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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1944719 views.

From: Susan1206


Good morning, all (Ernie, Kitty, Paul, Andrew) and any others who may be lurking.

Pun intended ~ it's smoking hot!  LOL   Except all of us are way too smart to be doing that.   Heat and air alert here for Avon Lake.  I have errands to run (the fresh produce stand has fresh strawberries that are calling my name) and a trip to the drive through druggist.   Bronwen's first t-ball game tonight but boy oh boy, it's going to be a hot one.   Finn and I took our morning walk (a short one) and I was quite careful to keep him off the pavement.  He's quite content to be inside where I have the thermostat set to a balmy 72 degrees.

Stay safe everyone.   Spouse will return from Seattle tonight.  It's been cold out there and rainy.  Welcome back to hot and humid Ohio.



From: Susan1206


Welcome, Andrew~
I have been part of the Sensational Senior group for many a year!  Had I not found the Forum, I may not be here today!  I put them down and have never looked back!  My Silk Quit meter says 12 years and 6 months!  91,720 ciggies not smoked….$22,932 saved….. 

I just returned from a trip to Islamorada in the Keys. We spent a day in Key West. A beautiful place.

I live 25 miles west of Cleveland Ohio, one mile from Lake Erie.  

Welcome!    Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and all.  Thunder storms here now, was just in comforting the puppies.  Probably no

walk for them this morn.  By the time the storms stop it will be heavy traffic.  Glad you get t-ball with your

grandson.  We will be going to our granddaughter's high school graduation this month.  The little 3 year old

girl that helped talk me into this last quit smoking attempt. 

Glad Finn got his walk, he's so cute.  Good he has you to make his life a happy one.

I'm getting green house sweet peas from the farmers market for a few weeks, until it gets hot and stays there.

I got 5 pounds last Saturday and gone last eve.  Will probably get about the same amount this week.  Everyone

eats them for snacks, none get cooked.  I get strawberries from Wegmans when they're in season, before and

after the price goes way up.  They're pretty expensive at our farmers market every year.

Have the Monte Carlo SS here.  Took of the broken Monte Carlo emblem off the front and put a new one on

yesterday, think it cost me $40, made of metal.  Still charging the battery, hope it's not ruined.  Has to have premium

gas so won't be going on to many trips, couple down to the farm I think.  Love the purple tint in the clear coat.

Seattle is a long ways out there.  I've never been to Washington state. 

Daughter got me some colored solar lights for Fathers Day.  I'm putting new ones at my old Canine friends graves.

Daughter got me some motion solar lights.  Putting them over the sliding doors out to the pool.  Put some there many

years ago, they aren't working well anymore.  Wife told her I needed them.

Enjoy the day all.


Finn, Susan's close friend.


From: JavaNY


Good morning, everyone. I think we get some heat tomorrow. Light rain today but looks fine.

Thursday so I'll head to my office in a bit. A change of pace. I was in Seattle years ago for work. We went to a Mariners game at the Kingdome. That was torn down a while ago. 




From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

It's another hot one here by the Lake.  Wow...AC set to about 73 degrees to keep Finn and all of us cool and happy.  Hottest temperature here in ten years.... Finn was walked twice (off the pavement as much as I could).  He usually loves the patio, but not yesterday.  He's content to recline on the cool wood floor.  I did purchase new bathroom mats (memory foam) and I found him enjoying the larger mat yesterday!

Yikes.  I did visit the fresh produce stand.  I was literally lured in by the aroma and visual beauty of the fresh strawberries.  A sign said they are especially grown for Pickering Hill Farms.   And....I smiled to myself because when I peddled my grandparent's produce so many years ago, I was wondering what Grandpa sold fresh strawberries.....  Now, I am hardly a spendthrift and I will quietly tell you what I paid for ONE QUART.   Yes, $7.00 a quart and they were worth every penny.  I know it will be a one time event unless I make a shortcake and then I will buy another quart.

Prices at the grocery store!!  Yikes and yikes.  They just opened a fresh meat market here in Avon Lake.  I bought enough chicken/beef for seven meals and only spent $22.00.  So, the money I saved here was spent on the strawberries.  That is how we ladies think!  LOL

Jim is home.  Finn and I picked him up from the airport.  He said the area was very cool (in the 50's) and he wore a sweatshirt and windbreaker and wished he had brought along something heavier.  Welcome home, Jim....it's 90 degrees here and the humidity is awful!   I find on the really humid days I have more difficulty with my breaths......

O.K.  Gotta run.  Happy Father's Day to you.  Hope your wife and family are kind to you on that special day.  I bought Jim a customized mug with Finn and Jim and pictures on...saying Dog Dad.  Hope he loves it... Oh, and a watch too.



From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Yes, another very hot day here in Avon Lake.  The weather person stated that we have not had a day like this for TEN years.  Finn loves to spend time on our patio.....we have a rod iron fence and flowers and birds and creatures who roam about.  Yesterday he walked out and sniffed the air and headed right back into the a.c.!   I kept him off the pavement for his two very short walks.  He gets a yachting cut next Tuesday and that will help with the heat.  I have heard that Golden Retrievers should never be cut short....I will tell you from my experience, he is soooo happy with that cut and it grows back thick and furry by Fall.

Jim enjoyed his trip.  His brother lives two hours north of Seattle in Edison (127 population).   Can you even imagine?? The temperatures were in the 50's.   He will eventually put his cell phone pictures on to a device called Frameo and we will watch them from there.....

Enjoy your trek to the city.  Stay cool.    Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Miss Kitty ~

How are you and Brian doing?   Are you getting the extreme heat that we are feeling here in Avon Lake?   It's very hot with a heat index (??) of 100+ and very high humidity.  Try taking a deep breath and it just doesn't happen.  I'm staying out of the sun and still nursing the cold sore blisters from Florida.   I need to purchase some pure zinc ointment as the 50 SPF did nothing to protect me.  I also have an rx now to take at the first sign of getting one..   They are super annoying.

Stay cool.  I have an errand to run and dinner tonight with a friend who lived next door.   Susan


From: Kittyarnold


temp here at noon is 66 so I guess we are being missed....and no sunshine.....hope your day is good....


From: Susan1206


Dear Kitty,

I guess I need to look on my new app to see where the cheapest gas is.  No longer filling up the CRV.  Gas now $5.09 if you are lucky......  And so it goes.... $7.00 a quart for fresh grown strawberries, gas and groceries.  Maybe it's time to look into a job.  (lol) just joking.   Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, Kitty, and all.  63 and 96% humidity here this morn.  The sliding doors

are covered with condensation, rare.  The severe storms and tornado watch yesterday missed us.

Wednesday night we did get severe thunder storms and our sump pump controller inside a plastic

container still got soaked and quit later.  I disassembled and eventually got it working again.  Got a

good deal on a spare on ebay so that's on it's way. 

Susan, my mom grew strawberries when I was growing up.  I sold them along the road for $0.35 for

a heaping quart and was overjoyed if someone let me a nickel or dime tip.  Was the 60s when a new

car was around $1300.  My wife said the strawberries were the best she ever tasted.  I do remember

mom asking me to help pick the tiny wild strawberries for strawberry shortcake sometimes though.

Still remember and see the field where we went picking sometimes. 

Glad Jim likes Finn, makes for a happy home.  We both love our puppies which are growing into dogs fast.

I have to be careful to wear a hat when there's any sun, even through clouds or I get precancerous spots

that have to be frozen off. 

Have a great day all.