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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1971867 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Jerthie.  I was trying to keep up my jogging even before I stopped smoking but was

discouraging sometimes when you knew smoking was hurting you at the same time.  Think at one

time I stopped jogging for over a year.  Wasn't taking a dog with me at that time.  Learned I could

make their lives much better if they got out to exercise most days.  Did have to go mostly before

daylight because by that time I was working day shift.  Dogs are supposed to be taken out in the day

time.  When the puppies are old enough I will have to start out before day break.  Some of the mall

walkers moved out here in the country for their walks when the virus got here and some don't like

dogs, being mall people.  So I have lots of trouble with them.  Will be ok as long as I get down the back

road just south of us by dawn.  I have lot of trouble with dog haters and don't want to get into shoving

matches or fights with them.  It's stressful for the dogs. 

I'm glad you enjoy your job in Cosmetics, it's great to enjoy your job.  I really enjoyed electronics, just not

the electronics industry.  We know a girl that went to community college in Cosmetics down in the Carolinas

but she didn't have the certification for NY when they got out of the military and moved back here.  She wanted

benefits anyway and went to work in a local school,  They could only have one daughter but now she has 4


I still do some work in electronics work here at home, mostly in ham radio but some in stereo equipment and

appliances.  Since all appliances have become electronic and computer controlled.  I just replaced the contol

board in our refrigerator / freezer a couple months ago.  5 years ago I replaced a relay on that same control

board.  Our frig we had before this one lasted 25 years and was still going when I got this newer one, I replaced

it because the metal shelves were starting to rust and we never did any repairs on it in those 25 years.  A coworker

wanted it for beer in his garage. 

I'm currently working on an amplifier for 2 meter ham radio.  It enables me to talk to my brother 100 miles away. 

It's a difficult distance.  Closer is easy on some frequencies and further away is easier on others.  I'm waiting for

some 50 watt resistors I had to order from China.  It's a pain we don't have them here that I can find.  Won't be

delivered until the middle of May.  I'm afraid the resistor burning up is only a symptom and not the real problem so

will be doing some more troubleshooting on the amp while I'm waiting.  Hope it's not the high power tube, they're

about $800 new and about $400 used.  My brother is disabled from not taking care of his Diabetes and his wife is

just about completely bed ridden.  That's where I just finished up repairing the hydraulic drive on the Alis Chalmers

tractor.  I was a auto mechanic at one time and I grew up on that farm but still work on tractors is foreign to me and I

have to do a lot of research and find people familiar with the systems.  Spent months locating parts for the 1970s

tractor and getting the repair done.  Had to wire up a 220 volt outlet and get the air compressor and welder moved

and working up at the farm house.  The nut holding the pulley to the front of the tractor engine is 1 3/4 inches, largest

I ever worked with.  Before that, think the flange on the rear differential on a car is 1 1/8 inches. 

We have that colder weather and snow coming also, all of us here aren't that far apart and get almost the same weather,

just a day earlier or later.  Think it's still fairly warm today but cloudy and rainy.  Spread some potting soil, from pots my

wife is retiring, on some spots in the lawn that aren't growing well.  We put a lot of drainage ditches in with out backhoe

and the places we had gravel and other places was driving on a lot have spots that grass isn't growing well.  Our basement

was getting water but now with cleaning the wall / floor joints and painting the concrete walls, along with hundreds of feet

of drainage ditches, just about good.  The potting soil was dry yesterday but will be wet after this mornings rain.  Also, have

two dehumidifiers in the basement.  My ham radio station, our laundry, and my work area are all down there. 

Enjoy the day.


Brandy and Cocoa jogged and walked with me for many years, both gone now.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul.  I see the bureaucracy of the Red Cross.  A one family or 4 / 5 family get a few days help while

a wide spread disaster the families get help for years.  It's still great to get the help though.  I have family that is tied

to NYC and I've been there but still don't have much understanding of it.  Never spent a night there or even walked

down a street there.  See it on movies all the time like everyone. 

Thought I was going to be a volunteer to help dogs after retiring but seem to be satisfied helping the dogs we have

living here along with helping my brother routinely.  Also have daughter's families to help.  Also, exercising 3 hours

a day to stay off Diabetes meds is a chunk of my day. 

I've come very close to having bad car accidents or bike accidents but have been mostly lucky so far.  I still take way

to many chances.  Cars and bikes have been a huge part of my life since have always lived in rural areas.  Use them

and work on them all the time.  I don't even want to describe one of the stupid stunts I've pulled on the road. 

The dogs and I walk by a fire station every day when we walk.  Thought of volunteering there for some other support

job since I'm getting old and probably wouldn't be very good at fire fighting.  Never got to it and the work with brother

and our dogs seems to satisfy me.  Not the volunteer type, I guess.  Like to be able to choose the schedule and some

of the types of work.  Like being independent here in the last quarter of life.  Kitty volunteered at a animal rescue hospital

down in Florida for years. 

I did smoke in bed sometimes when I was younger and think I burned a blanket or two.  Hard to remember, long ago. 

Enjoy the day.


Always loved this picture of Brandy on a walk. 


From: Susan1206


Good morning, dear Sensational friends ~

I've been having a bit of a computer problem over the last several days and hopefully, I did two Windows updates and perhaps that will solve my problem.  If not, it will have to be sent to my SIL who will deem my laptop old and probably purchase a new one for me.  I guess that would not be so bad but it is like anything else....a new model.....a new learning curve.  So, I will say a prayer that these updates will solve my problem.

The weather this week-end was beyond beautiful.  I am sure all of you experience the same.  Temperatures rising into the 80's and sunny.  Almost (and I say almost) time to turn on the air conditioning.   Finn with his golden retriever mane was panting all of the time.  This Thursday he will go to the Salon for his yearly yachting cut....it's a once a year really short haircut and yes, his hair grows back as thick as thick can be.  He will be more comfortable.  Soon, he will trek to our Vet who will complete his annual Morris Animal Foundation study.  For those new here, Finn is a Hero and  has participated in a Golden Retriever Canine Cancer program for the past 10 years.  Hopefully, 3000 Goldens who are enrolled in the program will find an answer as to why the breed is plagued with cancer.

So, on we go.  Me, to the gym for a bit of a work out and tonight the wrap up of our zoom spiritual  Easter program. 

Stay well, friends.  Stay smoke free.  That's the most important thought of the day!     Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and all.  Only 36 here this morn, cooled down.  Was some great weather Susan.

I worked on the tractor in PA into the late afternoon and thought I was going to get sun burned.  At

least I was wearing a hat.  I get these sun spots on my head they call precancerous and have to have

them frozen off.  Just had that done Monday.  I used some cream during the Winter that made them

go away.  The doctor still said she found 3 little ones out of my sight.  I'm suspicious because she gets

paid for surgery for freezing them off.  She keeps making appointments for every 4 to 6 months but

think I'm about done until I have a problem. 

I remember Finn being in the cancer prevention program from way back.  I know Brandy went at 8 1/2

from a cancer tumor in her leg.  Some of the others might have had tumors where I couldn't see them.

Glad he is still going strong and getting his warm weather haircut.  Already got mine early. 

Took care of our and our daughter's garbage yesterday.  Saw where her neighbor cut the tree that fell

across her driveway but left the huge cutout of my daughter's lawn where the tree roots pulled up.  If

I had a trailer to move my backhoe I could clean that up in half an hour but think would take hours with

hand tools.  Have to be careful going by the ho;e with garden tractor, couple feet deep.  Daughter's chickens

are laying again in the warmer weather so she gave me 3 dozen eggs.  The pups and I eat 5 eggs every morning.

I make an omelet thing and put cinnamon on my part of it.  Supposed to keep the peaks of our Glucose down.

So it keeps our A1C down a little lower.  The pups aren't supposed to have any, wife tells me.

Looks like you got some exercise Susan.  My test after exercise yesterday was about 118, not so good.  I'm still

not back up to speed.  Don't have to tell anyone how hard it is to get up to top speed where the Glucose is really

burned off.  I was usually hitting in the 90s and sometimes in the 70s or 80s.  I'll get back there.  Like I was saying,

none of the Diabetics I know do any exercise and little or no attempt at dieting.  My brother embraces potatoes

and bread like they are his friends instead of the enemies they are.  Both turn to sugar right after they're eaten.

Our Monte Carlo SS was moved from the body shop to my brother in law's driveway last Fall to get it out of the way.

Was hoping he would finish the paint this last weekend while it was warm but he had to finish some flooring in his

home.  So have to wait for the next warm spell.  Would be nice to have it back, been done since August, last year.

It needs some mechanical work. 

Hope everyone has a great day.


Brandy in foreground, Dixie, her sister in back.  Dixie still alive.

Monte Carlo SS in front of dad's old barn.


From: JavaNY


Enjoy the day everyone. Cooled down a bit here also, but not bad. Easier to exercise in this weather than the heat.  


From: Kittyarnold


Good morning everyone....we are having a partly sunny day with April showers later....our daffies are lovely and on the way our....the hyacinths are blossoming and being that this is only our second summer here don't remember what else was here....we will see.....anxious to start the veggie garden but it is  too soon....hope everyone has a wonderful smoke free day....


From: Susan1206


Dear friends ~

Brrr...cold here by the lake.  Already in the high 30's and a freeze warning in effect.  Just went out to cover the lilac bush (in buds) and all of my favorite, the forget-me-nots with dish towels.  Hopefully, the wind will not be a problem tonight.

Trying to tackle the gym every other day.  Did the treadmill and bike there yesterday.  Today, the bike here for 30 minutes (3.5 miles)  Guess I'm slow..

Hi to all ~ Keep the Faith ~  I think it is wonderful you are exercising and staying fit, Ernie.  I try to take the least amount of rx I can get away with!   Our booster shots this Friday.  I will feel better when I have it for the plane ride at the end of the month.



From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

So you reside in or near New York City ~  That must be an exciting way of life.  I've visited twice ~ once when I was a teenager and my Grandfather was sailing to Europe on either the Queen Elizabeth or the Queen Mary.  We took a tour of the ship before he departed.   And once, in the 1970's.  Overwhelmed, quite frankly at the tall skyscrapers....spoken, I guess, like a girl from Ohio :-).  We did visit Mama Leone's (not sure of the spelling) and saw Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway.  Have never been back.

How are you doing with your quit?   Sometimes, I know it is not easy.  Try and avoid people and places that would be triggers.  Not always easy......



From: Susan1206


Hi Miss Kitty ~

Yes, it is always fun to see what is popping up in the Spring.  Right now, I have forget-me-nots everywhere.  Of course, I "scatter" all of the dried seeds in the fall from the plants.  It's my favorite plant!  I need to have Jim's help to dig out some of the green & white hostas which can be troublesome.  Always a joy to see the rebirth of flowers.  Feeding the birds.....the squirrels....the ducks and the chipmunks.  Have resorted to Discount Drug Mart for bird feed....they are eating me out of house and home....

Enjoy the weather...we have a freeze warning here!   Susan


From: Susan1206


Dear Jerthie,

A career in cosmetics ~ I'll take a recommendation for a good "line" eraser other than fillers or Botox?  Lol   So many on the market........

I'm a bit discouraged today as I made my Mother's recipe for Pumpkin Bread, using Almond Flour.  This is for a friend who must have Gluten Free.  At any rate, I grabbed Super Fine Almond Flour and what can only be described as a "fatal disaster".   The bread was mushy and would not set up.  I ended up throwing it all out.  Any suggestions?   I think the "super fine" Almond Flour just didn't get it!  Well, even in our later years we have cooking disasters.

Now making a good old fashioned pot roast.  Jim wants gravy (I don't eat that) so on we go......

Stay warm.  It's cold down here!   Susan