome May 2017 Ex-Smokers   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Apr-30 by ModJenn (blakwolf013); 6374 views.

Welcome New Ex-Smokers


Congratulations on taking that all important first step with cessation - putting that last cigarette out and getting started.

Chances are you don't feel 'ready' to quit and you're experiencing a mixture of sadness, loss, anger and fear, wondering how on earth you're going to make it through the next few hours, let alone the next few days, smoke-free.


You have found the best quit aid on the planet - this forum community.

The folks here know what you're going through because we've all been through it ourselves. We are committed to supporting you every step of the way, so park yourself in front of your computer and read everything you can on this forum board, and elsewhere on the site and internet.

Below are a few articles to get you started:

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From: Judith2017


Is this where we introduce ourselves? Having trouble with my eyesight and I'm not sure I missed the directions ??

Hi Judith,

Welcome to the forum.  You are the first to join the May 2017 Ex-Smokers group.  I imagine there will be others along to join you soon.  Is today your quit date?   All of us here on the forum are at different stages of our quits.  I hope you will stay will us as the support here is awesome.


From: ICanDoThis


Okay, it's time to take the leap. I've been hovering on these boards for the last few days, reading posts, copying things that seem like they'll be especially helpful.

I had a good quit of almost five weeks going when I quit nicotine lozenges in early April. I had been addicted to the lozenges for years (in lieu of cigarettes). For me the lozenges were as physically and emotionally addictive as cigarettes. During that nicotine-free five weeks, the addict demon turned to food, with really bad bouts of binging, including giving myself permission to eat non-vegan foods. Since I'm a vegan, it made me feel horrible and gave the inner addict an "excuse" to lapse back to smoking cigarettes.

I've had several failed quit attempts in the past week, including the last one this evening. Just had to have "that one" and it turned into three. Watered the rest of the pack and threw it in the garbage, as I've been doing. This is getting really expensive!

Anyway, hovering on the boards isn't working so I thought I'd introduce myself. Looking to be a May 1 quitter. I'll just have to do whatever it takes. Gratitude for this board being available. Look forward to meeting new quitters and hearing what the veterans have to offer.



From: ModDee


Hello Nora,

Welcome to the forum. I'm so glad that you're with us.  Congratulations on making the decision to take your life back!   In my opinion you've joined the best support group ever!  Education about our addiction will be the most important tool in your smoking cessation toolbox.  If you have not done so already, make yourself comfortable and check out the links below that will direct you to articles especially written for new quitters like yourself.

Best wishes.


From: 651nat


Welcome Nora,

there is a ton of support here and you have come to right place. I was 2 plus months quit but blew it so I am back and am joining the May group. I want to be done with smoking and have a smoke free life.

take it one hour, one day at a time and those add up. Read everything you can and nope every day on the nope pledge.

we can do this.



From: 651nat


Hi Judith,

yes this is the place to introduce ourselves and encourage each other. Welcome!!


Neats (1146)

From: Neats (1146)


Hi Judith and Nora,

Welcome to the forum this is a great place for support and advice. Nobody judges you as we all know what it is like to try and free ourselves from this horrible addiction. My advice to you both is just stick around read and educate yourself about nicotine addiction and keep posting. 

Good luck


From: ICanDoThis


Thank you, Dee, for all the great links. They are helping me in this fight against smoking. I need all the help I can get and you passed along a really good arsenal of information that I'll return to again and again. Thank you.


Welcome Judith and Nora, 

You have made a great step in your quit smoking journey by joining this forum, there is great support here.

Have a great smoke free day


Four days, 2 hours, 55 minutes and 26 seconds. 144 cigarettes not smoked, saving $129.47. Life saved: 12 hours, 0 minutes.