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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2014605 views.

From: Susan1206


Here we are Miss Tina ~
After all of these years… going strong and thanks to all of you ~ smokefree!

Finn is 11 now and I cherish each and every day with him!  How about your wonderful Goldens?  My, how we ?? our puppies!

I believe I am going on fourteen years. How about you?    Susan and Finn 


From: Susan1206


SilkQuit Version 2

13 years, 1 month, 2 weeks, 3 days, 13 hrs, 19 minutes 

Quit. November 24, 2009



From: bessert



I do not know what I would have done without this group.

Gracie Belle (12 years) is still hanging in there, tumor and all.

I am going on 13 smoke-free years.

The Best!


From: JavaNY


I often spill coffee on myself or my desk, Ernie.  I guess that is some type of clumsiness. 

I vaguely recall that I had a choice between typing and Home Economics one year.  I thought typing was the lesser evil.

Enjoy the evening everyone,



From: bessert



Love your profile photo. I live about 30 miles from the falls, outside of Buffalo. GO BILLS!



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Tina, Paul, and all.  Had my birthday party with family last eve.  Had a

bad day yesterday so was really great even couple weeks late.  The alignment shop knew they

caused me to lose those tires but not even sorry.  Then they tried to sell me tires that went out

of production 3 years ago for $185 each.  A company was selling them as used a year ago for

$50 each even though they were new, but produced much earlier.  Can't believe my tire store here

could even find some, probably paid almost nothing for them.  Might have not paid anything. 

Susan, seems like you don't live that far from Tina.  She is over there in western NY.  It's a long

drive through forest for me to get there, three or four hours of nothing after going by Corning

and Horseheads. 

Paul, strange you had those two choices.  I'm baffled why I was even able to select typing in my

little rural PA town.  Typing was a woman's job in the 60s.  Computers hadn't come about yet.

I fell badly short of Susan's speed.  Seems like I typed around 35 words per minute.  Some how

I passed, I think.  Seems like I remember some of the speed was deducted for mistakes.  I'm

amazed I remember anything from then, must have been around 1969, Woodstock year.  I even

have pictures in my mind from the class.  I remember typing some cards up during my Army

training when they couldn't find anyone.  I was in to become a mechanic.  I was going to build

race cars for a living back then.  Wanted a family to, though.

I wear a jean jacket out here early in the morning, then switch to a coat when I head outdoors.

The pups both have red sweaters for the cold.   I should get a picture of that before they out

grow them.

Have a great day all.  33 here this morn but snow and rain coming with the warmer air, today

and tomorrow.



From: JavaNY


Thanks, Tina. I had an uncle and cousins in Hamburg. We visited them twice when I was young. Nice up there. 


From: JavaNY


Good morning, all,

If I recall correctly, it was one semester of typing. There was one non-academic class we had to take. Took Auto Mechanics, some electrical course where we built a lamp from a wine bottle :), and art. I was not good at art.

Enjoy the day. I go into the office on Thursdays, and it always seems to rain.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  Warm 43 and raining here.  Temperature drops into the teens tonight.

With the rain and cold can't walk the dogs for three mornings.  Belle is in some kind of pain, we took

her into emergency but they didn't find it, just prescribed some anti-inflammatory pain pills.  Charged

$189.  Enough for a week of groceries before the price rises with the virus.  We should probably drive

up to Ithaca to the Colonial clinic if gets worse or continues.  They cost even more but are also more

skilled.  My daughter managed to get her dog into Cornell but follow up is months away.  There was a

7 month waiting list when Brandy got the Cancer tumor.  

Paul, don't think we had auto mechanics or electrical.  I spent about two years in auto mechanics technical

schools while I was in the Army.  I didn't stay in it that long after the service.  Knew I needed some college

to support a family.  Was taking a college prep course before I got out of the Army.  Car dealers lie to their

employees as much as customers.  One told me one wage but when got my first check it was less, and on

and on.  wee have cashed in on my auto mechanics schooling over and over throughout the years.  We

couldn't have taken our cars in for work all those years.  Even if you change to wrong part once in a while,

it's still a worn part and the repair garages also change the wrong part sometimes.  They just cover it up.

We did have art.  I remember making pottery.  I was lucky enough to have art class with my girlfriend.

Girlfriend kept our pottery for her hope chest. 

We didn't get much rain yesterday but was gloomy all day.  Above average temps are better than below average

like we get lots of times this time of year.  I see it's forecast to stay above average until the 22nd now.  I would be

more than happy to have a below average Winter if it would save California from the floods.  Don't know if this is

climate change or not because that's an average over many years.  I sure feel bad for them.  I was up in Yosemite

National Park on my bike, where they got 4 or 5 feet of snow last I heard.  Did freeze and ride through a snow storm

on my way down the eastern side of the mountains.  Was wearing all the leather I took with me.  Just hours earlier

I was wearing a t shirt and sweating walking through that tree trunk that was in our school books showing a car 

driving through.  A neighbor tells me the tree had fallen when he visited later.  Strange with the tree being so old.

Enjoy the day all. 


Image result for yosemite national park treesgiant sequoias

Meant to say Paul, bottom of my jean jacket caught the edge of my coffee cup when I was sitting down and dumped a full cup in my lap.  Bad way to start the day.  smile Never did that before.  Just got this jacket 2022, still stiff.

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