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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1773351 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Glad we all had a great Thanksgiving.  My wife did all the cooking here with very

little sleep the night before.   Our granddaughter did bake all the pies, some cookies, and brownies. 

I have lots of pictures but the camera I got doesn't have bluetooth or anything like that, have to pull

the memory card and plug it into this pc.  Modern for us but still 16 year old technology.  I did go down

to Wegmans and get two platters, one fruit with cream cheese dip and the other veggies with ranch dressing.

The old folks barely touched them but the kids were into them constantly.  I know what you mean about it

being so great to be around our friends and family.  We're so rich.

I finished my experimenting on coffee.  Turns out just the creamer we use was doing the most harm so I'm

using 2% milk in my coffee now.  The one cup of caffeine coffee I have about now every day didn't make a

difference.  The milk does increase my glucose but not nearly as damaging as the creamer.  When our glucose

goes very high it kills cells needed to keep glucose numbers down.  Not sure how long our bodies need to

regenerate those cells but certainly not good to kill them.  Normal is between 70 and 99.  I was at 295 when

they found it.  My Cocoa dog was at 700 when they found it.

Our older grandson is staying here again until Tuesday.  I need to go down to the farm Tuesday to take my

brother to a doctor appt.  My sister went to her home sick with Bronchitis.  I will need to clean up around

there some also, she's been gone for a few days already. 

I got the heated mats for the deck and steps yesterday.  Grandson and I installed them and wired them to

the switch on the wall.  Snowed here so tried them out already.  They are a Christmas present for wife and I

but they need to be installed early.  They sent a coffee cup with them.  I will wrap that and put it under the

tree for my wife.  She will love these, she's been doing battle with any ice on the front deck for many decades.

I shovel the main snow off there but can't always keep up with every trace.

Have a great day.


Winter again


From: Kittyarnold


we don't have snow....30 and sunny.....our grandson and his wife are coming over to see our place...they live in Maryland and are a very sweet couple....he is one of the grandsons that is 6'4" tall....I am about 5'3"  so feel dwarfed when he hugs me....today is Brian and my anniversary....44 wonderful and blessed years...going to daughters for lunch...hope your day is wonderful


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Snowing here again until 10 am the forecast says.

This is when we get ice on the deck and steps usually, when it snows

every day and I don't get it all cleaned up or I'm busy working on something else.

Good you got to see your grandson and wife.  Our oldest grandson still staying

here.  We played the sequence board game for a few hours yesterday.  I didn't

do much work on anything yesterday.

Happy anniversary.  Hope you enjoyed the day.  Wife and I got married in June. 

I went to the skin doc again last week and got spots frozen off my head they call

precancerous again, with liquid nitrogen.  I seem to get them even if I always have

a hat on outdoors.  Doc is giving me some cream to use during the Winter to help

stop them from forming. 

Supposed to get light snow until around 10 am this morn so probably won't turn on

the heated mats until around then. 

Have a good day.



From: Kittyarnold


IT IS SNOWING HERE and it is pretty....not much accumulation but pretty all the gardens/dirt is white as is the pond....also supposed to stop soon as is yours....maybe sooner then yours ....ours has stopped......had a great visit with the grands and then went to his Mom's (our daughter) for lunch....hope your day is great....we have no agenda day....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  More light snow here this morn.  Grandson will be going home today.

I have to go down to the farm tomorrow to take brother to a doctor appt.  My wife has a

doctor appt here tomorrow.  My sister still has bronchitis and she's still at her home in

Montoursville, PA.  Has been fun having grandson here and the 3 of us playing the board

game, sequence. 

Heated mats on the deck and steps are working great.  I need to get generator gas today,

a prescription pick up, take grandson home, take care of our garbage and daughter's.  Few

other things. 

The rear of the Subaru Baja is a little noisy and loose so ordered new struts on the black Friday

discount.  Looked back at my records and the rear ones I replaced 6 years ago were about half

the price of stock Subaru ones or Monroe so I guess I got my moneys worth.  Thought Gabriel to

be a good product but seems to be less quality and cheaper.  So will need to replace them out in

the cold.  At least have had some time to adapt to the new season. 

I remember you used to have shell projects out on the island.

Have a great day Kitty.  You must have some of your shell creations around the house.


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From: Kittyarnold


Good morning ....it is 19 degrees here this morning but the sunrise was so beautiful and it turned our hilltop red....no leaves but the trees looked so beautiful....no agenda too cold to go outside for anything....glad we can have a choice....hope your day is wonderful altho it is cold


From: Susan1206


Good morning, dear friends in the Sensational Senior group ~

Just wanted to drop in and say "hi" and hope that you all had a lovely Thanksgiving Day and week-end.

Actually, I celebrated 12 years, 6 days, of being nicotine free.  I remember it well.  The day before Thanksgiving and I didn't know how I was going to survive without a ciggie.....and being around the grandchildren.  I just put them down and thankfully, never picked up another one.

A smathering of snow on the ground.  Jim has been sick for two weeks with a cough and now I've come down with it.  Sad to say, we are supposed to do something overnight with my children for my birthday ~ not sure how that will work out.

Wishing you all a happy beginning of December.  ((hugs))  Susan


From: Kittyarnold


12 years is so wonderful be proud....I am every day...of course  I still don't believe I did this wonderful thing....we did have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I am so grateful for all of our children....and proud that they like each other....hugs to all


From: Susan1206


Thank you, dear Kitty.  YOU were instrumental in keeping me on track and I thank you every day for that.  My birthday plans for this week-end with the children (away for the week-end) has been foiled.  I have such a cough and congestion.  Waiting for an online virtual visit with the Cleveland Clinic.  Son-in-law found out this afternoon that he has COVID.   So, on we go...... one foot in front of the other!   Jim had this for two weeks....non stop coughing....and I'm decently sure he gave it to me!  

Hugs across the miles.   Susan


From: Kittyarnold


I am so sorry you guys are having health issues...get checked and tested quickly please and keep us posted....