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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1945046 views.

From: Susan1206


Dear friends ~
I hope you all enjoy these last weeks of Summer.  The pumpkins and fall decor have arrived in Avon. My daughter and SIL are traveling to the Finger Lakes.  I will have their daughter this weekend!  



From: JavaNY


Thanks, Ernie, you also. Beautiful weather here.

Enjoy the time with your family Susan.

I've had 6 credit alerts for credit applications in my name the last 10 days. I guess somebody found my SSN. I have a freeze with all the credit agencies so no harm.  


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  Susan, I love Fall but at the same time very sad to see Summer leaving. 

We would already be back in school when we were young, no more carefree Summer days. 

Enjoy the time with your granddaughter Susan, don't need to tell you how fast the years go by and she's a

teen.  I miss my little girl granddaughter, still love her but the little girl is gone.  She was 3 when I dropped

into this forum, now hs graduate, married, and in college.  She used to jog around the 4.5 mile block with me,

Cocoa, and Brandy. 

Paul, that's horrible, don't look forward to the day the cyber thieves get to us.  I once had someone charge $10

for web page work, lucky I saw it the first day and got the card cancelled.  Was 10 or 15 years ago.  Looks like

they really went to town on your credit.  Might have even bought a car on it.  So many thieves now that they

don't have to sneak through the night and can get cash rather than some object they have to sell.

Yesterday I went to the Farmer's Market for our 2 gallons of laundry soap that doesn't need softner, and our

grass feed hamburger that I get 10 pounds for a discount and don't go after very often.  We only use the little

freezer with our refrigerator.  I could never see having a big chest freezer, some of our relatives have them.

Our electronic sensor for the outdoor sump pump quit so had to take apart the case and let it dry out.  Had to

work on it for a while putting electrolytic grease on lots of contacts all over it, finally got it so the power light

and relay light came on at the right times and actually did what they said they were doing.  The controls cost

around $70 so worthwhile getting them working again even if I keep a spare.

Then worked on my antenna rotor but have failed to get it working correctly so far.  The direction meter just

stays pegged at one end instead of indicating the direction the antenna is pointed.  I will get it, I remember it

being a pain years ago when I had it in for repairs. 

Got the painted fuel tank mounted on my bike, looks good.  Last couple years had a faded brown tank on a

black bike.  Let it sit for a month for the paint to cure some. 

Everyone have a great day.


Granddaughter with her first and only fish years ago.


From: Cocoa60


Hope week starts out great for everyone.


From: Kittyarnold


Thinking of all our friends....of course watching the Queens funeral.....have a wonderful day.....smoke free of course.....


From: JavaNY


Good morning, everyone. All good here. Weather looks good most of the week. 



From: Susan1206


Good morning Sensational Friends~
Ernie sent me a message on Facebook. He is not able to reach the Forum website today.

The sun is shining bright and it is going to be another warm day.

I had a busy weekend watching Bronwen ~ a four year old can keep one very busy!

Enjoy this smoke free day!  


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Kitty, Paul, and all.  Not sure what happened with forum yesterday morning.

Here, just said "page not found".  First I ever got that but could have just been here.  Maybe something

going on with page maintenance.  I was a little concerned the forum was gone forever. 

Glad everyone is doing well, I keep seeing that depression is common with the changing of the seasons.

Nice picture of Bronwen.  I envy you, my youngest grand is 10, others are teens.  Was a magical time with

young grands.  Looks like she is on a dock, same as the picture I loaded of my granddaughter couple days

ago, and probably both on a lake.  One of my grandsons might go to a hamfest Saturday about 50 - 60

miles away, a get together, radio - antenna - stuff for amateur radio.  Lots involved with ham radio, something

for everyone.  Testing for people to move up to a more advanced license at hamfests also.

I was awake at 3:30 this morning and had enough sleep.  Pups started whining, I got out here before wife woke 

and got up.  They just wanted to get out of their kennel and sleep on the sofa.  It's getting common.  Probably

because one of them gets put in there or they both get put outdoors when their playing rough gets more like


We are at 78 today, then 60s tomorrow, then 50s Thursday.  Hope it settles next week, then will ride my

bike down to the PA farm to take care of problems down south. 

Got the new squirrel cage fan for my 2 meter amplifier yesterday and installed it.  Henry Radio was right,

it fit in their amp, just barely.  About a quarter inch from the circuit breaker terminals and the back of the motor

against the side of the chassis.  The amp was used for a paging system before so the fan probably ran continous

for 20 or 30 years, fan just wore out and the original is obsolete. 

Was at my daughters yesterday to take care of her garbage and saw that she has branches against her garage roof

destroying it so need to take the chain saw over and cut them away same as I did in PA.  At least daughters is a

standard one story garage and I don't need to go up very high. 

Got my 6 month blood test yesterday morning.  Glad I got there 6:45 AM, about 20 - 30 people lined up behind me

before 7.  Most likely A1C will be the only interest to me, since I got my weight down around 150 I don't have problems

with blood cells or beginning kidney problems.  Things that most diabetics have.  A1C is the average of my Glucose

level for the past 90 days and isn't just a spot check in the morning like my home test.  So hope it isn't too bad.

I did have that kidney reading 51 to 59 at one time so had to start working on that but gone in the past now, GFR or

something like that.  My brother is at 30 and has a kidney specialist but most likely he won't do anything to improve

the condition.  He's one step from dialysis and 100 pounds overweight.  At least he's taking the meds the doctor


Have a great day all, Fall is on our door step. 


Granddaughter doing a large water balloon slingshot years ago. 


From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie, Paul and Kitty....and who lurk about?

What a cool picture of a slingshot.....not sure I ever knew of that game.  Yes, grandchildren are indeed a blessing.  I wonder now how I handled two daughters (5-1/2 years apart) when I am so done in by this precious Bronwen (age 4-3/4 as she likes to say).  She's cute and ever so bright.  She knows things that I never in a million years knew).  She is a reason to keep on keepin on.......

Hot and humid.  The weather I dislike the most.  I can tell it's so humid because walking and breathing.  I managed to get myself to the gym today.  It's rather odd......no management personnel there.....a code in fob...Wonder what would happen if a person became distressed with no one there?   I managed to ride the bike for 30 minutes and walk for 15 but not very fast.  I have to watch my respiratory numbers.......  it's a beginning.  I may alternate that with my yoga class.   Need to keep in shape like Ernie does!

Storms coming tonight.  I will welcome with open arms 60 degrees!!!!!


From: Susan1206


Dear Kitty,

I should probably know the answer to this question or I should google it......  The seasons change earlier (trees etc) to our North, correct?   Our peak season is usually mid October.   

Managed to get to the gym today on this hot and humid day.  Now, a trip to Lowe's for home needs.  LOL

(commode seat, Wet it and Forget it for the condo)....  LOL

Life is Good