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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1788623 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  33 here so warm for this time of day.  Supposed to freeze at the

beginning of next week. It's snowing here this morning and we have some on the ground

from last night.  We do have decorations up in the bay window for just about every season

and holiday, doesn't seem to have any effect on the cardinal banging into the window. 

He does seem to have stopped flying into the car windows since I moved them back.

A little harder to park them back there though. 

Worked on the antenna yesterday after taking care of garbage.  It does work better but

still doesn't get through to the repeater almost 100 miles away.  Think its time to let it go

and use other frequencies that lend themselves to that distance.  Sometimes I can get through

for a minute or two. 

My grandsons got those virtual reality goggles from their father so they walk around seeing

whatever it is they see in those view finders.  I'm glad they enjoy their gifts.

Think our cable box died so might have to go swap it at the cable store today.  Doesn't power

on.  You would think that they would send people out to swap them with what we pay them

every month. 

It's been two weeks since 've gotten down to the farm so need to do that again soon.  At least

my brother found other people to drive him to his eye procedures.  It's 7 hours of driving for

me to do it from here.  Think I've been fired because he mentioned there was a Kentucky Fried

Chicken place there and I didn't make any attempt to go there after the appt.  I'm not sad to

have lost that job. 

Have a good day.


What Is Virtual Reality? | Wonderopolis


From: Kittyarnold


Happy New Year....I spent 3 days in the hospital....diverticulitis.  easy treatment....take pills etc.   so I a home now and okay....keep on keeping on  


From: Susan1206


May God Bless you in the coming year with good health and happiness.  Love to all,  Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and Happy New Year.  Glad you are ok, was worried about you when I got up this morning.

I was going to go down to the farm yesterday but then a friend from my childhood days told me my cousin had

died, so probably go to his memorial tomorrow.  Guess I will be the only one there from my mom's family.  I

remember John from the 60s.  The Supremes singing out from his barn radio.  Riding on the tractor with him.

Boiling down sap to maple syrup in the woods.  Cutting down honey bee trees.  Catching a racoon in a burlap

bag.  Him and another neighbor putting a shifter in a car backwards so the gears were in the wrong place.  He

was 6 years older than me or there would be more memories.  He joined the air force in 1967 so the last time I

saw him he rode the school bus to the farm where he worked, down the hill from my dad's farm, in his Air Force

class As.  My brother tells me he visited the farm after that but I had married and moved away. 

Glad you got better and came back home from the hospital.  Hope we are all healthy in this new year.

My wife's parents are looking frail to me, worry some about them.  My parents are gone, wasn't the oldest child

like my wife. 

I finished my antenna work, they need to stay where they are until Summer.  Cleaned up and took most of yesterday

off.  Don't have any plans for today yet.

Again, so glad you're ok.  Have a good day, you and Brian


Wife's parents Christmas 2021.


From: Cocoa60


Happy New Year to you and your family Susan.  All doing well here.


From: Kittyarnold


Sorry about your cousin....had a wonderful nights sleep....so good to be in your own bed and snuggled with your love.....(and your body pillow LOL)  Hope your New Year in wonderful


From: Kittyarnold


              HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL


From: Kittyarnold


                                       HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL


From: Kittyarnold


don't know how to delete the second one....so hope double works better


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Glad you're back home and enjoying it.  It's a little of a snow

day here but I need to travel down to the farm and the memorial service for our cousin.

I will be the only one there from my mom's family.  I don't have much dress coats except

my class A coat from the Army in the 70s.  Good thing I lost weight or wouldn't get into it.

Didn't do very much yesterday except get the antenna connected to a 6 foot ground rod

near it.  These antennas have to be grounded to work well. 

I will get the cat liter boxes cleaned and dumped after the memorial, and clean up the

garbage.  Doubt I will get any projects done.  The hydraulic drive on the Allis Chalmers

tractor isn't finished but it's very close.  I probably won't mow the field until July, needs

to be dry.  I don't have anything to pull it out with if it gets stuck.  Maybe get started on

the upper part early. 

We had to get a new cable box for our tv and it's giving us lots of trouble.  Takes an hour

or two to get it going every time we want to use the tv.  Probably have to swap it for another

Tuesday when everything opens back up.  Most likely get our property taxes that day here


We will all have a happy new year.