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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1893215 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all.  Another warm morning here at 68.

Tried to get your paradise island home screenshot again Kitty.  I remember

your walks on the beach down there and shelling as you all called

it down south.  I remember when you had hurricane proof windows

installed.  Remember Brian working at the store until he turned 65.

Yesterday I stayed with the pups while my wife spent some time with

our daughter shopping and stuff.  Found the new rotor cable I bought

couple years ago won't work for the antenna move I'm doing.  It's

100' just enough to replace the homemade one if the antenna were

left where it is.  I need to buy about 150'.  To bad, stuff is expensive.

Looked at the bayonet we found at dad's farm house under the microscope.  It's a German bayonet with markings Horster 1938.  So

it's not my dad's issue, it's something he picked up from the war.  Makes sense, anything issued had to be turned in except clothes.

Have a good day all.


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From: Kittyarnold


You got it this time.....love the colors look like morning.....don't think the new neighbors changed the colors....have a wonderful day....you and Brian get up too early.....


From: JavaNY


I feel like with this heat, there will be palm trees in NYC soon.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty, Paul, and all.  It's 74 here this morn, must be in the 80s down in the city.  78 in

our valleys.  We are almost at the top of a mountain which is good for ham radio transmit / receive.

Kitty, I remember you two clearing the palm branches from the yard and trail to the beach, after a

storm or something like that.  Think you had a name for them but it slips my mind.  I haven't been

to Florida since 1966 and then only for a week.  My dad's first new car a 1966 Dodge Coronet, white

4 door.  Had a slant 6 cylinder engine. 

Got groceries yesterday.  Then I was looking into wiring up a different companies rotor to a Hygain

controller, guy that sold it to me said he did so I'm hopeful.  It's for smaller antennas like my 2 meter

beam.  Ordered a soft air gun that shoots plastic BBs for our grandsons birthday and some kind of

fruit slicer. from a registry, for our niece's  wedding shower, both this coming weekend.  Guess the

birthday party will be late, have to travel north for the shower.  Wife doesn't really want to go because

her parents are to old to be comfortable around the pup twins.  They are a handful but I'm glad they

have a small part of the family they were born into for their lives.  Us human beings usually get to stay

with all our family.  I catch any frogs that have gotten into our pool shortly after daylight and transport

them before the pups have a chance to go ballistic over them.  smile  They travel here during the darkness.

It's gone up to 75 degrees instead of dropping couple degrees towards daybreak, 78 here in the house.

Will turn AC on in few minutes. 

You all enjoy the day, supposed to get a cold front coming through today or tomorrow.  I have to walk the

pups before traffic, if there is some I can hear them long before they get here in the early morning silence.

Pups are learning but have a ways to go.



From: JavaNY


GM all. Yes, Ernie 81 at this hour. Should get some rain in the afternoon and cool off a bit.


From: Kittyarnold


glad you have the pictures....loved the screened in porch....did lots of entertaining there.....Thanksgiving dinner with some neighborhood friends.....wonder if the new owners left all of my paintings on the floor...?  


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty, Paul, and all.  Cooler this morn at 60, 15 degrees cooler than yesterday morn.

Paul, at least the ocean keeps you warmer in the Winter.  Even the towns by lakes stay warmer until

they freeze over.  Think today it stays in the upper 70s.  It cooled off here after yesterday mornings rain.

I went and picked blueberries again after taking care of everyone's garbage.  Got pretty hot out there

picking after the sun came out.  At least no bee stings.  NYC must be like being down south.

I don't know what year the pictures on Zillow are from Kitty, but think your pictures are still there.  Saw

all the homes on your island for sale now have an M after them so all above one million, to much for us.

Hope you have your shell crafts hanging still, lot of effort went into them.

Purchased some octane booster for the bike.  The spark knocking will destroy the engine, especially when

I can hear it.  Most of the time it would be drowned out by engine noise but still destructive.  The ignition

timing isn't adjustable, all set by an electronic box.  Already running premium gas while it's so warm out.

I see a frog out in the pool I have to relocate before the pups get out there.  They go ballistic over them.

Enjoy the day all, much cooler.



From: JavaNY


Good evening, all, 

Will be away a few days. Headed to meet a cousin in Knoxville. He said the mountains keep it cooler, hopefully he's correct.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  Hope you have a good trip Paul and a safe one.  Cooled off a lot up here

but should be cool in the mountains.  I will probably head down to the farm tomorrow but

it's just a day trip, sometimes a long day.  Last time wore myself out climbing on ladders,

moving the ladder, and handling the chain saw up there.  Got most of the branches away

from the garage roof.  Think I'll take my daughter's 6 or 8 foot electric saw up next time,

don't want to climb any higher.  I'm cutting the branches at the trunk.  Don't want to be up

there every so often doing this.  Once and done.  I stepped in pine resin last tine.  Took a

lot of work and solvent to get it all off.  These are high Army boots, hard to find them new

in my size, then expensive.  Very high quality for the soldiers these days which is what I

need so not to injure my feet doing tasks. 

Took a piece of exhaust pipe out under my Subaru yesterday to look at patching up the

exhaust for the Winter and replacing it in the Spring but don't see how I can.  Less than

3 years since I replaced the intermediate pipe and muffler with it's tail pipe.  Not very high

quality.  Was $265. , a higher quality set is $452.  Maybe have to buy them.  Salt keeps our

roads clear, sure tares our cars apart.  Jobs and education much more plentiful here than

in rural PA where I grew up. 

Paul, think wife and I were in Tenn once in the 90s for a convention either for small engines

or motorcycles,  We were in those businesses back in the 90s.  We were only there briefly for

a day or two.  Close to Knoxville, think I remember seeing it on signs.  Would remember because

of the Grand old O pry. 

Got the spacer / shroud for that cooling fan in my amplifier yesterday so replaced the thin plastic

homemade one I had put in.  Took a while, had to put the plastics blade on my table saw and cut

part of a corner off the spacer and find some long screw to go through it to the fan.  Had to drill

couple mounting holes through the RF deck at an extreme angle.  Would be a days work to remove

the deck from the chassis and reassemble it and might get some new damage, it's heavy but fragile.

Have a great day all.  Cooled down.


Rf deck out of chassis back when first getting amp working and converted.


From: Kittyarnold


that is one hellavu chain saw...we are cloudy and only 65 at the moment....supposed to clear in awhile.....hope your day is a good one...you always have such involved projects to keep you busy....there was 7 deer in our yard this morning....fawns with their Mommas....