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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2087556 views.

From: tonypfan


What an upbeat posting you made.  I feel good knowing that members of this forum are holding my hand.  And that if I need to scream they are there to support me when I most need it.  Thank you for your post.  It made my day.  Another smoke free day.  


From: Susan1206


Dear Carolyn,

I do enjoy dear Bronwen immensely.  As you so well know, once they enter grade school it's a few short years and they are full of their own friends and interests!  Seize the moment.  My son-in-law turns fifty this year and Megan is 42 years young so they have their hands full with a four year old!  

Did you ever get another puppy?   Finn had two surgeries last year and at 10-1/2 he has slowed down.  Happy to walk three times a day, have a playdate with his Golden friend and sleep!

Enjoy the day.  Susan


From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie,

I know...I kick myself to the curb time and time again when I sometimes get a bit winded.  Wonder what the kids of today will be like when they hit senior status if they continue to vape.  I don't know much about it.....but it seems to me that it would have to have some consequences.   A Dr. told my sister-in-law that she could chew the nicorette gum for a lifetime and it would not be as harmful as picking up a ciggie!  Unfortuntely, she developed lymphoma and passed at an early age.

Today is a picture perfect day.......cool, breeze, low humidity.  I would capture it and have it all summer and fall.

Carry on.....my bike is better than before.  I still may look into a softer, more cushioned seat eventually.  No, new bike for me!



From: Susan1206


Dear Tonypfan,

It literally is one day at a time when you begin this adventure.  I hung on to the Forum with every breath I took for months on end.  One time when I grabbed my car keys to retrieve a pack of ciggies, I posted a HELP on the Forum.  Within minutes, I was furiously typing away and the nicotine habit passed.  

Please stay with the program and read, read, read, everything you can find here.  We all speak the truth.  

Carry on......your lungs are already happy and healing.



From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Just a short note.....haven't seen you post in a while.  A picture perfect day here by the Lake.

Cool, a breeze, low humidity.  I would capture this kind of day for the rest of the summer and


Finn had a nice walk (about a 1/2 a mile) this a.m. and is now enjoying our patio.  I hope all is o.k. in New York!   Susan


From: tonypfan


Thank you, Susan, for your post.  I have made a solemn promise to stay connected with this Forum, as if my life depended upon it, because, in fact my life does depend upon it.  If I continue smoking I will have shortened my life needlessly.  This Quit is different than any previous one of mine because I didn’t use an on line forum to assist me.  What a difference it makes.  Have a great day.  


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  Cooler at 59 here this morn.  The vapors aren't burning leaves so no carbon monoxide,

but still taking in nicotine, insect killer.  Trying to remember, it's been 15 years since those studies.  Think nicotine

cleans the protective coat away from the inside walls of arteries and carbon monoxide causes plaque to form on the

walls.  A very dangerous vascular combination, they came very close to killing me years after I stopped smoking, 6 years

ago.  I know you get some exercise since your quit so that helps with your lungs.  I was jogging 4.5 miles every morning

before quit and stayed at that level for years after I stopped, didn't step up to more until my battle with diabetes remission,

mostly the last couple years.  Biggest problem with vaping is we see it as a stepping stone to quitting completely but people

stay on the vaping year in year out just like smoking.

Didn't do a whole lot yesterday because daughter and grands came to visit.  I did vacuum and wife mopped.  We did couple

other small tasks.  Lucky I went to check my phone in it's holster and remembered I set it by an outer wall that has two electric

switches and it gets better reception, saw my daughter had answered my text so we all got together.  I envy people that get

instant good phone coverage anywhere around their property.  When I go to the rural farm, like today, they have a tower in

sight and can send out pictures instantly.

Hope my bike runs well this trip today.  Last time it was stumbling quite a bit.  I drained the carburetor float bowl in case of

water in them, cleaned the air filter and oiled it, and made a new gasket for the air filter to seal.  It was spark knocking on hills

last time I got blueberries in this heat on the hills.  Gas tank is already full of medium grade gasoline so can't fill it with premium

until after burning this out.  I don't have much hills to go up on the trip to the farm but it might spark knock just a little that I can't

hear.  Hope to solder a cig lighter plug on brother's ham radio so he can have it in his car today, besides all the clean up work for

them and the cats.

Hope you and Finn have a great day.  Today is the coolest day in the forecast here. 


Chloe and Belle a while back.


From: JavaNY


Good morning, Susan,

All is good in NY. Yesterday's rain cooled it off a bit. I was at the Yanks-Mets game Tuesday & Wednesday. Yanks lost both but it was fun. Meeting my niece for lunch later.  She's going to a concert with friends in the city, some band I never heard of :)

Yes, Ernie, supposedly no carbon monoxide with vaping; and whatever burns is at a lower temperature than tobacco. I still carry an e-cigarette, though they may be a bit different from a vapor. It has no nicotine, the ingredients listed are Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, & Vanillin.  I think all 3 are used in various foods. I'm sure it's harmful in its own way, but cigarettes have 4,000 ingredients. 

Have a great day everyone,


Msg 30.13994 deleted

From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Nice that you enjoy baseball and that you saw the games.  I believe our Indians (Guardians) are doing well.  I don't follow baseball nearly as much as I do football!  We went to a Indians game last year and it was nice but very hot sitting in he sun on a hot day in Cleveland.  Many of us still refer to the team as the Indians and wear Chief Wahoo on our clothes......maybe a protest of sorts...not sure.  Everything has to be so p.c. in the world we now live in.......enough said about that.

I am sure the e-ciggie is far less harmful than the real.  I have taken to CBD gummies for sleeping but now I'm not so sure.  The container says THC and that may be an issue....  Guess I'll have to consult one of my Cleveland Clinic Drs. and see what they say.  Considering the ENT is the gal who removed my sleeping pills, what can they say?  We may all in our own way, be addicted to something.....

A beautiful day here.  Finn is out on the patio with me and we are watching our feathered friends, including the yellow goldfinch who love their feeder, a robin eating grape jelly and the gazillion little sparrows at the feeder.  It is my enjoyment.

Have a nice week-end.  Susan