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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2013627 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  A little warmer here this morn at 33.  I think that's the only photo of my dad in the

Army.  Sister tells me he enlisted before he would've gotten drafted.  Photo is probably after finishing training,

that's the only photo of me in the Army, during training.  Dad was in D-Day, Ardennes Forest, Battle of the Bulge,

all of the battles in Europe and Germany.  I was only on alert several times, never went to war. I was in at the tail 

end of Vietnam.  After seeing the battles my dad was in, so grateful not to have been in one.  Saw them on

"Band of Brothers" on TV.  Sorry your dad got so sick.

We get the rain from the hurricane, 3 or 4 inches, before snow.  Predicted, hope less rain Friday.

My dad was looking for his brother and met my mom the day he came home from war in 1945.  Married July 17,


Gotta get ready to go walk the pups.


Me in 1975, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. 


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Very handsome!  You were blessed not to have seen more war time.  I know of several young men, drafted after we graduated and who lost their life in Viet Nam.  It was a difficult war!One last sunny day before the bottom drops out.  Sounds like the storm will come up your way.  Batten down the hatches!  

We may try and take Finn to a new self wash facility today. His real appt is near Christmas.



From: Susan1206


Finn in the right and Kayla on the left. They have been best friends since I met Kayla’s Mom at a pet store ~ 2011~.   Yesterday, at a park!


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  Enjoyed the last warm sunny day here.  Walked Brandy's sister, Dixie, and her friend Charlotte,

up in Morrisville, NY.  My last drive with the Monte Carlo SS before I turn in the plates for the Winter today.  No ticket.

The dogs enjoyed their time out.  Got to see cows, horses, and other dogs.  Walked our dogs before traffic here but Belle

has to come back early until her bruised leg heals completely. 

Finn and his friend look happy.

Looks like our rain will start around 9 AM but not heavy until this afternoon.  Hurricane was weak at landfall,   Surprised

it's making it this far. 

Enjoy the day.


Dixie and Charlotte.


From: Kittyarnold




From: Susan1206


Dear Kitty,

Age is just a number ~ most days, I TRY to think that way.   Happy Birthday to your Son… I am not sure what age you are now eligible to collect Social Security?  62?  65 or 66?  They have changed it several times……

Will you and Brian be in the bands of rain from Storm Nicole? 



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Nice looking pups!  What is the closest city you are located by ?    I was exploring my weather map and it looks very green (rain) in eastern PA and western NY!!!   Light gentle rain here.  

Finn did very well in the store self wash.  We used the full body harness and he readily walked up the step.  Very high tech ~ choice of four shampoos that are automatically dispensed with the warm water.  He tolerated it!!  Best experience… only $13.00 out the door  I will be using it more often between his cuts.  Full Salon cuts ~  two or three a year, but they are $90.00 plus 20% tip!!!   

Carry on my friends  Hi to Paul… haven’t seen him post lately.



From: JavaNY


Good morning, everyone,

Illness aside, staying active physically and mentally helps keep you young. Young people get sick also. Unfortunately, often during wars. But God bless all those who served.

Headed to the ophthalmologist. I've used store bought reading glasses the last 10 years, but I don't think they suffice anymore.


From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Yes, I agree. Staying active mentally and physically will keep you young.  Wish I had not smoked ciggies all of those years.... but despite a femor fracture and a new knee, I still can ride my bike inside and outside and be fairly active. My bff is 85 and goes to the Fitness Center three days a week! I see her now slowing down a bit....but for her age, she is probably in better shape than I am!!!!!

I had cataract surgery a few years back.... now, one eye for distance, one for closeup reading.

Enjoy the weekend. Snow??   Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  Still raining here until 5:15 AM.  Heavy sometimes but didn't get flooded.  Our

drainage ditches and burms have taken care of the runoff.  Good thing, we have much money and

effort into it.  Our backhoe comes in handy every time we have heavy duty work to do though.  Hope

to be able to transport it someday to help our daughters with their properties.  We live near Binghamton,

NY.  About 175 miles west of Paul's NYC and about the same distance from Kitty's area, I think.  Could be

about that distance east of your area, not certain, no signs around here for Cleveland.  It always is strange

to me when we travel to the New York eastern border, hundreds of miles of forest in NY.  Takes forever to

cross and just trees all the way across.  New York's largest industry is agriculture.  I remember when John

Quincy Adams 5th was on this threat on this forum, he was surprised it wasn't finance.  He died of cancer

in 2010.  We had a lady, Barb, died 2010 of some type of blood disorder, and my dad died that year of blood

cancer.  At least Barb and John had beaten the addition before they died.  I think I will be glad not to have taken

the addition the whole way of my life.  My dad stopped smoking many decades before he died, in the 60s, I

think.  Said it made his sinuses congested. 

Glad Finn enjoyed the wash.  Don't know if we have that around here, maybe.  We wash the pups in our bathtub.

We haven't had long haired dogs so no cuts since our Toy Poodle in the mid 70s. 

Kitty, glad you're still going strong and here to help people along their quit paths.  Brian probably got some last

minute things done before the Fall weather slams shut to Winter.  I  traveled to the farm Wednesday and up

north to walk Brandy's sister, Dixie, Thursday.  Was a great time and two days of driving the Monte Carlo SS before

I turn in the plates for the Winter.  We have Monday and Tuesday in the 40s and sunny, probably get some repairs

done on the Subaru Baja.  We have great memories from our younger days, I'm sure you did a lot of great things and

lots for your children.

I only have to use reading glasses but my siblings got cataracts so I'm probably headed there.  I do have one eye weaker

than the other last few years.  I see "Band of Brothers" on TV again.  Never saw the battles my dad went through until

after dad was gone.  I only knew he was in D-Day, the rest a brother told me about after he was gone.  Parents usually

talk less and less about the past as the years go by so younger children never hear it.  Hope you're able to correct your vision Paul

Enjoy the day and weekend all.