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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2011618 views.

From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Nice looking pups!  What is the closest city you are located by ?    I was exploring my weather map and it looks very green (rain) in eastern PA and western NY!!!   Light gentle rain here.  

Finn did very well in the store self wash.  We used the full body harness and he readily walked up the step.  Very high tech ~ choice of four shampoos that are automatically dispensed with the warm water.  He tolerated it!!  Best experience… only $13.00 out the door  I will be using it more often between his cuts.  Full Salon cuts ~  two or three a year, but they are $90.00 plus 20% tip!!!   

Carry on my friends  Hi to Paul… haven’t seen him post lately.



From: JavaNY


Good morning, everyone,

Illness aside, staying active physically and mentally helps keep you young. Young people get sick also. Unfortunately, often during wars. But God bless all those who served.

Headed to the ophthalmologist. I've used store bought reading glasses the last 10 years, but I don't think they suffice anymore.


From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Yes, I agree. Staying active mentally and physically will keep you young.  Wish I had not smoked ciggies all of those years.... but despite a femor fracture and a new knee, I still can ride my bike inside and outside and be fairly active. My bff is 85 and goes to the Fitness Center three days a week! I see her now slowing down a bit....but for her age, she is probably in better shape than I am!!!!!

I had cataract surgery a few years back.... now, one eye for distance, one for closeup reading.

Enjoy the weekend. Snow??   Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  Still raining here until 5:15 AM.  Heavy sometimes but didn't get flooded.  Our

drainage ditches and burms have taken care of the runoff.  Good thing, we have much money and

effort into it.  Our backhoe comes in handy every time we have heavy duty work to do though.  Hope

to be able to transport it someday to help our daughters with their properties.  We live near Binghamton,

NY.  About 175 miles west of Paul's NYC and about the same distance from Kitty's area, I think.  Could be

about that distance east of your area, not certain, no signs around here for Cleveland.  It always is strange

to me when we travel to the New York eastern border, hundreds of miles of forest in NY.  Takes forever to

cross and just trees all the way across.  New York's largest industry is agriculture.  I remember when John

Quincy Adams 5th was on this threat on this forum, he was surprised it wasn't finance.  He died of cancer

in 2010.  We had a lady, Barb, died 2010 of some type of blood disorder, and my dad died that year of blood

cancer.  At least Barb and John had beaten the addition before they died.  I think I will be glad not to have taken

the addition the whole way of my life.  My dad stopped smoking many decades before he died, in the 60s, I

think.  Said it made his sinuses congested. 

Glad Finn enjoyed the wash.  Don't know if we have that around here, maybe.  We wash the pups in our bathtub.

We haven't had long haired dogs so no cuts since our Toy Poodle in the mid 70s. 

Kitty, glad you're still going strong and here to help people along their quit paths.  Brian probably got some last

minute things done before the Fall weather slams shut to Winter.  I  traveled to the farm Wednesday and up

north to walk Brandy's sister, Dixie, Thursday.  Was a great time and two days of driving the Monte Carlo SS before

I turn in the plates for the Winter.  We have Monday and Tuesday in the 40s and sunny, probably get some repairs

done on the Subaru Baja.  We have great memories from our younger days, I'm sure you did a lot of great things and

lots for your children.

I only have to use reading glasses but my siblings got cataracts so I'm probably headed there.  I do have one eye weaker

than the other last few years.  I see "Band of Brothers" on TV again.  Never saw the battles my dad went through until

after dad was gone.  I only knew he was in D-Day, the rest a brother told me about after he was gone.  Parents usually

talk less and less about the past as the years go by so younger children never hear it.  Hope you're able to correct your vision Paul

Enjoy the day and weekend all.



From: JavaNY


Good morning, all,

My doctor said I didn't have cataracts of any size or glaucoma. She said everyone eventually gets cataracts, but I shouldn't for a while. Gave me a prescription for glasses.

The rain stopped early this morning. A hard rain helps clean the city streets and sidewalks. 

I think most veterans don't talk about the war. My dad was on 38 missions on a B24. he never said anything even when asked, other than nonsense. Talked about the AF food, a crewmate who got demerits for not wearing socks, sneaking off base and having to do warehouse duty for a week.  His plane was called the ITYFAD - I'll Tell You For A Drink.


From: Susan1206


Good Saturday morning,

hmm. 381 miles from Avon Lake to Binghamton or almost six hours of driving time!

A cloudy day here by the Lake. I’ve mentioned before that some strange phenomena occurs here ~ the cloud cover or gloom… settles in and stays until Spring!  

My day will be making a new lasagna recipe in the slow cooker and watching my beloved OSU football team BEAT Indiana.

We are binge watching The Crown on Netflix 

((hugs to all)). Enjoy the weekend. Snow coming tomorrow.    Susan 


From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

A great story about your Dad.  It seems that they did not want to burden their loved ones with tales of the war.  I have hundreds of pictures of the jungles of New Guinea etc. lots of pictures of the bare breasted native women. I did hear a tale once how the American women sent over bras so the women would cover themselves. Ha!  They used them to carry coconuts and fruits!!!!!!  

Great news about your eye exam.  

Enjoy the weekend. Snow here ?   Susan


From: Susan1206



Thurman Masters (my Daddy).


From: Susan1206


Thurman R Masters. (My Dad). Served 1941 ~ 1945.   


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  39 here and supposed to drop a little.  I see snow creeping across the state.  Don't

know if it went through Cleveland or if it will reach us.  They just keep telling us we might get snow. 

Couldn't turn in the SS plates, was Veterans Day.  So will turn them in Monday, the day insurance runs out.

We have a new young agent, our regular agent retired after 50 years.  She won't be happy with me.  Hope

they mean the receipt will be mailed if I turn them in at a drop box.  In the virus time I got a mailed receipt

and got threats from the company, even after I got the receipt mailed and gave it to our agent.  Our old agent

acted uncaring but I guess he was more on the ball and did care about his customers.  I've been with the same

company since 1973 when I got a speeding ticket trying to pick up my manager and part of the crew and get to

work on time.  Told me had to get my car and license changed over to NY. 

My dad fought on the ground in the Army just like I would've if I got caught up in a war.  Only thing my dad ever told

me was that he walked across Europe with a duffel bag on his back.  I was telling him the drill sergeants made me run

around the company with a duffel bag on my back while it was running because I was limping from twisting an ankle

before I enlisted.  A duffel bag is about like two suit cases in a burlap bag with straps to put it on your shoulders.  Guess

they wanted to be sure I could go the distance with an old injury and a load on my back.  I hadn't realized I was limping.

A funny side thing.  My original duffel bag we put in the neighbors basement after the tornado and it got peed on by

their cat, then flooded when we moved it back to our new basement because ours wasn't back filled around the outside

yet and neighbor was in a hurry to get our stuff out.  So I burned it with a lot of other stuff.  But in a sale about 5 years

ago they were selling Army surplus new duffel bags for about $20 so I bought one to use when traveling.  Didn't like my

original but guess I got over it. 

We were put on alert several times during our tour but the only one I heard any detail on was China doing something to get

their island Thailand back, which just recently happened again. 

Glad no real bad news about your eyes Paul, we all have enough problems. 

When I was retiring my replacement was wearing sandals and no socks.  Thought the manager deserved him after telling

everyone they couldn't wear jeans anymore.  I had to solder so was wearing jeans anyway.  Wore black jeans I had for the

short time I had left. 

Better get going, I'm late.

Enjoy the day all.  I got two projects done outdoors yesterday, sun came out and wasn't to bad.  Got the power outlet repaired

in the Baja and the battery replaced in the bike. 


My unit in the Army, Co. D 39th Combat Engineer Battalion.