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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2008395 views.

From: tonypfan


Susan:  What an upbeat posting.  Thank you.  I, too, could kick myself for not sticking to previous Quits.  Dark shadows linger in the back of my mind about health deficits as a result of long term smoking.  But I tend to mitigate the damages through an active lifestyle.  And for that I am very grateful.  

Your post uplifted me and strengthened my resolve to move forward in my Quit.  Thank you.  This forum is awesome.  


From: tonypfan


Thank you, Members, for another smoke free day.  Ten days of bliss.  Enjoy not being a slave to nicotine.  Smoking totally dominated me.  It was crazy.  And to think I thought I absolutely needed it.  Brainwashing is soooo strong.  And I was soooo susceptible.  But today and for the past ten I have been free.  And enjoying every minute of it.  This form is pure gift to me.  It’s just what I need to keep my Quit.  Thanks again to all of you.  

Carolyn (pennylayne1)

From: Carolyn (pennylayne1)


Grandson will be in 1st grade this year. Its so fun you have another grandchild to spoil while the other two are growing up. It sounds like you are living the life. So happy for you. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty, Susan, Anthony, Carolyn, and all.  Warm morning at 69.  Probably wear shorts

to walk the dogs, just have to be careful they don't catch me off balance and pull my knees down to

the pavement. 

I've never had lobster Kitty, I'm sure it's great.  My mom used to steam clams for us about once a year

when I was growing up, very unusual on a PA farm.  Parents had a big steamer they put on the stove

with a pressure guage on it, mostly for canning vegetables and such.  Used cocktail sauce, I loved it.

Glad Brian and you are doing well.

I know people put a lot into their bicycles Susan, that's if they have only one.  Many would laugh at

699.  They have many times that.  I don't like the way traffic comes so close to them, like many don't

like it.  Have a friend that had a car horn and a jell cell battery on his.  Traffic gives a pedestrian more

room, like a bicyclist can't make a mistake or hit a stone or something.  Like I said I have that 40 or 50

year old bicycle but I have to stay out the same amount of time as jogging and would constantly have

to worry about the dogs.  Especially if they saw a cat or something.  These pups just have to smell where

an animal crossed our route during the night.  Smelling 10,000 times or better than a human would drive

us crazy if we all of a sudden had that sense.

I'm still so grateful to be rid of cigarettes also.  Was like a ball and chain to my life and killing me at the same

time.  Have this aortic stent to remind me of the vascular plaque I carry around from smoking for the rest of

my life.  At least according to the vascular surgeon we always have this plaque.  I came so close to dying and

leaving my family to fend for themselves.  Just turned and saw the neighbors outside motion light is on so most

likely he's outside smoking, I know from experience.  He has a cough and is switching to those small cigars, guess

if he smokes less might help.  Few years back he told me a relative doctor told him it's to late and he might as well

continue to smoke, the addicted mind takes a statement like that and latches onto it.  Receptors in our brains want

to keep the supply of Dopamine coming in day in day out. 

Mowed the lawn yesterday and we went to visit some friends.  Brother's son had another disabling stroke and is in the

hospital.  Much different than my other brother's mini strokes.  Our daughter had one and was a very difficult and painful

time.  Don't know why, not heriditory because the brother with that son was adopted and it's the only other young person

stroke in our family that I know of.  The two lived in different states so not the same environment. 

Have a great day all. 



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning......you are early in your quit and it sounds like you have it under control and we are all holding your hand to give you the support needed if you need us scream and find the group that quit the same month....


From: tonypfan


What an upbeat posting you made.  I feel good knowing that members of this forum are holding my hand.  And that if I need to scream they are there to support me when I most need it.  Thank you for your post.  It made my day.  Another smoke free day.  


From: Susan1206


Dear Carolyn,

I do enjoy dear Bronwen immensely.  As you so well know, once they enter grade school it's a few short years and they are full of their own friends and interests!  Seize the moment.  My son-in-law turns fifty this year and Megan is 42 years young so they have their hands full with a four year old!  

Did you ever get another puppy?   Finn had two surgeries last year and at 10-1/2 he has slowed down.  Happy to walk three times a day, have a playdate with his Golden friend and sleep!

Enjoy the day.  Susan


From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie,

I know...I kick myself to the curb time and time again when I sometimes get a bit winded.  Wonder what the kids of today will be like when they hit senior status if they continue to vape.  I don't know much about it.....but it seems to me that it would have to have some consequences.   A Dr. told my sister-in-law that she could chew the nicorette gum for a lifetime and it would not be as harmful as picking up a ciggie!  Unfortuntely, she developed lymphoma and passed at an early age.

Today is a picture perfect day.......cool, breeze, low humidity.  I would capture it and have it all summer and fall.

Carry on.....my bike is better than before.  I still may look into a softer, more cushioned seat eventually.  No, new bike for me!



From: Susan1206


Dear Tonypfan,

It literally is one day at a time when you begin this adventure.  I hung on to the Forum with every breath I took for months on end.  One time when I grabbed my car keys to retrieve a pack of ciggies, I posted a HELP on the Forum.  Within minutes, I was furiously typing away and the nicotine habit passed.  

Please stay with the program and read, read, read, everything you can find here.  We all speak the truth.  

Carry on......your lungs are already happy and healing.



From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Just a short note.....haven't seen you post in a while.  A picture perfect day here by the Lake.

Cool, a breeze, low humidity.  I would capture this kind of day for the rest of the summer and


Finn had a nice walk (about a 1/2 a mile) this a.m. and is now enjoying our patio.  I hope all is o.k. in New York!   Susan