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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1976114 views.

From: Susan1206


Dear Kitty,

Congratulations on 15 years.   You were my inspiration and support for so many years and I am forever grateful that I stayed with this group and our Forum.

(((hugs x 1000)))   Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and all.  Glad you had a peaceful time on your trip Susan.  Finn getting older and

none of us are as easily amused and we like the familiar things in our lives.  We don't go out long without

our pups but I can see how others life styles would cause separations.  We will even less after wife gets her

cataract surgeries.  Right now she doesn't drive much. 

I'm grateful for these 15 + years without smoking, after 38 years of smoking.  Our neighbor is getting a cough

and trying to switch to cigars.  Don't see how that will help, maybe some if smokes less.  Just saw his outdoor

motion light on in the middle of the night for most.  Think he has COPD, at least I hope not worse.  My mom did

battle with that for many years. 

Ate all my blueberries over the last 4 days so might go pick some more today or tomorrow.  Like to detox with

them once a year when they're in season.  I eat some processed food like few potato chips once in a while and

eat at a diner with my brother when I go down to PA to help them.  I shouldn't eat any processed food being a

Diabetic, especially trying to stay in remission, but do eat a little.

The pups are getting a little better at walking but are a long ways from walking in traffic so still going out before

lots of traffic.  I keep one leach hooked to my belt and broke the buckle mount couple days ago.  I built one belt out

of two broken one with rivets.  Also one of the LED straps I wear stopped working but the company is covering it

and sending me a replacement.  A job just keeping up with the equipment.  Found it's much harder to completely

control both leaches with my hands and upper body. 

Cooling fan quit in the RF Amplifier I reworked earlier this year and they're no longer made so trying to figure out

what replacement fans to use and how to mount them.

Have a great day all.


Finn, our buddy.


From: Susan1206


Thanks Ernie for the picture of Finn. I think I may have to recruit someone to stay here with him when we travel. I checked in at the venue and he was eating very little.  It’s a top notch place to the tune of about $70.00 a night. Decently expensive ~ really don’t like someone being in our home but…. I do have a middle aged gal who walks him three times a day….. maybe I’ll check into her overnight prices!  Finn drank excessive amounts of water upon his return!  

It has cooled down here and less humidity,  we took my bike to a bike shop for some minor adjustments. It’s a Wal Mart special a few years ago. He showed us a Townie that would be more fitting for a senior gal… how do I justify 699.00 for riding in the neighborhoods ???  I’ll be happy if the adjustments are more comfortable for me!

I love Summer but not the heat or humidity!  Perhaps Fall and Spring have become my favorite!!!!  

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Carolyn (pennylayne1)

From: Carolyn (pennylayne1)


Is that the lovely Finn eating a yummy cold treat?  I too am 12 years,6 months and 26 days nicotine free. I never would have made it without this forum. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  Guess this is the picture Carolyn is talking about, cute.  Another cool morning here at 54.

That would be a problem for us, getting someone here to watch our dogs.  Think only time we won't have them

with us is briefly for a wedding in September but they will be just a few miles away at my wife's parents so we will

get back to them soon.  If we start going on vacations again guess we will plan ones with them along. 

You got sunflowers to grow like my daughter used to.  Pretty and large.  Fall has always been my favorite season

but leads into Winter which seems to hang around to long.  The snow is so pretty and peaceful but then gets old.

One of my daughters left her bicycle here and I rode it but couldn't stand up and pedal the way its built.  One of

the neighbors left an old bicycle out by the road so I went and got it, I can stand up and ride like I did when I was

young.  Tried riding it but had to go around the 5 mile block twice to get the same exercise as jogging it once.  That

was before I took dogs with me too.  These last 15 years I have dogs with me and would be impossible to make sure

they're safe when cars are coming.  I keep the bike because it's old.  Think it's a girls bike but that doesn't matter.  The

lady neighbor lady died 9 years ago and was my age.  Thought about painting the bike with clear paint POR15 and putting

it out by  the front deck with the old snow sled I have there.

Went out picking blueberries again yesterday, picked about 12 pounds to last a few days and give some to our daughter and

might give some to a friend.  I got stung by a bee three time in the face towards the end of picking.  Hurt but at least not those

ground bees.  After a short time the pain stopped.  Those ground bees hurt for a long time, then burns and itches for about 10

days.  My daughter has a bunch of chickens and give us eggs for me and the pups for our breakfast every morn.

Everyone have a great day.



From: Kittyarnold


Hi to all.....easy day...grocery shopped etc....treated myself to a lobster for my supper.....so looking forward to that.....Brian doesn't care for all the picking so he is doing some chicken and we will share the side dishes....salad etc....hope you day is going well....the sun just came out.....


From: Susan1206


Hi Carolyn,

Nice to see you post.  Congratulations to YOU and to ME on our victory.  I pretty much believe I would not be here typing if it were not for the Forum......

Typed a message to you and could not get it to post!  Frustrating.  How is your grandson doing?  In school...what grade?  My grands are growing up.  Sara, a sophomore at Kent State University, Ryan, a sophomore in high school, little Bronwen almost five.

**Hugs to you.  Thanks for keeping in touch.  Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Yes, that is Finn eating a Frosty Paws.  I don't buy them to often....but when I do....I get the peanut butter one and he loves it.

Very hot and humid here.  Air conditioning back on.

Did I mention taking my bike to the local bike shop?  Very nice gentleman who owns the store.  Adjusted my handlebars......seat moved up and back so knees don't hit the handlebars.  Suggested I look at another bike that is suitable for senior women....A Townie.   A lovely bike, in sage green, for the price of $699.00  I am sure it would be most lovely and easier for me to ride but can't seem to wrap my head around that price for just leisure biking every now and then.  Guess I'll stay with my Huffy Wal Mart special.

Will watch the granddaughter's last t-ball game.  She's improved from last year....standing with her stuffed animal......now she's hitting the ball from the tee......  Life is Good...



From: Susan1206


Dear Kitty,

Lobster for dinner sounds wonderful!  I'll be over in a minute or two......

Brian prefers chicken?  Oh my.

I think we are having chicken tenders, like a stir fry with mushrooms and peppers and onions.  If I had my wish, I would have a personal chef cook each and every meal......   Maybe I will buy a Mega Millions ticket ~ rarely every do....but there is a lot of money in the pot.

((hugs))  Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Tonypfan ~

I saw your post and wanted to welcome you.  Sometimes I just lurk around and don't read each and every posting.......... 

Congrats on your decision to quit smoking.  A most IMPORTANT decision for all of us.  I now realize the consequences and dangers from smoking a lifetime.  Why didn't I get smarter....sooner??  Free from it all for twelve years, eight months and three days.  I still have my SILK QUIT program on my desktop.  Would never ever think of picking up a ciggie.........

Carry on..... A friend on the Forum always said "keep on keepin' on.....that's what we all do.