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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2296063 views.

From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all.....I do check in every day but.......am not as involved after so many years.....hope everyone stays "clean"......and stay cool too......


From: tonypfan


Greeting, community of non smokers:  Tomorrow is one week since my Quit.  And what a nourishing week it has been.  I forget sometimes how different my life style is when I choose to become a non smoker.  I sleep better.  I eat healthier.  I don’t drink alcohol as much.  And I exercise more.  Despite eating like a king, I’ve miraculously lost a pound.  That’s a good thing!

I have also been doing some incredible breathing exercises called holotropic breathing.  Not only does it calm me down, but I find it exercises my lungs such that all the tar and gunk come up and begin to expel themselves.  And that, especially, is a good thing.

Discovering Delphi and using its resources has been a HUGE part of my recovery from nicotine addiction.  Many years ago I joined Nicotine Anonymous.  The group support enabled me to quite for over a year.  But once our group disbanded I found I could not maintain my momentum to quit and began relapsing.   I also have read and reread Alan Car’s Easy Way.  It has always prompted me to quit.  But after several months, I would relapse.  The moral of my story is that I have come to realize the importance of staying connected with a non smoking community such as this one, Sensational Seniors.  Your posts edify me, resonate with me, and further my resolve to refrain from cigarettes.  That being said, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.   


From: tonypfan


Andrew:  I just read that the Forum is shutting down in three days.  Do you know anything about that?  Please advise. 


From: candrew


i've not heard anything


From: tonypfan


Thanks , Andrew.  I thought for sure it was in this forum.  But don’t have time to rescroll.  If it becomes defunct then I will just have to find another online resource.  It is important for the success of my Quit that I maintain intermittent contact with non smokers who have currently quit.  Such as yourself.  


From: candrew



This forum has been in existence for a long, long time, and I seriously doubt that it will be cancelled. I have looked into several on-line resources for quitting smoking and by far this is the best and most effective site you will ever find. 

Yes, it is critical that you interface with others that are going through the same thing. We are all weak to the power of nicotine and need to support one another in our fight to freedom. In the 3+ years that I have been visiting this site I have stopped and started so many times that I never thought would "get it". No matter how many times you fail there is always someone to help you get back on track. 

Good people here.

Stay connected and you will "get it".

Good day,


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From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all.  Kitty, I remember all the paying it forward you did for many years.

When the forum was busy you worked tirelessly every day.  Put in many hours myself as many did.

Hope Brian is finding a lot of fun projects to do and your family is doing well, I know you've been

through a lot.  I'm reminded daily of the damage from smoking from the Aortic Stent I have from

plaque on artery walls most likely from smoking.  The Vascular Surgeon said plaque stays with you

for your lifetime but still less of it the sooner stop smoking.  Mine caught up with me 10 years after

I stopped.  Never heard of the Aorta Artery until I had the Aneurysm.  It's normally 3/4 of an inch

wide in males so it's nothing to fool around with.  If it bursts lose lots of blood quickly and lots of

fluid mixes in the blood stream.  Depending on how it bursts, might have time to get to a hospital

and might not.  I go in once a year to have it checked.

Still miss forum members that didn't make it to this point, John Quincy Adams the 5th and Barb, also

my dad died the same year, 2010.  The Chantix thread.

Didn't get a lot done yesterday, heat wave, like most of the country.  We picked up some groceries we

needed along with the ingredients wife needed to make a blueberry pie from some of the berries I

picked Friday, think it was.  Think it's supposed to cool some after Sunday, closes out with some storms

here so we have to watch for flooding.  Have one 1 horse pump with an automatic electronic switch but

the other one is wired to a switch on the wall in the house.  Need both when we get sheets of rain for

an extended time. 

Did get one indoors job done I've not gotten to for years.  Picture of my ham radio station back in the 70s

and one of today on a site that people look up radio call signs they hear on the air. 

Have a good day all.



From: tonypfan


Good morning:  Another beautiful day.  One week today I quit.  Such a nice week,too, without cigarettes.  My energy is returning.  I smell better.  As do my clothes.  One day at a time.

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From: Denim50


Hey Anthony, 

Big congratulations on getting through that first tough week smoke free! relaxedtada The beginning is the hardest but the more we distance ourselves from it and the further along we go the better it gets. The first year is so important. On that note, I don't blame you for being a bit apprehensive when you saw the thread about the forum possibly closing. Support is equally important. However, it's not closing and there is a thread about that too. 


Both threads were made back in March, so rest assured those three days you mentioned have long past and we're happily still here and carrying on as we have been for years. We're also happy that you're here with us too. 

I'm grateful to Andrew for alerting me to your concern. None of us would want to see you leave and we all want be here to support you and each other. 

How are you doing with cessation Anthony? Anytime you need a bit of added support please reach out. We not only support and cheer each other on. Some wonderful information can also be provided here to help you with and through cessation. So again, please reach out anytime for support, for information, or just to stay close. Wishing you all the best toward your smoke free success. Speaking of success, look at you go! I'm so happy to join you in celebrating this terrific milestone.  "Way to go Anthony!" 

Stay close, stay strong, and stay in the moment. You can do this! 

Have a great day. relaxed 

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