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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1851642 views.

From: Kittyarnold


First husband was a lineman.....I know I already said that.....lovely day....Brian mowed and I did little....very little.....hope your evening is quiet or noisy however you prefer..... 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all.  60 here this morn, a little warmer than lately, storms this eve,

I worked at a utility company last 17 years of my career but in a lab most of the time analyzing

and repairing remote terminal boards that control electric and gas flow.  We did go out to the

field and help the field techs, more some years than others depending on who was in power.

I tried taking magnesium at bedtime instead of dinner time.  Did sleep until the alarm went off

which doesn't happen that often, so hopeful it will help with leg cramps at night.  Usually only

happens when I use different leg muscles the day before., like working on a ladder, but didn't see

a reason for it the other night.  So thanks for the tip.

I just did odds and ends yesterday, 89 degrees here and warmer today.  It's illegal in NY for a

motorcycle to go ahead through a red light even if the bike doesn't trip the light.  Got a tip to

put magnets on the bottom of the bike and it may help so put two magnets on my bike yesterday.

I have gone through a red light when making a left turn because just sit there forever and can't

get over to make a right on red turn and try coming back through from a different direction. 

I know to look for the pads in the road and stop right at the stop line, just doesn't work at some


There were a lot of lawn mowers running last eve so wasn't quiet here.  Guess they were waiting

for the cooler evening air.  Would have preferred to live away from other hones but we were young

and poor when we moved here and couldn't be that picky.  Then the tornado caused us to invest

much more here.  Good chance wherever we lived so long ago, would've had others move in around

us by now anyway.  Glad to hear you got out a little for the mowing.

Have a great day.


Granddaughter's graduation.

Pups are 6 months old now.


From: Kittyarnold


congrats on granddaughter graduation....she is so pretty.....glad you listened to her years ago....and I will hit 14 yrs in July....wow....still can't believe I made it....but so glad I did.....


From: JavaNY


Hello everyone. Looks like summer has arrived. 

I went to a Mid-Summer festival near me last night. They had a huge Maypole. It was entertaining. 

Time to brave the heat. Enjoy


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty, Paul, and everyone.  69 out this morn, I remember Cocoa didn't like

jogging in these temps.  We have rain coming in a couple hours for a brief time.  Much

cooler day at 75 though.

Kitty, didn't you stop smoking in 2007?  So it's 15 years, right?

We have our grandboys and their dogs today while my daughter goes to NYC for dentist

appt.  Also, wife's parents are stopping by on the way back from a reunion.  I'm surprised

they attended the reunion, over 90 degrees and they are older than us.  They were going

to just stay at the house down there in PA.  Maybe they will stay a while and put up with

all the dogs.

I decided to take the old battery from daughter's garden tractor and get a new one, have

been jump starting it for a month.  I need to do the same for my wife's father, he's using

a booster box to jump his tractor.  Was surprised the battery wasn't closer to a full charge,

took about 5 hours for my 10 amp charger to get it there.

Mid Summer is a ways off, surprised they don't call it a Summer beginning festival, sounds

like fun.

Enjoy the day all.



From: Kittyarnold


your right....in July....15 yrs......hope your day is wonderful....rainy cloudy day here already 70


From: JavaNY


I saw some people running yesterday and it was pretty brutal out.  Though younger and I guess healthier. The rain cooled it off some today.

I think Midsummer's name comes from being in the middle of the summer crop growing season. But officially it's the 21st for the Summer Solstice, so that may be an invented reason.

Be well everyone.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty, Paul, and all.  57 this morn, 12 degrees cooler than yesterday morn. 

We did have daughter's dogs and our grandsons yesterday, was fun but guess exhausting

for my wife.  I took one of our dogs and one of daughter's dogs for a walk up the hill through

the woods but they only got along during the walk, not afterwards.  It's a start, I guess.

A lady goes by here at 11 AM jogging in the mid day sun.  I don't think I could've done that since

my Army days when we had to sometimes.  Think she is in her 50s or so.  Sometimes she ran past us

around daybreak. 

Got the battery for my daughter's riding mower and charged it, will get it installed today when I take

care of garbage,

Bought a water filter cartridge that was defective but tried to use it and damaged an o-ring in our faucet.

Lucky Moen is sending me the parts I need to fix it.  Returning cartridge and ordered a new one.

You're doing great in the war to stop smoking Paul.  And Kitty, isn't 15 years so great?  When 15 minutes

was so tough back then.  I'm so glad but, at the same time, I know may that never made it.  Some still

struggling, some that are gone.

Have a great day all.



From: Susan1206


Good morning to All ~

The past several days have been welcome with cooler daytime and evening temperatures.  There were a few days with "very muggy humid conditions and air alerts".  I tried to limit my time outside.  Even Finn welcomed the air conditioning.

Not much going on here.  Always seems like there is an evening event. etc.  I will look forward to Wednesday evening and watching Bronwen play t-ball.  The simple things in life are indeed the best.  Youngest daughter turns 42 this coming week-end.  How does that happen?   She plans on having a beach (Lake Erie) get together.  The forecast is for 60% rain!  May have to be changed to July 4th and that's always a busy holiday up at the Lake.

Carry on ~   Susan

Finn has his short yachting cut now (that's what they call it at the groomer.  Not shaved.....but very short.  He seems happier for summer and his coat has always grown in well.  As we all do, spent a fortune on the various rabies, parvo, lepto, heartworm pills at our Vet's office.   I only keep him on the Heartworm/tic for the summer months.  


From: Susan1206


All ~

My Granddaughter’s eight week old miniature cream miniature Goldendoodle met Finn yesterday.  Not surprising, Finn graciously accepted her presence.  Willow will be going off to college in August with Sara~