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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1772960 views.
Diana (DianaSaigo)

From: Diana (DianaSaigo)


Dearest Susan!

Oh my goodness!  That is awful!  Catching COVID is one of my biggest fears!  I too am fully vaccinated...am glad you are surviving it.  I can't imagine...and for your whole family to have it--UGH.  Praying that your whole family recovers with no long term damage.  I have seen what it is like on the COVID ward...as they allowed us up there when it was time to say goodbye to my dad..course we had to fully suit up in PPE..but it was insane up there..we were fortunate...because not all hospitals allow that..and then to leave the room---there is a whole process...

So my dad's cousin's granddaughter visited the COVID Memorial in Washington DC..and registered a flag in my dad's name...to see all those flags...and each one was a family member...a human life...it is staggering...

Hope you get to feeling back to normal soon!  

thanks for the congratulations...one day at a time!  now to face the 3 month challenge!  


From: Kittyarnold


Oh dear....sorry your having so much trouble....holding you close


From: Susan1206


Thank you for sending this sober reminder of the lives lost to COVID. I simply cannot imagine what the last nine days would have been like had I NOT have had two Moderna vaccinations!  My worst fear (having been a smoker) was what if I have trouble breathing and face a ventilator!  Thanks be to God, that did not happen. I was very diligent in getting tested IMMEDIATELY and also making my PCP at The Cleveland Clinic aware of my positive test.  

How difficult for you to see your Father in that dire hospital setting. I am so sorry for your loss.

Stay safe  I was the cautious one of us two.  Aware of large group gatherings, always wearing a mask   Ha!  Done in by a Texas swing band in Kent, Ohio that my husband bought tickets for   Well, that’s for another discussion.

Enjoy your Anniversary dinner!  Susan


From: Susan1206


Thanks, Miss Kitty. 
We cancelled our trip to Colorado to see my 87 year old cousin and husband. That’s been very sad.

Stay safe, please


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  Sorry you have all been sick.  I just have a bruise here.  My brother insisted

on recovering a chest full of special scrap steel from his house, that his friends in the factory built

for him.  He was a welder.  I fell in the garbage trying to get it strapped to the loader on the tractor.

I don't understand the mentality of leaving garbage everywhere but  haven't ever been handicapped

with a herd of cats either.  The bruise is getting better, was able to exercise almost normally yesterday.

My Glucose was down to 84, very good with no diabetes meds.  I wasn't able to push it into remission

but I am able to control it without meds as long as I can do these exercise routines.  I'm glad you seem to

be recovering from the virus, hope recovery continues smoothly for all of you. 

My granddaughter is a senior in high school taking college courses.  Kitty might remember when my posts

were mainly about granddaughter, pups, and me doing things together.  I miss my little granddaughter but

she had to grow up, the natural order of life.  Even my grandsons are getting older, one a teen and the other

closing in on it.

Rainy here just like there but thankful for everything we have and many things I have put off that can be done

indoors, just can't resist going outdoors.

Have a good day and get well.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  We have the rain and fog also same as you and Susan, we are all in one

region.  Brother is only 3-4 years older than me.  He decided at some point he wasn't going to

take care of his Diabetes and you can't undo the damage you cause when you do that, just can

slow it down if you get back on track.  He drank lots of Pepsi every day, like glasses of sugar.  Took

in about 100 cats that he couldn't take care of.  Got 70 or so to the humane society after he destroyed

his home and was moving into dads old home but he still has about 20.  Couldn't take care of them

and I couldn't get down there every day, only about once a week.  Was to late for the house anyway,

smells like cat urine.  I can smell it just before I enter the house, wife can smell it 100 feet away from

the house.  If I rebuild it, will have to replace the flooring, walls, and ceiling.  Also, seal or replace the

sub floor.  Every family has stuff to deal with, this is just ours.

I'm sure Brian has stuff to do indoors during the Fall rain just like the rest of us.  Just a pain to have

your schedule changed for you.  But we roll with it.  I did some work finishing up the floor vent I

installed in the living room.  Now I'm trying to finish up a Kenwood stereo amplifier I began years ago. 

Bought a modification kit that cost about $400 so should get it working again.

Have a good day.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Diana.  I bought an open box Nightowl camera system.  16 channel, 8 camera,

it was an open box deal so only paid about $300 and just about all of it was still sealed in plastic.

They didn't even take equipment out and test it.  Must have looked to complicated for them.  Only

thing that was a small problem was string wires through the attic.  I had to wear a filtered mask, about

the same as a gas mask because of the fiberglass, can't breathe it like I could when I was young.  So

the system usually costs 5 or 6 hundred.  Someone dinged two of our vehicles with a screwdriver or

similar and the other car was already damaged form tent collapse in the blizzard last Winter and from

last 15 years.  I took the monitor from my ham radios to use with the camera system.  Found a used

monitor to replace it down there from a barn sale for $5.  The Nightowl system requires a pretty good

monitor 1080 P or something like that, so $150 to $200 more needed.

There's no changing my brother, my sister and I just deal with it.  You already know if you've dealt with

disabled people, slowly dying.  Him and his wife shouldn't have any pets for my sister to take care of.

They just let the house be destroyed if we don't do something, just like they did to their house before

they moved into dads old house.  Sister stays there almost full time so she's mainly the one dealing

with it.

I only garden with my daughter if she gets going on it.  For myself I had enough of it when I was a kid

on the farm.  Glad you have it looking better, garden looks terrible when let go.  Much worse than the

lawn that was there before started. 

Have a good day.



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Sorry to hear of your accident. It seems to me that you take on an awful lot!  Hope the bruise heals quickly.

A sunny, but cool, day here by the Lake. No color in our trees.

Tomorrow is Day 10, get out of jail card!  Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  Think my bruise will be completely gone in less than a week.  After

the tornado we lived through I had bruises that lasted 6 months but was grateful we only

had the injuries we had.  One daughter had a fractured leg bone, wife had a gash on her

forehead.  With the sheet metal, TV, fish tank, propane tank, everything else flying around

it was a miracle we came out alive.

My brother went into the hospital yesterday with numb face, headache, chest pain.  Don't

know what's wrong, Saturday he was talking without making words again.  I might go down to

PA today, not sure yet. 

Very glad the virus didn't get to serious with you all out there.  Hope it's gone soon.

Was looking for the top to a metal box in my daughter's garage yesterday.  It has pictures

of three puppies on the sides and on the top also, I think.  I have the box and I'm certain I

saw the top there.  Found a lot of my other car stuff I left there when working on vehicles.

So got that stuff out of her way.  Most likely the top is still there, just buried in stuff.

Hope Finn is doing well, remember he was having issues with getting older.  I got to play

with my daughter's Border Collie yesterday.  She is al;most blind and we think she was returned

a few times before my daughter got her.  We were happy my daughter got her so she could have

a good life even though she did get cheated buying her.  I still miss my Brandy and think about her

every day.  I have a 16 x 20 picture of her on the living room wall playing with a Valentines toy we

got her in 2020. 

Hope you're doing well today.



From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie,

What tornado was this?   Pretty sure I've never been in or near one although I would like to see a funnel cloud in the distance?  Morbid.  I did feel an earthquake that passed through North Canton when Megan was a toddler.  First noted dishes rattling in my great grandfather's corner cupboard....  Shook like crazy and then we could feel the tremors. Scary, really.

Today, is escape day.  Grocery stores and bank.  Will feel good to get out and about with a mask, of course.  

Take care.  Glad the bruise is healing...... Susan