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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2012384 views.

From: Kittyarnold


had to come on and brag about my DH  he has already made the bed cleaned the kitchen, did a load of wash, and started the supper of chicken stew....I just finished my breakfast.....love him....


From: Susan1206


The third time sending may be a charm. Other two would not send!

You are so blessed with Brian and I know how much you appreciate him.

A successful family birthday gathering last night. I am still putting things away today!  Lol


From: Susan1206


The blessings in my life ~

Megan and Molly (the birthday girl).  


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Kitty, and all.  Fairly warm this morn at 27 before our run.  Gone up to 31 by daybreak.

We have some very cold mornings and days coming this week.  Pups and I probably won't make it out for some

of them. 

We are all blessed with our families aren't we Susan.  We are the very lucky ones.  Pretty girls you have.

I've had a little trouble with posting on my PC.  I was placing an empty Army boot in front of my chair and mistakingly

hit the PC with it.  Started buzzing and reset.  Has quit on me a few times since.  Think it's about 12 years old but was a

very good one back then.  Has 2 terabytes memory.  Think I loaded Windows 10 on it some years after we got it.  My

lap top down in the basement also loaded Windows 10.  Windows 11 is out now but don't think I need it.  I bought 10

troubleshooting my lap top. 

Glad you had a great birthday gathering, love them.

I'm busy getting together the connectors and instructions to connect my latest ham transceiver to my latest amplifier.

I got both used with problems.  If new their combined cost would be 12k.  Right now the late model transceiver is driving

an old tube amplifier. 

Wife has been busy getting ready to travel north to the nieces baby shower.  Wife is taking a grandson with her and visiting

her parents.  So I've been doing the road runs with the pups in the morning and the cross country walks in the afternoon.  The

pups are getting better and better.  I'm thinking in the Spring we can head out on runs later than 4ish AM.

Brother on the farm having all kinds of pain in an arm and ribs from falls I guess.  In and out of the hospital but they haven't

been able to do much for him.  He has a lot of trouble with the effects of diabetes but still doesn't do anything besides the

insulin injections. 

Glad to not be smoking.  Glad Kitty is happy with Brian.

Enjoy the day all.



From: Susan1206


Good morning, Sensational Senior friends ~

A cold, crisp morning here by the Lake. I see rays of sunshine so that is a very good thing as it has been gray sky forever.

I am still on a learning curve with the I-Pad.  Way back in the day, I am afraid it would have caused me to smoke those nasty ciggies.  But, alas I have been smoke free for many many a year and I will eventually work the kinks out of the I-Pad.  Currently, it is not allowing me to use saved passwords!!  

Cute picture of the grandson.  My, how they grow.  I rarely see my only grandson.  He is sixteen and is hidden away in his room surrounded by computers/and or whatever games teenage boys do on their computer.  I keep quiet about such matters as I had my chance to raise my own children

Carry on…all….  Into February soon and a short trip to Florida for me.



From: JavaNY


Yes, January seemed to fly by. Enjoy Florida. 
Be well everyone. 



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  only 11 degrees here so way to cold to take the pups on

the run.  Five mornings I think are forecast to be to cold.  Think we get sun today and tomorrow.

Had some yesterday, solar lights are still on this morn outside.  February now, wife's car insurance,

registration, and inspection all this month.  Glad I got the oil changed and rotated the tires in January.

Really hope my Baja cruises through this month, so much work on it lately.  Glad all the brake parts

were warranty.  Price has gone up so on everything.  I'm still eating eggs for breakfast. smiley  I think it's

no secret many just jumped on the price rise bandwagon for no other reason than much profit.  Guess

everyone is thinking their next car is going to be much more even if there is a correction down some.

Have plenty of time to figure out the new IPad Susan,  I have all our passwords on sheets of paper.  We

have couple places where the user id is saved.  We don't usually go into anything that uses one while

we're away from home. 

Our grandsons are also usually in their computer / game room also.  Same as when we were young, tried

to have our own world.  I shout into them about homework sometimes.  I'm probably irritating doing that.

Think my grandsons are 13 and 11.

Probably head down to the farm tomorrow.  Ugh, have to search their old residence for the vase brother's

wife wants her ashes to be buried in, such weird jobs I get.  I'm sure I'm not the first or the last.  Have to clean

liter boxes up and other cleanups like usual.  Have to measure the tread depths on the Baja after the trip to be

sure the alignment is actually fixed.  Recorded them all before the last trip down.  I have some king of cold or

something dragging me down for a couple days.  Seems less today and maybe gone tomorrow for the trip.

I have to still get up around 3 AM or would be difficult to sleep all night.  I think the pups will be able to go

out later in the Spring but still have to do part of the run before daylight and will be daybreak much earlier.

Trip to Florida sounds good for February. 

Enjoy the day all.  Think I will get the last piece I need to build my interconnect cable today.


Maintaining Summer flowers.


From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Here we are today….February 1st and a balmy 20 degree day in the Buckeye state.  Actually, the wind chill takes it down to a 9 degree temperature.  So, it was a cold and short walk this morning with Finn.

He has a cancelled “spa” day on Friday.  I want to get him cut short….it’s called a yachting cut to see if it will help with the massive amounts of shedding.  I fear it may be a little early in the year to do that!

Yes, it will be nice to fly to Florida for a week.  We have friends in Longboat Key on the west coast and we will be staying a short jaunt away in Anna Marie.  For the last several years, we have been blessed with nice weather and warm temperatures.  Even 70 degrees will feel warmer than Ohio.

Have a good day.   Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Had to smile at your comment regarding shouting into your grandson’s room because that is exactly what I have to do.  I’ve voiced my opinion to his Mother a time or two about the amount of time he spends on the computer with gaming but she says he is with friends and that’s the way they communicate.   I don’t agree with that but I spoke up once and that was enough!   

A shiny but cold day here (9 degree wind chill). Jim has taken his Mustang convertible out of storage for a day or two.   He is determined that he can make $$$ on it and is off to the east side to look at another vehicle.   Ah… it’s a man’s thing, I guess.   I should do something about my aging CRV Honda but it is in great shape, and allows Finn (with the aide of the steps) to go for rides, etc.  I’ve not had a car payment since 2012 so I hesitate to do so now.  I do love the little Mini Cooper convertibles that I see out and about.   I mostly do in town driving and have only 77,000 miles on my Honda.

Well, carry on.  Sounds like you have a very busy day planned.  I will babysit Bronwen tonight while her parents attend a pre kindergarten meeting.  How is that possible?



From: Susan1206


Good morning, Miss Kitty ~

How are you on this cold February 1st morning (actually almost afternoon).  The sun is shining here which is a rarity and it lightens one’s mood for sure.

We are having Jim’s family of eleven for dinner on Sunday.  Another round of company that leaves me quite tired.  Jim is cooking a Julia Child Beef Bourguignon (spelling) and salmon.  He also wants risotto and asparagus.   My way of cooking is to have one entree, one vegetable, etc. etc.  but he is hosting his family so I shall set a proper table and be quiet about it all.  LOL.   

Last week-end, we had my tribe (only four plus Bronwen)  Much simpler…I made lasagna and a Cesar salad.  One of my son-in-laws made pizza from scratch which was delicious and I bought a tiramisu cake from a local bakery.   It took me all day Sunday just to recover from that……..  The joys of entertaining.

Have a fun filled day…whatever you are doing.   Susan