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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2008687 views.

From: Susan1206



Thurman Masters (my Daddy).


From: Susan1206


Thurman R Masters. (My Dad). Served 1941 ~ 1945.   


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  39 here and supposed to drop a little.  I see snow creeping across the state.  Don't

know if it went through Cleveland or if it will reach us.  They just keep telling us we might get snow. 

Couldn't turn in the SS plates, was Veterans Day.  So will turn them in Monday, the day insurance runs out.

We have a new young agent, our regular agent retired after 50 years.  She won't be happy with me.  Hope

they mean the receipt will be mailed if I turn them in at a drop box.  In the virus time I got a mailed receipt

and got threats from the company, even after I got the receipt mailed and gave it to our agent.  Our old agent

acted uncaring but I guess he was more on the ball and did care about his customers.  I've been with the same

company since 1973 when I got a speeding ticket trying to pick up my manager and part of the crew and get to

work on time.  Told me had to get my car and license changed over to NY. 

My dad fought on the ground in the Army just like I would've if I got caught up in a war.  Only thing my dad ever told

me was that he walked across Europe with a duffel bag on his back.  I was telling him the drill sergeants made me run

around the company with a duffel bag on my back while it was running because I was limping from twisting an ankle

before I enlisted.  A duffel bag is about like two suit cases in a burlap bag with straps to put it on your shoulders.  Guess

they wanted to be sure I could go the distance with an old injury and a load on my back.  I hadn't realized I was limping.

A funny side thing.  My original duffel bag we put in the neighbors basement after the tornado and it got peed on by

their cat, then flooded when we moved it back to our new basement because ours wasn't back filled around the outside

yet and neighbor was in a hurry to get our stuff out.  So I burned it with a lot of other stuff.  But in a sale about 5 years

ago they were selling Army surplus new duffel bags for about $20 so I bought one to use when traveling.  Didn't like my

original but guess I got over it. 

We were put on alert several times during our tour but the only one I heard any detail on was China doing something to get

their island Thailand back, which just recently happened again. 

Glad no real bad news about your eyes Paul, we all have enough problems. 

When I was retiring my replacement was wearing sandals and no socks.  Thought the manager deserved him after telling

everyone they couldn't wear jeans anymore.  I had to solder so was wearing jeans anyway.  Wore black jeans I had for the

short time I had left. 

Better get going, I'm late.

Enjoy the day all.  I got two projects done outdoors yesterday, sun came out and wasn't to bad.  Got the power outlet repaired

in the Baja and the battery replaced in the bike. 


My unit in the Army, Co. D 39th Combat Engineer Battalion.


From: JavaNY


Good morning. No snow here. Pretty nice yesterday, raining a bit now but should stop. 

My sister has all the family pictures. I have letters that my dad wrote during his service. His older sister saved them all, gave them to me. Two that my grandfather wrote in WW1. He lucked out, as he read and wrote German, he was placed in the translation unit in Paris. Better than the trenches.  


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul.  28 here, no ocean breeze to keep us warm.  We did get our first snow, a dusting,

can see it on our cars now.  Glad I got a few outdoors things done, need time to adapt.smile

My brother in my parents farm house had all the family pictures there, in a box on the floor with 16

cats peeing and throwing up all over.  Told me I could go through them and take what I wanted, so I

did take lots.  I also have letters my dad sent home to his mom during the war.  Some relatives I never

met, didn't bother keeping those pictures.  My daughter is interested in family history, I should get some

stuff together this Winter.  We never know how much time we have to get stuff done.  I hope to rebuild

the farm house and the guest house some day but really don't know if I will be able to when the time comes. 

Not that creative myself but I know some people that are, so can rebuild the house into something my

grandsons families will appreciate.  Glad I was able to rescue some pictures just in the nick of time.

My dad was in the worst of WW2, can't believe it when I see it.  People took their boots off to rub their feet

and their feet were swollen so they couldn't get their boots back on.  Army boots are much changed these

days.  I order new Army boots to use in daily life, very comfortable and rugged.  Also expensive, have to search

for a good deal because people know what they have to sell.  I can hardly even visualize conditions in WW2, earlier

in WW1, I can't even imagine.  I was able to order unit crest pins for my field jacket, that survived.  The originals I

had when in were lost over the years.

Winter is here in our area, nights in the 20s and days in the 30s.  Will get my bike out if we get a nice day but should

be looking at the brakes on the Baja.  Can see trouble with at least one rotor, maybe two. 

Got a blood test to lower the dose on my thyroid medicine again.  Happy with these side successes while trying to

control my glucose in diabetes.  Aneurysm in Aorta has shrunk to it's normal size besides the thyroid getting closer

to normal.  Of course, still have a Aorta stent. 

Glad things are going well in the city.  Enjoy the week all.


Mom, dad, and an older brother 73 years ago.


From: Susan1206


Good afternoon, all sensational senior friends ~

Tis a balmy 36 degrees here in Avon Lake.  With the wind factor, it feels like 25 degrees.  Windy, Snow showers possible tonight.  May tend to be on the eastern shore of Lake Erie.

Finn reclined on the patio for about an hour this a.m.  I will not allow him to be out longer than that.  Seems to like sniffing the cold air and catching the scents one can only imagine.

I had my second Shingrex (shingles) shot yesterday.  Feeling a bit of a headache and a sore arm ~ nothing more.

Has anyone here had any experience with light therapy?  I've been reading alot about it and how it helps your body metabolize Vitamin D.  Helps with sleep disorders and since we have these gray skies that go on forever, I thought perhaps I might order one.

Nothing new here ~  Hope all is well with everyone.  Thanksgiving in a week!  ((hugs))  Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  32 here but will drop before daybreak or even twilight.  The pup twins

usually cry to get out of their night kennel and up on the furniture when I get up and did a few

minutes ago.  They've settled down enough so they usually just go back to sleep.  We have some

snow likely on our way back here on our walk but that's ok. 

I've learned to pay attention to all of the dogs senses.  If they smell into the air there's something

there.  If they turn and look back where we came from, there's something there.  My senses are

extremely diminished but there's are thousands of times better than mine ever were.  If I see a dog

act strangely, figure a human caused it just like a human child.

I don't even know what light therapy is.  Therapy is usually to strengthen something that's weaker than

it should be, as you already know but that's about all I know.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it


I'm trying to fix the systems on the Suzuki bike I rode back from California.  I was going to put the engine

in the Suzuki I brought back from NYC but I got that one running well enough that I changed my mind.  So

the brown one (Sandy) isn't giving up it's life to the black one (Midnight).  Don't worry I don't talk to machines

much.  smile  I do still talk to the pups that have gone that I spent so much of my life with. 

We are buying up the supplies for Thanksgiving dinner.  Turkey, pie crusts, and such.  So our grocery bill up to

between $250 and $300.  Will love to see our family get together.  Our pup twins are so rowdy my daughter

stopped bringing her dogs over for pizza night for a while.  Her Border Collie cries constantly if she leaves it alone

so she seldom does.  I'm almost always thankful for my life. 

Enjoy the days all.  I would be so weak or gone if still feeding the addition.


Sandy at a high altitude plateau lake in Yosemite National Park.

Midnight at the farm.


From: JavaNY


Hi Susan,

I have not. Never heard of it either. I guess it is worth trying.

Have a great day everyone.



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie and Paul,

Light Therapy is thought to improve one's mood and sleep in the areas of the country that do not get much sunlight.  We need the sunlight to process Vitamin D.  Not sure if it will work, but plan to invest in such a device from Amazon.  Clouds envelope the area where I live from November until April.  Rarely, do we have any sunshine!   I think it has to do with Lake Erie........  Anyway, it's worth a try.

Cold here.  Lots of snow on the east side of the Lake.....very little here.  Finn still loves to recline on the patio if even for a short time.  Oh, the scents that he must pick up on!

I have started early with Christmas shopping via the internet.  Lands End is a favorite.  Really dislike going out to the shopping malls.   I usually do a few favorite local shopping venues here in Avon Lake.  Always, spend $$$ too much money.  What can I say?  I like to give gifts.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and Paul.  30 here right now.  Our sunshine in the past few days could be measured in

minutes.  Wife says it's no use putting out a little solar light she has.  She puts it out most days, then brings it

in at dusk for a night light.   Maybe light therapy will put people in a happier mood.  We have been turning on

lights during the day when it gets darker.

We've seen the forecasts for the lake effect snow of 3 to 5 feet of snow for the Buffalo area.  We get lake effect

snow often but not in those amounts.  Quite a few miles from the lakes here. 

Our Belle dog has a limp that gets better, then worse.  We've started her on Glucosamine for now, maybe try to

do without it later on.  Cocoa had to have joint medicine most of her life.  Belle usually wants to turn around and

head home early.  The Glucosamine takes 2 weeks to 2 months to start working.  Hasn't been a week yet. 

We hardly have a mall anymore.  Almost all the stores closed.   JC Penny is about the only department store left.

Heard they own their part of the mall, the rest owned by a company that rents it out.  Other stores are on the other

side of the river / highway in what they call strip malls, I guess.  We go to some of those.  Even our grandkids are

growing older now, miss the days of kids in our home Christmas morning.   Will be glad to have Thanksgiving here.

My wife's dad is sick in the hospital, very rare.  She will probably go up there at some point.  Right now her relative

next door has the virus.  Her eyes are still healing, doesn't want to risk the virus right now, or ever really.

While adapting to the cold, I'm working on a bike and an audio amplifier in the basement.  63 degrees down there.

will drop over the next few days.

Enjoy the days all.


Looks like a Thanksgiving dinner and pie afterwards.