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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1849022 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty, Paul, and all.  57 this morn, 12 degrees cooler than yesterday morn. 

We did have daughter's dogs and our grandsons yesterday, was fun but guess exhausting

for my wife.  I took one of our dogs and one of daughter's dogs for a walk up the hill through

the woods but they only got along during the walk, not afterwards.  It's a start, I guess.

A lady goes by here at 11 AM jogging in the mid day sun.  I don't think I could've done that since

my Army days when we had to sometimes.  Think she is in her 50s or so.  Sometimes she ran past us

around daybreak. 

Got the battery for my daughter's riding mower and charged it, will get it installed today when I take

care of garbage,

Bought a water filter cartridge that was defective but tried to use it and damaged an o-ring in our faucet.

Lucky Moen is sending me the parts I need to fix it.  Returning cartridge and ordered a new one.

You're doing great in the war to stop smoking Paul.  And Kitty, isn't 15 years so great?  When 15 minutes

was so tough back then.  I'm so glad but, at the same time, I know may that never made it.  Some still

struggling, some that are gone.

Have a great day all.



From: Susan1206


Good morning to All ~

The past several days have been welcome with cooler daytime and evening temperatures.  There were a few days with "very muggy humid conditions and air alerts".  I tried to limit my time outside.  Even Finn welcomed the air conditioning.

Not much going on here.  Always seems like there is an evening event. etc.  I will look forward to Wednesday evening and watching Bronwen play t-ball.  The simple things in life are indeed the best.  Youngest daughter turns 42 this coming week-end.  How does that happen?   She plans on having a beach (Lake Erie) get together.  The forecast is for 60% rain!  May have to be changed to July 4th and that's always a busy holiday up at the Lake.

Carry on ~   Susan

Finn has his short yachting cut now (that's what they call it at the groomer.  Not shaved.....but very short.  He seems happier for summer and his coat has always grown in well.  As we all do, spent a fortune on the various rabies, parvo, lepto, heartworm pills at our Vet's office.   I only keep him on the Heartworm/tic for the summer months.  


From: Susan1206


All ~

My Granddaughter’s eight week old miniature cream miniature Goldendoodle met Finn yesterday.  Not surprising, Finn graciously accepted her presence.  Willow will be going off to college in August with Sara~ 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and all.  Finn and friend look cute.  Our pups don't have long hair but

their black hair is probably warm in the sun.  Our AC is on most days.  I have to run it to spend

3 hours on the elliptical every day especially in the afternoon because it's on the west side of the


We plan on going up to wife's parents either today or the weekend.  I don't think we should travel

on the holiday weekend but we might.  I need to figure out if it's the battery or charging system on

father in law's riding mower and fix it.  He's hooking up a battery boost box to start it every time.  

Just did the battery on older daughter's mower and have already fixed the charging system last year

or the year before.

We take our pets to the $5. clinics for rabies shots. 

Our youngest daughter is 41 so pretty close. 

Got Monte Carlo SS inspected.  Doing lots of small tasks lately.

Everyone have a great day.


Grands in pool this year.


From: JavaNY


Hello all,

I imagine most dogs don't like the summer much, but I don't know. My mother never wanted any pets. Both my grandmothers had a dog. One lived in the city, so I considered him mine. Another nice day here. 

Ernie, do the pups swim in the pool, or just stay at the edge like in one of your pictures?

Enjoy the evening,



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  Calm weather here.  Dogs I've had seem to favor cooler air.

Some would stop sometimes when it's 69 before daylight.  So 70 and sunny is to warm

for either of us to be moving at a good pace.  But like I said, I see joggers out in the daytime

heat.  So far these pups haven't ventured out into the pool, all the dogs at my daughter's

went into the pond there but only the ex police dog lifted his feet and swam.  Pax used to

bust apples into pieces with his jaws in the Fall, then ate the pieces.  Took a few years for

him to like me.  I pay a lot of attention to what dogs do and what they appear to think.

Especially if they seem to sense something around us.  In the past wife has taken some of

the pups out into the pool water, doesn't help them like it.

Yesterday I tried to figure out why automatic shift down doesn't work correctly in my Monte

SS, not sure if I ever had it working right.  Didn't figure it out yet.  Think I need a bracket to hold

the transmission cable closer to the throttle linkage.

I have many projects for good weather, should get to one of the larger ones.

Still taking the pups out on a approx one mile walk early morn before traffic, am told that's all I

can do this year.

We had dogs when I was a kid but I never understood how great they were until I was older.  I

think there are very few bad dogs, just bad people around them.  I feel very sad for those dogs.

Still viewed as property instead of beings. 

Enjoy the nice Summer weather all.



From: Kittyarnold


WOW the first of July already.....still having my coffee....was lucky to be able to sleep a bit later.....nice change from 6 am......have a lovely day


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all.  Glad you slept well Kitty.  We had hail and thunder storm, so I'm

awake very early.  Maybe get back to sleep in a while.  Have rain for the next 6 hours so can't

walk the pups.  6 am would be late for me but I go to bed early to get up before traffic.

Our kitchen faucet sprung a leak.  I had just installed a new counter filter cartridge so that might

have caused it.  Sent the cartridge back and ordered a new one.  Lucky Moen sent me all the parts

for the faucet and it's fixed now, an expensive faucet.  Even sent me parts I didn't need.

Tried to find the bracket I would need for passing shift down in my Monte Carlo SS.  Not having a lot

of success but might be able to build something from whats available for the newer fuel injection

systems.  Guess it never worked right and should've fixed it long before now.

Got the lawn mowed on Friday with the riding mower.  Trim needs done but put it off, use the push

mower for banks and ditches and hard work in 90 degrees. 

We will probably go visit wife's parents sometime in the next couple days.  Lot of traffic on this holiday

weekend but we might brave it.  I will probably find out why father in law is jump starting his riding mower

and attempt to fix it, maybe just a battery. 

Pups are doing great, still very rowdy. 

Have a great day.


Almost a year since we lost our Brandy. 


From: JavaNY


Good morning, everyone. Enjoy the Fourth weekend.

76 degrees at 6:00 here. 



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and everyone.  76 is a warm morning, think the highest we've had this year in AM was 69

and drops some by 6 am.  Warm in the city from the day before I guess.

We didn't travel yet, don't know when we will visit now.  Sanded the bucket on our backhoe loader, cleaned it

up and painted it with John Deere green, on the inside.  Inside needs another coat, then will do the outside. 

Brother's backhoe loader has holes rusted in the loader bucket. think it's 20 years old but mine will get there.

Still trying to figure out the kickdown cable on my Monte SS.  Looks like the travel is about right from idle to

wide open throttle but it's not working.  So still thinking and looking.  Only got to talk to one guy at Lokar but

the kit they make for my fuel injection raises the injector body up and inch and my air cleaner is already hitting

the hood.  It's a skinny air cleaner and I just had lots of work done on the hood.  Couldn't get through to tech at

Edelbrock and they don't support my old injection system so might not say much anyway.  Waited about an hour

on the phone Friday and got close to 5 PM so let it go. 

No rush to get the pups out on their walk, not much traffic on Sunday morning. 

Hot nights in the city, huh Paul.  Stay cool and enjoy the holiday weekend also.  Doesn't seem the same after being

retired for a while.  We probably won't go to fireworks.  One of the neighbors does quite a bit of fireworks and the

pups could have a hard time alone.  Cocoa used to go and hide and shake the whole time.

Enjoy the weekend all.


This is Belle, other one was Chloe.