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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1667019 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  Cool morning at 47.  I'm not sure if I've been to that Falls.  We

usually go to Buttermilk Falls in south Ithaca.  Have been trying to get to another but

we always seem to be so rushed to get everyone's schedules to mesh.  Taking care of

Brandy and the handicapped at the farm has taken much of our time and travel this year.

 I still miss Brandy badly, I often wake up thinking of her. 

I've been trying to get the 4 cylinder engine out of one bike to swap into the other but

2 of the exhaust bolts are seized up in the engine.  I have an oxygen / acetylene torch but

it's not enough.  Going to get a 1/2 inch drive 6 mm allen socket to fit my impact wrench.

Think that and the torch might be enough but I might break the bolt in the middle.

We are having a hard time with the hot water heater on the farm.  The piezoelectric switch

isn't working and it's discontinued because the heater was a cheaper one bought in 2006.

Mine is a high efficiency one bought in 99 and could still get parts last time I needed one.

Mine has an electric lighter every time it starts up, theirs has a pilot light, our furnace has the

same electric lighter.  The high efficiency ones are over $1000 now compared to the cheap ones

at over $500 and my brother is going for the cheap one.  I will still go for high efficiency when we

replace ours, cheaper to run and lasts longer.  I'm going to purchase it down in PA because I have

a veterans discount at Lowes so I will at least try to get them a better model in the cheaper ones.  Will be

10% off anyway. Boring stuff, will be done and history soon.  Not for my sister that's living there and

not able to take a warm shower.  My brother and his wife didn't care but my sister does.  When I was

staying there there was hardly any pressure in the hot water line.  I replaced the water valve on it's output

and cured that problem. 

You should stop drinking wine and dancing on picnic tables, we aren't teens anymore.smile

Have a great day all.


Cocoa and Brandy long ago.

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From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all.....hope everyone is well..we are hanging in....still or again worried about the virus variant.we have little grands that there is no protection from the virus....except masks....well I will shut up and try to stop being a worry wart....that is hard at my age...


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Another chilly morn at 51, going down to the farm to

get some work done today before it gets hot again.  Daughter and grands

coming up for pizza Friday. 

Got my prescriptions 6 days early yesterday.  I usually always get some of

them 5 days early to build up a reserve, especially the blood test strips.

Had a post in our pool fence we set in concrete that the ice had pushed up

out of the ground.  I used chisels and a sledge hammer to bust up the concrete,

dug a new hole, and reseated the post.  Hit my hand couple times but it's

getting better already.  Looks much better than the big glob of concrete on

the post that was there.

Hope Susan's back is feeling better.

Sorry you have to worry about the virus again, we all thought it was disappearing.

I worry about spreading it to the sickly people on the farm. 

Have a good day.



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning Ernie and Susan....completely socked in with fog so far...can't see the hillside out the window supposed to burn off soon or so I have been told...agenda today is wait for the painters who are coming this morning to pressure wash today to get ready for the primer....can't wait to see it...also a day for some grocery shopping....otherwise ....?  nothing exciting...which is good...hope your day is wonderful


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Mornings and days warmer now.  Started our

excavating yesterday, pretty much cleanup from last Summer.  Glad

it didn't rain all of 2020 Summer, we had so much to get done.

You must be painting outside, wouldn't pressure wash indoors. smiley

Daughter and grands came over for pizza last night.  Grands went swimming,

I was going to but just soaked my legs, water was cold from the cold nights.

Probably just do my exercises and excavating today.  Need to change the rear

tire on my bike soon. 

Glad your day was good, another good one today.



From: Kittyarnold


I found it hard to get into a pool that wasn't above 76...and of course remember jumping into cold ponds etc...when younger....and yes the outside is getting painting...first pressure wash  then sanded and of course primed before painting...they might be here for a month...will be fun to watch....hope your day is wonderful....no agenda for today as of yet....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Worked outside again yesterday and cooled off in the pool couple times.

Had to cut away a large portion of our apple tree yesterday because it was dead.  Hated doing

that, it was here when we moved here over 40 years ago.  Accidentally cut into another piece of

trunk that the dead one was growing with so that part will probably die now also.  Hurt my day.

Already mourning one of my closest friends.  I still have many branches and limbs to move. 

Neighbor might want the larger stuff to burn for heat.

Maybe you will send Susan some pictures of your new home after painted.  smile  Guess they have

to paint in this heat while its not freezing.  Have noticed lot of people with those type jobs are smokers.

Haven't gotten started on replacing the rear tire on my bike yet.  Have to work on property while I

can use the backhoe on the lawn.  First time this year it wouldn't sink in.

Enjoy your day.



From: Kittyarnold


tough to lose a friend and an apple tree that old....another cloudy and hot day....probably no sun is good today....a couple of errands today...otherwise no big agenda....yesterday we ended up going to younger daughters for dinner she made chicken parmesan  yummy...even gave us leftovers enough for dinner...how lucky can you get....love being near all of our kids and the flexibility to go out at the last minute invite... hope your day is wonderful...I think you work too hard....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Forgot that jet stream of fronts is just off the coast and you're

closer to the coast.  We had that rain every other day for a month.  Just the last few

days I've been able to take the tractor out across the lawn.  We've had hazy sun because

of the wild fires but no cloudy days for very long. 

The more I work the better.  In diabetes when glucose gets high it kills cells we need to keep

glucose low.  When I start rebuilding the farm I think I will be able to work all day most days

and skip exercise for a while.  None of the diabetics I know are really exercising and dieting

like they need to.  I was on 3 meds daily to keep glucose down, they are just a weak way to

deceive yourself in to thinking you are doing all you can.  Doctors should be pushing exercise

and diet instead of pills.  I could use a coach myself, think I could be doing better.  My brother

can just barely walk and he's still not dieting properly.  It's hard to change, almost like stopping


Glad you're able to get out to visit your kids.  So great to see the people and other beings we love.

I need to go out and search for coffee creamer sometime this morn.  Wife got groceries yesterday

but the only creamer they had is extremely sweet, to sweet for either of us to stand. 

Enjoy the day.


PA farm


From: Kittyarnold


Love the aerial shot of the farm...looks like New England.....we are totally socked in with fog....maybe the sun will break thru....the painters are to come back today to clean our out building that we call the carriage house cause it is a four door garage type building....we don't need four spaces but the property looks better with it there...no agenda for today as of yet....stay well and have a good day....you too Susan....