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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1938733 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  I don't check my respiration, guess it's ok.  Dr listens to my lungs with a

stethoscope every 6 months, that's about it.  He says ok, they say they can barely hear heart murmur

now.  I don't have any breathing problems.  I breath hard when I hurry up hill through the field

trying to get the pups up into the wood before they go so I don't clean it up.  I wear Army boots so

the two pups don't twist my ankle or something, one is over 60 pounds and the other over 50.

There aren't many choices for a diabetic.  If I take the synthetic meds from prescription now I will

get closer and closer to having to inject insulin sooner.  If I can keep my glucose down with diet and

exercise, along with the Turmeric Root I just started taking the insulin is further out in my future.

This is not to mention the disabling effects yo get when you go down hill, not a good life style. 

It was very difficult, almost impossible, for me to lose the 30 pounds, about 18% think it was to 

get diabetes into remission.  It's hard to stay here also. 

I have to start taking retirement savings out next year to help my granddaughter with tuition and

books for college and the stock market just can't recover.  Now they're saying recession next year.

I think it's a privilege for me to help her but I like advantages.  The savings belongs to wife and I.

Maybe someone else across the family will help some but doubt it.  It's more than 10 times what

it cost me to go to college, gone up faster than the prices of cars.  Her books were inexpensive for

the first semester, surprised me there. 

We raised two daughters also Susan and I also have a harder time understanding and being friends

with grandsons.  One or both of them are supposed to go to the ham radio sale - get together tomorrow

but often they decide not to go, granddaughter always went.  Granddaughter and I spent thousands of

days together while she was growing but not so with grandsons.  They are some interested in electronics

and video games.  Their father played video games most of the time he was home so they picked it up but

many of that generation love video games without help from their father. 

I've started closing the pool because the rain showers are a pain for antenna work.  I would like it to be up

at 70 but in the 50s today.  Leaves are falling into the pool and pine needles have started, they cause it to

get algae.  We like to keep the pool open an extra month, it's a little cost to keep the pump running every

day but the pool is only about 10 feet from the sliding door and is a nice view. 

I have a grandson teen that looks almost like yours but not sure how recent pictures have of him on this PC.

My grand-kids birthdays are Aug. Sept. Oct.  Our other daughter had a bad stroke at age 24 and she's afraid

to have kids, looks like it's cost her a failed marriage now, very sad for all of us.  There's no history of young

age strokes in our families that I know of.  I was the youngest in our family so I know less than my wife does

about hers, she was the oldest.  I don't even remember having a conversation with the only grandparent I

met.  My oldest brother says he didn't think she liked kids because he doesn't think she talked to him either.

I like to mix Cinnamon Gin with apple cider but it's bad for diabetes and apple cider only lasts few months in

the Fall so most years I let it go by.  Have to get cider from the markets that don't flood it with preservatives.

Have no plans on getting any this Fall, have to work harder on diabetes.  Expensive even at the Farmer's Market

for Cinnamon Gin which is the only place that sells it I think. 

Glad you are enjoying the cooler temps.  Hope all are doing well.


Grandsons last February.


From: Kittyarnold


Good morning anyone?  where is everyone.....?hugs to your day


From: JavaNY


Hello everyone. I did the Tunnel to Towers race this morning. Odd running in a tunnel.

This is the Battery Tunnel which runs under the East River connecting Brooklyn & Manhattan. 

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From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty, Paul, and all.  Nice pictures Paul, I never jogged in a tunnel in all those years.

We got the pool closed and everything stored away for another year.  Put the pool in 33 years ago.

It's sad to see another season gone but nice to have the project done. 

Worked on the big beam antenna a little yesterday but didn't take the rotor out and install it.  I will

do it when I can get everything upright so rain doesn't get to the sides of it.  The little nylon rope I

have will work for this antenna.  I have a 1/2" double dacron rope ordered for the two trees I need

to take down here and especially the huge tree I have to take down in PA.  Those are much higher

and much more dangerous than this antenna.

Went out and picked up couple things yesterday and picked up a new prescription for thyroid that's

a lower dose again.  I love it when I get healthier and my body improves with this thyroid, aneurysm

shrinking, cholesterol dropping, and blood pressure dropping.  I have to diet and exercise for diabetes

and it's nice to get other advantages.  Not inhaling the poison smoke helps too.

September is disappearing.  Wife is getting all the appointments to have cataracts fixed.  She is paying

$6k out of pocket for enhanced laser surgery.  We aren't to sure about that but the only person she

knows that went to him get the enhanced.  Her parents that got the standard are having problems with

their corrected eyes.  All very confusing and expensive.  Also, she had lasic surgery done years ago so she

could see close up and distant without glasses and they're saying the standard surgery might not keep that

working.  That was all out of pocket, $1700. 

Glad everyone is doing well, doing well here also.  One teen grandson is staying for a couple days, he went

to the hamfest with me.



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie, Paul, Kitty and all ~

A bit of trouble this a.m. posting.

Paul ~ great pictures.  How neat that you ran in a tunnel......wasn't it quite warm to do that?   I'm a bit claustrophobic, so that wouldn't work for me....LOL   

Loved the table decorations, Ernie.  My condo is also decorated.  I bought a mum plant and a small pumpkin for outside.  I also have an antique corn holder on the front door.... That's about it for me this year.

Perhaps, start to cut down the perennial beds.  

Love to all.  Kitty....have you been posting?   When will your leaves turn?

We plan a trip to HHI mid October.  I hope we see the change of the season in route down.



From: Susan1206


Hi Kitty ~

What have you been up to of late?   Doing any painting?

I started a yoga class each Wednesday late morning and also visit the gym.  Now, if the extra COVID lbs. would disappear??

Chilly here.....I love Fall but I do not love what comes after it.

A trip to HHI in the making for mid-October.  Then, Longboat Key in February.  Something to look forward to......would spend January, February, March in the South if I had my way.



From: JavaNY


Hi all,

It was decent weather outside for shorts and a t-shirt. Other than drizzle the rain stayed away. But yes, Susan, a bit warm in the tunnel with so many people crowded in. Many of the firemen ran with their gear so they must have been hot. My legs are sore. 

I saw a dozen 'kids' (twenty somethings) running with their father's way too big fire coat. Picture of their dad on the back, with 'end of shift 09/01/11'. Really sad.