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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1668726 views.

From: Kittyarnold


did you get the eye checked?  hope it is ok.....another hot day expected here....feel bad for Brian too hot to work outside for too long...he isn't a person that can just "hang on"  has to have projects.....hope you are well...


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Cool morning but cooler mornings coming.  Friday I might go

on the walk Brandy and I did most. 

I had the dermatologist look in my eye, didn't find anything.  Some of the field I was

mowing was 5 to 8 feet high, most likely some polon or something burst a cloud right

into my eye.  It improves every day.

The skin dr froze about 10 spots off me and she holds the gun there 5 to 10 seconds,

hurts and sometimes she hits same spot again.  I remember having one removed

years ago and only took couple seconds.  Then I was helping my daughter move some

piles of brush into the woods and uncovered a ground bee nest.  Didn't see them until

one got my leg.  Felt like what I thought a hot branding iron would feel.  I can still feel

it this morn.

Hope Brian didn't get to hot, I was sweating outside and was before noon.

Have a good day.



From: Kittyarnold


Brian did well and is smart enough to come in before he was too wet........the bees nest sounds horrible...happened to us I ran and Brian didn't.................. wanted  to memorize where it was for later burn...fortunately they were yellow jackets and not honey bees....  our today is hot and sunny...and our daughter is having us for dinner....looking forward to that...hope your day is wonderful....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  These bees that live in the ground carry a big bite but yellow jackets

are pretty bad if I remember right.  The spot only itches now.  They really want you to remember

not to disturb their nest.

Mowed the lawn and one bank on Wednesday.  I swapped the 4 carburators between the bikes

trying to find the miss I'm getting.  Have had trouble for years but when I bought the bike over in

New York City it wouldn't even start.  It misses when it gets hot.  Have swapped ignitions, ignition

coils, different spark plugs, relay to run the high current instead of the ignition switch, different air

filters, adjust valves, etc... goes on and on for years.  I was thinking of starting an engine swap

yesterday but mowed instead.

I might try walking one of Brandy and I walking routes this morn.  Rode it on my bike yesterday,


We might get another storm today, might go to our south, not sure.  We're getting a hazy sunshine

because of the smoke from the fires but you probably are also.

Have a good day.


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From: Kittyarnold


good morning Ernie and friends....where are you Susan?  WE HAVE A LOVELY DAY YEA....sunshine  and not too hot...I haven't decided on an agenda for the day yet....got up late.  Hope all our friends have a wonderful day...


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Cool morning and dry.  Going to the farm today.

My wife and granddaughter are going to a reunion nearby so I'm being

dropped off.  I have to get the hot water working better and try to fix

a remote bathroom so my sister doesn't have to go through someones

bedroom.  She is staying there to take care of them for a while. 

The large Alas Chalmers tractor is broken but I might be able to use the

small John Deere to finish mowing the field, less than an acre left.  At least

there's less chance of a grass fire coming up to the house and varmints won't

be living as close.  The small part that isn't mowed is far from the house. 

I will need to fix the large tractor sometime, it's old and we're going to need parts.

Have a good day.



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning.....some sunshine...at least for now....supposed to cloud up later or by lunchtime....only agenda so far...lunch at our daughters which is always pleasant...great grands live right next door so we get to see them too....Brian however has already changed the sheets and is doing a load of wash....so grateful for all his help my  back wouldn't take it...hope your Sunday is wonderful....


From: Kittyarnold


we have some sunshine for awhile....only agenda is lunch with our daughter....chilly here again today...waiting for summer still....wondering if we should go back to Florida....LOL.....hope everyone has a wonderful day


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  We aren't supposed to get any more rain until next Saturday. 

I haven't been able to get the backhoe out this year.  Would sink in the lawn until

there's a few inches of dry dirt.  Still have some clean up from last years work.

I vacuumed the pool and changed the filter DE yesterday, that's about all.  Little bit

of ham radio.

I got the remote bathroom working on the farm so my sister doesn't have to go through

one of the bedrooms to get to the bathroom, especially in the middle of the night.  You

don't want to be doing favors then, wake you up and you can't sleep while everyone else

is sleeping well.  I had to go through a crawl space beside the basement, first time in my

life in there.  Can't believe my dad built it for his sister back when he was in his 70s.  Two

of his sisters lived on the farm in the years before dying.

I didn't get the hot water working, the pilot light start switch doesn't work.  Hope that's all

that's wrong, don't know why the pilot went out.  I had replaced the hot water valve because

there was no pressure and then turned the heat up to hot and the pilot went out.  I might

have to install a new water heater but we will try this switch first.

Glad you and Brian are enjoying life.



From: Susan1206


Happy August 2nd.   Today is my Grandson's 15 th  birthday.  His voice is deepening and he's getting taller.  Hopefully, his teen years will progress and he will become nicer and more communicative!  I talked to him (they are in Florida) and told him I loved him.   He actually said  I love you, too Oma.  That was a shock!  Hope he gives up those damn video games etc.

A lovely day here.  Finn is sunning himself.  Did I tell you I fell off a picnic table a week ago.  Tailbone bothering me..... Have an appt. with my Orthopedic Dr. tomorrow.  Think I need an x ray of my back.  And...I only had ONE glass of wine.  Think the slat of the picnic table was narrow.  I put my arm back to position myself and flew backwards.

Beautiful day here.  Cool side or I would go to the pool.

Hugs, Susan