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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1386396 views.

I need to check in more often.  You guys saved my life.  Sounds like Susan is doing well and having a second change at a new life with new hubby.  She deserves it. 

Hello Susan,

So happy to read your posts.  I miss communicating with you all.  Insurance can be sooooo confusing.  We have AARPUnited Healthcare.  We are happy with it so far.  We haven't had any surgeries, (Knock on wood)  I get my meds free.  Hubby not so lucky because he takes Eliquis, which is pretty expensive. 

I figure they are all somewhat the same.  I wish healthcare was less expensive for middle age people who are still working,  I'm speaking of my 40 year old daughter and son in law and grandson. 

How is Finn doing?   Our dog Bella is doing well, but has some health issues.  Waiting for Covid to go away.  It's really interfering with my social life.  HAHA

Take care   Love Carolyn


From: Kittyarnold


going to the house later....excited...pain is still there otherwise all is well....thank goodness for my loving patient husband...I did manage to get my own socks on today again...LOL


From: Kittyarnold


good morning Ernie...weather looks yucky for the whole   week....and this morning I heard that one of the days could be a mix of snow north of NY...which is where we are....we plan on moving in tomorrow.....hoping it works....


From: Cocoa60


Morning Kitty.  Hope your pain goes away soon as you heal.

Exciting time moving into your new house, has been a long process.

I saw the snow in the forecast but rain expected to over run it soon after it falls.

Rode my motorcycle down into Pennsylvania and did a few things for my brother on the farm.

The day after that we had a picnic at the Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca, NY.

Yesterday we took our grands to the zoo.

After the zoo I reseeded a big part of the lawn for grass, finished about dark.  Glad got it done,

Lot of rain coming.

Have a good day and have fun moving in.



From: Kittyarnold


we move in till tomorrow....too much to try and rush....we have such a wonderful view out of our windows that I can't wait to sit and watch it fall....still making progress with walking...people coming to check water softener and furnace....couple of things to check and maybe fix....have a wonderful day...


From: Susan1206


Hi Carolyn,

So very nice to see your post.   Yes, I am very very tired of the virus and the election too.  Soon, the election will be over...COVID...not so sure.  Jim and I have a definite challenge in that I don't believe he is careful about seeing people and dining inside.   I excused myself from his 30 plus birthday gathering for the grandkids this week-end.  I'm sure I am being chastised because of that.....but I truly felt that it was NOT in my best interest.  Megan (medical field) is beside herself at the thought of me being in a gathering (partially inside) with everyone.  So, I've become a big chicken.  Now, daughter-in-law (his) is seeking yet another gathering with four of us being well over the age of people that should be gathering.  I just shake my head.

I did order new cone masks.  Have difficulty breathing through the other ones for any length of time......

Yes, Finn has slowed down.  He will be nine years in January.  Because of my knee, I don't walk him as I should.  Once a week we go off leash and he chases squirrels.  Nice to hear from you.

How old is your grandson now?   Bronwen will be three on the 28th of this month.  What a joy!

((hugs)) and a pat to Bella.



From: Susan1206


Dear Kitty,

Getting your socks on is a real challenge for all of us!  Thought I remember some type of device that I used after my femur surgery?   I know that I can no longer stand up and put them on!

Ha.    No sunshine here.  Guess we are running a few errands.  Looking into an electric fireplace.  The ventfree gas one emits far too many odors and Jim and I have deemed it not so safe.  So off we go, always spending money.

((hugs))  Keep up the great work.  It all takes time.  Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Sounds like a lot or one day or  week-end!   

We tore up the carpet tack strips in the living room.  That was no small job.  Pry bar, etc.

Jim cut and rolled up all of the old carpet to be disposed of.

This week, paint the baseboards........and by the week-end begin the wood floor.  Lots of work ahead......children to come help....

((hugs))  Susan

Hubby and I have been off the grid for 5 days.  We had no tv or internet.  Very quiet.  I did have a good book to read and always the crocheting.  Our daughter is coming over to get out phones and kindles to connect to our internet.  We did get some compensation from our cable provider.  David missed a couple of world series games, football and of course golf. 

We did go to our son's house and watch some of the World Series.  They were on their way home from Colorado, which was no easy task.  Very stressful with the snow.  I didn't want to be at their house when they returned....Yikes!! 

It sounds like you are a very busy lady.  I would love to rip up my carpet, but sounds horrible.  I would like wood floors but can't talk David into it.  Bella is having too many little incidents on the carpet and it's been shampooed so much it is looking pretty shabby. 

It is very cold here today and a layer of wet snow covering lawns.  Ray is on his way over and wants to go in the snow.  He better hurry before it melts.  Take care