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Tricky 8-11 Months   Quit Support

Started 8/26/15 by ModAndrea; 116170 views.

Aahhh that smoke - it seems to seduce you back -- BOO HOO! Gotcha!!

I'm so glad my words still have that affect on people.

Way to go Ed you are telling that nagging nicotine monster which I refer to as Yosemite Sam to aahh shut up like Bugs Bunny would tell him. 

We were all fooled by these seemingly innocent looking cigarettes - boy those cigarette manufacturers got rich from all of us Smokers and many have paid with the health and their very lives. I hope new quitters open their eyes fully to what this job of quitting totally entails. It takes a full year to get over the hardest of the cravings and when we hit the 2 year mark we have an 80% chance of remaining quit for life as long as we don't fall for that Just One Thinking that the nicotine monster whispers to you. Don't fall for it ever again because it's a trap! 

That missing something feeling will eventually fade away along with the craves but it happens in year two so KEEP GOING!!! 

Keep up the great job of NOPING Every Day! 


"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013

I believe you were looking for this thread. Yes the tricky 8-11 months still finds us struggling at various times but believe me your brain is truly rewiring. You'll get headaches, anxiety, the jitters, moodiness etc. but then hit some smooth patches. The nicotine receptors that remain are fighting to stay active so just don't smoke and force them to shut down. I didn't find true peace until 14 months as I didn't get anymore jitters and moodiness after that. So keep on NOPING! & SMILING as each day passes and you enter the one year clubhouse. blush

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: Eve1973


Thanx Debbie, 

   I just wanted to read through because I want to be prepared. Nothing big happening in my quit, just thoughts. So thanks for finding for me!


From: Loreficent


Hi Eve!

Ive been here a lot lately. Glad Debbie got it to you. Bookmark it for yourself. Sending to Jaka too. Don’t get discouraged Jaka. If you look here you will see what I keep saying. Fasten your seat belt and hang on. It is a long bumpy journey and everything you are feeling, saying to yourself...all of it is normal. It doesn’t make it go away for me to say that, it may not make it a lot better. But, somewhere across the world...you have friends who are holding you hand. Just. Hang.On.

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