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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1893141 views.

From: JavaNY


Glad you were able to enjoy time with your family, Ernie. I'm surprised students are still standing in line. I pass by some college bookstores, and they look like they are mostly selling clothing. Though I don't go in so I don't know. I also thought many students would just download the books. 

Nice weather here also. Enjoy the day everyone.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  61 here this morn, I'm going to be sad to see the warm weather fade to cold soon.

I love Fall but it goes by quickly. 

The book stores would only be overcrowded for a few days at the beginning of the semester, easily

missed if you aren't there every day.  Only a pain if you live it. 

Installed the cat back exhaust on the Baja yesterday.  Decided to use the spring bolts on the back

of the catalytic, don't know why they're a real pain to install.  Hope the rust proof paint gains me

a couple extra years.  Hurt my knee on that job somehow.  Painful and hot this morning.

We got a little rain yesterday.  Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be rainy here, we are 3 to 6

inches deficient in rain.  Guess it's a long ways from being a drought.  I noticed that people who

don't mow lawns get worried much more about brown grass.  smile 

The pups were energetic yesterday, got my wife upset a few times.

Have a great day all.  Unless one gets cancelled we have two wedding in the next 30 days, unusual,

we often go 10 years without attending a wedding.  I'm happy and hopeful for the couples.  It's the bride

that's  our relatives.  Granddaughter and niece.  


Grandsons and Brandy years ago.

Grandson and the granddaughter planning on marriage soon.


From: Kittyarnold


Hope all is well...it is here...


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Warm here this morn at 64.  Guess I twisted a knee working on the Baja.  Hurt all

day yesterday and worse now, burning too.  I'm using pain lotion and ice but only helps a little.  Didn't

get much done yesterday.  Got some groceries we needed.  Getting regular groceries today anyway.

Pulled my old rotor cable out everywhere and rolled it up.  Started putting terminals on the new cable.

Talked to my brother on the radio for a while. 

Hope everyone is doing well, glad you guys are Kitty.



From: JavaNY


I hope you feel better, Ernie. Maybe try alternating the ice with heat.

Enjoy the day everyone.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul.  Warm 62 here this morn.  More rain today but we're still in a deficit.

Knee got much worse yesterday, don't know about today yet but sure does hurt. 

Got groceries yesterday, that's about it.  Working on getting wedding gifts, cards, and gift

wrap.  Have the two weddings and two more grandchildren birthdays. 

Hope to make it to Lowes, bank, and Walmart today.  After taking care of everyone's garbage.

Had to miss the dog walk and both elliptical sessions yesterday.  Hope to make it today but not

sure yet. 

Hope all is well in the city. 



From: Kittyarnold


I have been awake most of the night....just some naps off and on....stayed in bed tho.....up at 4 and will for sure go in for a nap....as soon as I eat which will be early today


From: JavaNY


I generally sleep pretty well, but every once in a while, the same thing happens to me.  Hope you get a good nap later, Kitty.

All good in the city, Ernie. Warm but summer is winding down. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and Paul.  Another beautiful day.  I woke early also, stayed in bed for a while

but up now.  Retired also so I can sleep anytime I want.  Knee slowly improving, able to do stuff,

but not setting the world on fire. 

Got the gift for my granddaughter's wedding yesterday.  Strange to see that little girl getting married.

I remember the blocks of wood in the ground at the park a mile down the road.  Used to count them

off for her to learn her numbers.  I got her a mixer for her kitchen, same thing my parents got us almost

48 years ago.  We still have it, had to order a beater for it once when parts were still available for it.  This

last time I had to buy a vintage mixer to get the beater for ours.  Didn't cost much, a Hamilton Beach, so

not rare.  It's just nice to have one of our wedding gifts still around and being used.  Granddaughter helps

make lot of the birthday cakes here. 

Ordered the Kerig coffee maker for our niece's wedding next month, strange to see her getting married

also.  Can still remember my wife telling me about the pregnancy before she was born.  At least she got

some college out of the way before marriage. 

Hate to see the Summer days fading away.  Another one coming when one leaves, I guess.  I don't close

the pool until the end of September, it's so close to the house and looks so nice.  Do get it closed before

the leaves fall. 

Have a great day all.


Granddaughter with Cocoa's parents, Princess and Buddy, many years ago.


From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all   wonderful sunny day to wake up too......anyone want zucchini?  LOL  this time of year we are all sick of it if we have a garden or a neighbor does....hope you all enjoy this day.....