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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2008657 views.

From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Just wondering about your whereabouts…… I have not seen any recent posts…….  Today is Jim’s birthday.  Nothing exciting…he bought another car… A Nissan convertible (older model) silver with a black top.  So, now the Mustang has been replaced and he will store this one until Summer.

I can’t tell your how many cars he has bought and sold since we have been together.   I only know that I have had my Honda CRV for many a year…..and it is just fine!   Women seem to not care about cars as much as men do!

Hope all is well.  Perhaps you are just busy or computer problems?



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  Posted on the 4th think it was, then nobody posted for days. 

On the 7th didn't get up until the alarm at 3 AM and forgot to post later in the morning.  Have to

get out on out run around 4.  Today woke before 2:30.  28 degrees, not so bad.  Yesterday was

about 35 this time in the morning I think.

Yeah, Susan, I get wrapped up in my cars and bikes sometimes.  Have names for my bikes.  Sandy,

Midnight, and such.  smile  Don't know if I told the story on here last Summer.  Riding my bike past the

Hammond Lake in PA, just got up to 65 cruising.  Deer came out right into me.  He lunged forward

and his rear legs went straight, right in front of me.  Got surprised, no collision, just his foot hit my

left foot out on the highway peg.  He saved us both from death, not to mention Midnight.  So guess

every day of my life now is a gift.  Susan, guess your husband still is making money and can risk a loss.

That's the big deal in switching cars.  You can gain or lose.  It's good he is enjoying life.  It's here to be

enjoyed.  I must admit the Mustang sounds the best but I'm not there.  Would love to drive a Mach 1

Mustang from the 70s for a while.  grinning

Susan, must be right on top of your trip now.  Glad you're getting out, sounds like fun.  Hope the weather

and everything else goes well.  With our rowdy pups, don't know if we could watch Finn if we lived close. 

Love Finn for all these years.  Our pups might have settled down after an hour or so.  They're over a year

old now.  Remind them about the peanut butter in the food if necessary, they have so many dogs to care

for they probably forgot. 

I've been keeping busy with radio stuff.  Like Jim I've got into a place where I have to sell one.  An extremely

rare occasion, every 10 or 20 years or so.  Don't enjoy selling. 

Hope Paul and you got your sign on fixed.  Mine comes up in a pop up on Firefox with the password stored.

Everyone have a great day.  We had sunshine all day yesterday, rain all day today, free car wash.



From: JavaNY


Yes, Susan, I also have too many passwords for various things.  Without a list I'd be endlessly resetting them

Enjoy the day, everyone. 


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

I am happy to hear that all is fine with you.  

Guess there are some quirks to work out on this new I Pad.  Everything is smaller……and I am still on what I call the “learning curve”.  The sign in works…guess Google Chrome does save them.  At sign in, I am asked for two forms of id., a thumbprint and passcode.  The I. Pad is  not as user friendly to sign in as my laptop but it is a convenient size and eventually I will be accustomed to all of the new changes.

A rainy day here in Ohio, followed by some high winds tonight.  I took Jim out for dinner last evening for his birthday. Splurged on salmon with delicious mashed potatoes.  

Here’s a picture of Jim’s newest acquisition;  our funds are  separate and I don’t question his purchases….So now the Nissan convertible has joined his Audi.  The only request I had was for him to store one car in the winter so the snowplows could do our driveways.  I am happy with my Honda CRV, especially since it gets Finn out and about with the steps…It has 78,000 miles on it and is a 2012, I believe.  I am very good about taking it in for its checkups and oil, etc.  Eventually I will part company with it but it is now perfect for Finn when we go out and about (steps take him up to the back).

Enjoy the day…..


From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the tip.  Sign in now works….through Google Chrome.  I told Ernie that there is a two process authentication on the I-Pad (both thumbprint and passcode) that is irritating with each sign in.  Perhaps that can be avoided….I will have to explore.

As with any new technology, there is a learning curve!  

Expecting lots of rain today in Ohio and high winds tonight.  Always makes taking Finn for an outside walk not so fun.

Enjoy the day.  Tomorrow is Friday already!  My, how fast the days go by……. 



From: Kittyarnold


I had an interesting few days......was in the hospital and had a heart attack,......I can't believe this but it is true.   all is well....but I have to follow up with a specialist.....will keep you posted


From: Susan1206


Oh, Miss Kitty ~
i will keep you close in my prayers. Sending healing thoughts, hugs and love to you. Please let us know your progress!!  Susan


From: Kittyarnold


thanks hon.....just kind of stunned and unable to take it in.....


From: Cocoa60


Very shocking to read Kitty.  Hope this just goes by and you are and feel the same.  Have heard of people

having one and just go on like it was an illness they had.  Guess the specialist will have some life and med

instructions for you.  Brian will be helping.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, Kitty, and all.  47 here this morn, unbelievable this time of the morning

in February.  Like this but feel sorry for California.  Can't help thinking the shoe will be on our feet in

the future.  Maybe not us but our region with our children or grands. 

The car looks fantastic Susan, looks like a two seat.  Must feel like a roadster.  Mine is a muscle car and

that's what it feels and sounds like.  Think a roadster has a certain sound also.  The SS seats 5 people but

it's rare anyone rides with me in it.  The exhaust hits on my daughter's steep driveway so don't take it over

there anymore.  The rear of the exhaust has to be brazed back on if it breaks instead of just a hanger.

Happy birthday to Jim.

I'm getting my transceiver radio cleaned up, taking pictures, to get ready to sell.  I don't like sales much.  Will

be glad when it's over. 

My brother up north in NY had to have his doxin dog put to sleep.  Was almost 17 years old.  Liver gave out,

he said.

I think you can change the sign in on PC's when first setting them up, more difficult later on to keep someone

else from changing it. 

Paul, I have 3 sheets of paper front and back of passwords and user IDs.  Many are outdated though.  Some

of the more important ones I don't store on the PC.  I'm afraid they will be easier to hack if stored in memory.

Susan, that's great you have steps for Finn to climb up into the Honda.  Don't have that with any of our vehicles.

Got my Subaru Baja back January 07 when the Chantix thread was started for us stop smoking people.  Went

through all the Winters, many years of working daily.  Major surgery for me to keep it going.  But if I talk to car

people what I did was standard.  A new experience for me to change the rear subframe and have frame rails

welded in.  Think the Baja was down over a month. 

Gotta get ready for our run soon.

Have a great day all.