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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2155038 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan. Paul, and all.  60 here this morn, looks like a storm moved through

while I was sleeping.  Thanks for the pictures Susan, looks like the song about the keys.

The one pool is vertical and looks like it will drain.  smile  Our grandkids grow quickly.

I used jumper cables to start my daughters tractor yesterday, then mowed lawn for a

while, then she took over.  They haven't had time to get a new battery for it yet.

Labeled the sections of my old garage tent and took it down yesterday.  Will reassemble

it at one daughters home for a second greenhouse. 

When I met my wife she had just turned 15 and I was 17 but she was more mature than

me from being the oldest with 4 brothers.  Yesterday I signed her up for social security,

medicare, and medicare advantage.  Was a very strange thing for me to do.  Life went so

fast after marriage, for me Army, kids, and college sped up time. 

Supposed to be a nice day today until the storm at night.  After I welded the one wheel mount

on our lawn mower deck, I see an 8 inch crack on the other side of the deck that allows the

wheel to press up into the deck, was hidden in the coating from the grass.  Think I will take

brother in laws advice and try to bolt on a piece of metal both sides of the crack.  The metal

was thin new and is worse after all these years, difficult to weld. 

Taking the puppies for a one mile walk every morning around 4:20 AM before to much traffic.

That's as far as they should walk until after one year old I'm told.  At least I don't have to put

pain killer on my arthritic feet for a short walk.  Took me years but I settled on Brooks running

shoes with a non custom insert that pushes up on the center of my feet, with the help of a foot

doctor.  I do have some Brooks walking shoes but don't work as well, use them in colder weather.

Have a great day all.


Grands enjoy the pool.

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From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all.....cloudy start to our day here in Connecticut....supposed to clear this morning....hope all is well....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all.  Glad you are all doing well Kitty.  Was rainy on and off here and down

through PA.  Went to the farm anyway.  A fuse blew in the farm house and half the house was without

power, including their chest freezer.  Brother can't climb the stairs to the fuse box.  Don't know why

my dad didn't change those circuits over to the breaker box in the basement but brother couldn't

go down the stairs to the breaker box either.  So got a new fuse in and we found the culprit that caused

it to blow.

Then we finally got brother's new wire antenna up, a little higher than the 35 feet they require.  Used my

compound bow I took down there on my bike a few weeks ago.  My pant legs on my jeans got a little wet

on the way to the farm yesterday but dried while I was working.  Was wearing about 12 inch shoes so

couldn't feel the wetness.

Supposed to pick up grandsons today to take to a hamfest Saturday morning, then to the farmers market

to get some sweet peas they grow in a green house.  supposed to be ready 2nd week in June.

Enjoy the day all, I'm certain Brian is busy.


Image result for hamfest image


From: Kittyarnold


Just spent time watching a deer graze in our backyard.....no bear today so far......have a wonderful day....smoke free of course...


From: Kittyarnold


the deer is with a fawn.....


From: JavaNY


Sounds nice. Enjoy the evening everyone. I rode a bicycle with my niece today.  I had a hard time keeping up :)


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty, Paul, and all.  Haven't had many deer in our clearing behind our yard this Spring,

usually do.  Almost never a bear.  Just the once I know of.  We are getting a lot more bear reports in

our area though.  Mostly destroying bird feeders. 

Must be fun riding with your niece Paul.  I don't live near a niece.  Must be on that trail you jog on.  I

have a friend that rode bicycle lots before he changed over to motorcycles.  Had a car horn with a small

battery on his bicycle.  I have been out on them a lot and have seen others.  Cars come way to close to


I did the mowing here yesterday, got most of the hand mower trim done also.  Put it back on the charger

and maybe finish this morning.  We have a memorial to go to in Troy, PA for my wife's cousin today.  Died

of cancer at 54.  Was a flower girl at our wedding 6/15/74.  Coming up this week.

Loos like we will be going to get our Monte Carlo SS Tuesday.  Have to have our daughter drive the one car

back.  My wife's cataracts make distance driving very difficult.  She can get the surgery soon.  We already have

her signed up for medicare.  Without that they wanted $14k from her.  Now will be $700 for both.

I disassembled my tent frame here and reassembled it at our daughter's house for her second green house.

Have a great day all.



From: JavaNY


Sorry for your family, Ernie. 54 is so young. 

The jogging trail can be biked on, but we went in Central Park.  Rangers lose, hockey season is over for me. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  Have heard of Central Park a thousand times but never saw it.  One of my daughters is

a hockey fan.  How bout that Stanley Cup?

We went to Susan's memorial service.  I watched the pups out in the yard while wife attended.  They are usually informal

but this one was more like a church service.  They did have people get up and say things about her but most wouldn't get

up there.  Lot of people there because of being a young person, I think. Older you are the more people that knew you are

gone or can't travel easily.  Rain held off while we were there.

Tuesday we will finally be going to get our Monte Carlo SS.  Have to get groceries and take care of everyone's garbage today.

So projects on hold for a few days.

Hope all enjoy today.