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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1938010 views.

From: Kittyarnold


Good morning everyone....supposed to be partly cloudy today but right now it is partly sunny....we like that better....I am already looking forward to fall colors on the hillside.....now that I don't have to go out for any reason....like work....winter doesn't bother me....but love the fresh flowers in vases from our flower garden....and all the fresh tomatoes......hope everyone has a good day....still grateful for this group....wouldn't be smoke free without it....


From: Susan1206


Hi Cindi,

Nice to hear from you.  Yes, I must get my OSU (OH IO) Buckeye gear in order.  We love to watch their games.

The Indians (Guardians) are doing well.  I will also wear my Chief Wahoo cap and shirt).  Just doesn't seem right....seeing a "Guards" shirt...

Take care.  Yes, I moved to Avon Lake in 2008 to be near two grown daughters.  I just love the Lake and the area.


Hi Susan,

Avon Lake is a very nice area.  I love the Lake too.  This weekend is the D-Day WWII Reenactment in Conneaut.  They transform our beach into Normandy and act out various D-Day battles.  People come from all over the US to be in it or watch it.  I think we'll have over 30,000 visitors in our little town from tomorrow until Sunday.  They even bring planes, tanks, amphibious vehicles, jeeps and all authentic uniforms.  It is really a cool event and they've been doing it every year since 1999.

My daughter just graduated from OSU last week but she lives in Mt. Vernon now.  I think she's going to go for her PhD there too.  I love watching videos of the band (TBDBITL!!!) on Facebook.  They are amazing!

I don't think I'll ever buy Guardians gear... I will hang on to all my Chief Wahoo stuff and wear it proudly.  I just don't know what I'm going to do with my Baker Mayfield jersey...lol.  The material wouldn't even be good for a dust rag.


From: JavaNY


Good evening, everyone. 

Arrived home from Knoxville today. A nice city, a little under 200k residents. Met a cousin who lives down in Florida. We went to a nature center that was less than 4 miles from downtown. If I go 4 or even 40 miles, I'm still in urban sprawl. Food, music, and whiskey were good. People were pleasant.

Flight a little late, so time to sleep.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  Warm here at 60.  Welcome back Paul, everything's the same up here.

Kitty, I would like our Summer all the time but not even hotter during the Summer, like the

south at 115 degrees.  Fall is my favorite season but it goes by fast when we've seen so many.

Reminds me my dad gave me a thin leather motorcycle jacket before he died, need to get it

out and take it for it's annual ride. 

Yesterday, I ordered the new exhaust for the Subaru Baja.  Got an online coupon so ended up 

being $362 + tax so not as bad.  I phoned POR15 people and they think their paint will help the

exhaust for a few years.  I already have some here and told them that.  Won't use that much so

shouldn't be just them trying to make a sale.  Don't like seeing the exhaust destroyed and rusted

through in less than 3 years.  Bought a better one and will put two coats of rust proof paint on it.

Also ordered 150 feet of rotor cable to move my 20 foot beam up away from the tree that grew into


My granddaughter has a huge bill for the ambulance because of her seizures.  So she was skipping

college for this Fall.  Trying to check into getting it paid late so she doesn't lose her courses.  I didn't

know she was doing it until after the due date had passed.

Susan, thought you had moved to your location for your previous husband's illness.  Guess that was

the move before this one.  Both locations were in Ohio, right?

Have a great day all.  Time to get the pups out before the morning traffic.



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all....a beautiful sunny start to our day in Ct.....yesterday beams of sunshine were shining thru kitchen windows and it looked smokie had scorched something in the frying pan.....brought to mind the days when that would have been from cigarettes.....so grateful that this group helped me stop such a bad habit....keep going my friends....


From: Susan1206


Hi Paul, I'm quite familiar with Knoxville as my Uncle was the Director of the United Way program for years. They lived very close to UT and we would vacation at Watts Bar Lake in the summer. A nice city ~ have not been there for years. I do remember going as a child....the others would say that I talked "funny". LOL Cool here and lovely. Humidity has left. School is beginning. Granddaughter off to Kent State for her sophomore year, grandson off to sophomore year at Bay High School and youngest granddaughter to pre-Kindergarten in Bay. My daughter has been a kindergarten teacher in Lakewood for 25 years. She's counting down....until she can retire. I was in education for sixteen plus years and I always feel a bit sad at the beginning of the school year to not returning.... And we all carry on as non-smokers! It's a good thing!

From: Susan1206


Dear Kitty,

Your note reminded me of my parent's white cabinets (1960 era).  The ciggie smoke from my Dad and the gas stove left them quite yellow and difficult to keep clean.  Ugh.

Wish my Father would have not smoked all of those years...I'm sure being in WW II did not help.

A cool and lovely day here,  We have had quite a project going on......purchasing a king size bed and cleaning!

((hugs))  Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Yes, near misses with deer on the highway is not a fun thing.  I am very mindful at dusk to be alert.

Big project the last week ~ purchased a king size mattress, platform bed.  We moved all of the furniture out of the master bedroom and into the living room....No small feat for two seniors.  Then, of course, mattress pad, new sheets, new quilt, yada yada.

I was fortunate to sell the beautiful burnished iron bed on Marketplace (Facebook).  The gal venmo'd me a deposit.  Now....she needs to come and pick it up!!! 

All good.  I'm going to take a walk and try to walk a little each day to keep the weight off......  Eating salmon and veggies........little or no carbs.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  I'm glad to be not smoking also Kitty, was a terrible addition.  So hard to stop.

I have a hard time trying not to eat so I can keep my glucose down but easier than stopping the

poison smoke.  Now people worry me with vaping.  A little better, i think, without the carbon

monoxide but I remember the large tobacco companies buying out the vape companies when

they were young years ago.  Now I wonder if their chemical engineers have found the right mix

of chemicals to keep people addicted in vape.  No matter how damaging the chemicals.  I know

several people close to me that have switched from cigs to vape hoping it was less damaging. 

They still have nicotine, of course, insect killer.  I don't know if they're getting away with additives

like arsenic and ammonia like with cigs. 

Wasn't a near miss really Susan, was light hit.  Almost a catastrophe with that deer.  Hit my left foot

out there on the highway peg at 65 mph.  Thanks to him lunging forward to keep from being killed,

neither of us died.  Saw his rear legs go straight out just at the impact.  If alive, I most likely would be

recovering for a very long time.  I did have time to let off the gas but doubt the RPM dropped much

before the impact.  I've always been worried about a deer coming out with no time to respond.  Happened

to me in my first car driving to high school one morning.  Killed the deer that morning.  He impacted

the corner of the car closest to the bushes he came out of.  So close that I didn't see him come out, same

as this time. 

Changing mattress and box springs is expensive.  Did it with my California king some years back without

replacing the bed.  Now the world has used a virus to increase the prices on everything, a price jump

instead of a gradual rise.  People are jumping on board even to sell used stuff.  Wouldn't buy used bedding

though, anyway.  A used bed maybe. 

Diet is in my life every day.  Never any bread, hardly ever any meat.  I manage to keep my weight around

150 but I need to be in the 140s.  Very hard not to eat a snack when hungry.  Not just weight for me, it's staying

alive and not letting diabetes get the best of me like I've seen with others.  I see no one trying to control their

diabetes the way it was meant to be, with diet and exercise.  I can only read about it.  All the diabetics I know

use meds or insulin, no diet or exercise at all.  Playing along with doctors that won't tell people the real way,

they even discourage it, because it would take away a huge part of their business. I guess.  Not just with diabetes

but many diseases.  Also, many people would seek out a new doctor if they had to do anything harder than take pills. 

Have seen it myself.  So many diabetics are 100 or so pounds overweight.  Diabetics left unchecked leads into other

diseases too, besides all the complications of diabetes. 

Received the new exhaust for the Baja.  Decided to paint it with POR15, try to inhibit rust a little longer.  Have the harder

part of the old exhaust off the Baja already.  New parts are hanging with paint curing.  Tricky to paint with POR15, have to

use solvent to get it off your skin before it dries or stuck wit it for a week or two.  Have learned to come in and look int the

mirror right after I'm done using it.  I use long rubber gloves on my hands.  I once had to go to a memorial service with black

hands.  smile

Remember my little granddaughter.  Now helping her with college tuition and books.  joy

Take care all, last heat wave of the Summer maybe.