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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2014795 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  The real cold snap still a few hours away here.  24 here now, warm

compared to the temps coming.  Think it's to cold to walk the pups until Monday but we do take them

out around the lawn and field during the day for a short walk.

I have about 140k miles on the Baja  I remember when you sold the Jeep and bought your car.  Only Mini

Coopers we see around here are college students.  Nearest dealer is over an hour away.

Didn't make it down to the farm before the cold snap so will be Monday or Tuesday before I get there now.

Glad Finn is still doing well.  Our pups are doing well also.

I will have to find indoor work to do next few days, hope you all enjoy the day.



From: JavaNY


Good morning, everyone,

6 degrees here early. Headed out in a bit for an early Red Cross shift. Hopefully no fires or any other reason to be outside. Though I always preferred extreme cold to heat, my tolerance for freezing weather has mellowed a bit with age.

I logged into ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence, website. It's pretty amazing what it can answer. The world is headed towards one of those science fiction movies where computers take over. 

Stay warm,



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  It's -12 here.  At first I saw 12 and didn't see the negative sign, so small

on these readouts.  Thought we wasted our time leaving a faucet running but we didn't.  Just the

kitchen where its on an outside wall.  That will include all the pipes down to the well also.

Most of our things have computer control, hopefully we won't ever get those electromagnetic waves

that take out electronics because most things aren't built to take over manually.  I did a lot of work on

a 2004 vehicle in the computer control and quickly found out it had 8 computer modules in it.  Saw a

later vehicle like it had 18 computer modules in it.  Makes it harder to troubleshoot until you learn to

look at the systems differently.  But we couldn't do the things we do in devices without computer control

and other things would be so expensive we wouldn't have many of them. 

Looks like I will finally get down to the farm tomorrow.  Supposed to be 25 degrees in the morning and 40s

during the day.  Have to go to the old home and try to locate a vase my sister in law wanted to be buried in.

Among other things we need to get done.  Brother got pulled over on route 15 down there going 30 in a 70

mph speed zone and had to leave his car there.  He got held up after dark and he can't drive hardly at all

after dark.  Also hit a concrete berm, blew out a tire and cracked a wheel a different day.  Lucky he has friends

that will help him in emergencies because it would be impossible for me to keep racing 200 miles all the time

to help him.  Very hard on our vehicles too.

Very glad I don't have to go out and work in the subzero weather.  No critical jobs to be done.  It was forecast

well.  Feel sorry for the people that have to be out there, soldiers, first responders, and such.

Hope everyone has a great day.  Think tomorrow morning the pups and I will be back out on our runs.  Today

will be another day they will be stir crazy, cooped up in the house.  They do go out around the pool and play so

they get to feel the cold and know why they can't be out long.



From: Susan1206


Good morning, Sensatiional Senior friends ~

 A "heat wave" today with a balmy 51 degree temperature, 44 degree wind chill.  Expected rainfall soon.  And so, goes another day marked down in February.  I will be counting the days until April when we see signs of Spring.

Excited for our trip soon (ten days) to Anna Marie after revisiting the pictures of the condo where we will be staying.  A short (one block to the white sandy beach), a lovely pool and a nicely decorated condo.  I don't know if I posted but I made a grave mistake while booking our flight.  Instead of 9:35 a.m. departure, it was 9:35 p.m. from Cleveland.  Ugh.   I had to do a lot of fast chatting and begging to get the seats that I wanted on an earlier 5:26 p.m. flight.  I usually select seats up front and pay for those.... It all turned out o.k., but we are taking a flight into Tampa a day earlier and staying in Tampa that night before we drive up to Anna Marie.  Oh my, the challenges of not being as mindful as I could be sometimes!!!   Booking on line can be stressful.  Flying Frontier (no agent) to speak with personally!  Grrr.

The downside of this trip or any traveling we do, is to board dear Finn.  I know he is in a secure environment at Paws on the Lake but I worry a lot because of his age and just feeling abandoned.   The last time we boarded, he would not eat until I suggested mixing a few tablespoons of peanut butter in the food.  That worked.

Errands now to run.  I hope everyone is well.  Valentine's Day soon.



From: Susan1206


Can anyone help with this dilemma that I am having with automatic sign on to the smoking forum.   I need to switch over to Chrome (in order to save my password).  I need to know the COMPLETE sign in before I save my password….

What will take me directly to OUR pages?


Hope this makes sense.  It is extremely frustrating for me to have to sign on each time……. Chrome apparently will save my passcode.  For whatever reason, google will not…..


From: JavaNY


Hi Susan, I think it would be this path. 


I had a similar issue with Edge. But I don't save the password. I only get signed out when I reboot or clear the browser, but when I do it takes me to Delphi's main page. Eventually I find this page.  


From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie ~

Seems like you have been missing in actin for several days.  Hope everything is well with you.  Computer problems??



From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Thank you for the information.  I came on via Google Chrome and typed in the website.  We will see.   It’s quite frustrating for me to either a)have to remember all of these user names/passcodes or run to my little red book titled The Personal Internet address & password logbook.  LOL

A sunny day here.  I reluctantly looked up future dates for where we will be in Florida and it looks like 70 degrees.  That would be perfect!

Carry On.  Send a message to Ernie as he is so faithful about posting and I’ve not seen any recent ones. ?




From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Just wondering about your whereabouts…… I have not seen any recent posts…….  Today is Jim’s birthday.  Nothing exciting…he bought another car… A Nissan convertible (older model) silver with a black top.  So, now the Mustang has been replaced and he will store this one until Summer.

I can’t tell your how many cars he has bought and sold since we have been together.   I only know that I have had my Honda CRV for many a year…..and it is just fine!   Women seem to not care about cars as much as men do!

Hope all is well.  Perhaps you are just busy or computer problems?



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  Posted on the 4th think it was, then nobody posted for days. 

On the 7th didn't get up until the alarm at 3 AM and forgot to post later in the morning.  Have to

get out on out run around 4.  Today woke before 2:30.  28 degrees, not so bad.  Yesterday was

about 35 this time in the morning I think.

Yeah, Susan, I get wrapped up in my cars and bikes sometimes.  Have names for my bikes.  Sandy,

Midnight, and such.  smile  Don't know if I told the story on here last Summer.  Riding my bike past the

Hammond Lake in PA, just got up to 65 cruising.  Deer came out right into me.  He lunged forward

and his rear legs went straight, right in front of me.  Got surprised, no collision, just his foot hit my

left foot out on the highway peg.  He saved us both from death, not to mention Midnight.  So guess

every day of my life now is a gift.  Susan, guess your husband still is making money and can risk a loss.

That's the big deal in switching cars.  You can gain or lose.  It's good he is enjoying life.  It's here to be

enjoyed.  I must admit the Mustang sounds the best but I'm not there.  Would love to drive a Mach 1

Mustang from the 70s for a while.  grinning

Susan, must be right on top of your trip now.  Glad you're getting out, sounds like fun.  Hope the weather

and everything else goes well.  With our rowdy pups, don't know if we could watch Finn if we lived close. 

Love Finn for all these years.  Our pups might have settled down after an hour or so.  They're over a year

old now.  Remind them about the peanut butter in the food if necessary, they have so many dogs to care

for they probably forgot. 

I've been keeping busy with radio stuff.  Like Jim I've got into a place where I have to sell one.  An extremely

rare occasion, every 10 or 20 years or so.  Don't enjoy selling. 

Hope Paul and you got your sign on fixed.  Mine comes up in a pop up on Firefox with the password stored.

Everyone have a great day.  We had sunshine all day yesterday, rain all day today, free car wash.