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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2091229 views.

From: JavaNY


High 30s so all rain here.

Hectic day as Silicon Valley & Signature Banks are customers of my company. I occasionally talk to them so feel bad. Eventually some of them will be let go.

Have a good dry evening,



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  Snowing here, just got to be solid snowing as I woke up and the radar

shows it snowing hard until past 8 AM.  Probably no run for the dogs and I again, they will be restless

all day again.  My knee needs the break, tripped and fell last Thursday morning, hit my knee on the

pavement.  I wear supports on both knees now so didn't tear it up to badly.

Sad for the companies in trouble, usually caused by the people that don't work at the top.  At least

the workers won't be let go in an unemployment disaster.  Should find employment easily.  When I

got laid off in 1994, the employment chances were a barren desert for years.  Took me 6.5 years to

get a good job.  There were lots of us so when a job turned up many were trying for it. 

Started getting my dirt bike going, to run it some on what's left of dad's farm.  Dad got me my first

little Honda 100cc, learned to ride in dad's fields.  The field that's left could still be lost.  Won't want

to take the Baja and dirt bike down when good weather so trying to get it ready for Spring.  Got the

new battery filled and charged, was surprised the bike started.  Changed the engine oil and cleaned

the oil filter, doesn't have a replaceable filter.  Got foam to replace the air filters.  Haven't replaced

the foam for about 27 years.  I did take the dirt bike down to the farm in 2001 and rode for a while

when the farm was still whole.  Still remember that day.  It's a 1972 Honda SL350.

I guess the city is getting washed in the rain. 

Have a great day all.



From: Susan1206


Hi friends….Kitty, Ernie, Paul,

Paul ~ Thanks for all of the information on your building.  Very interesting and stately.  You are blessed to be part of its ongoing history.   Wondering how much snow you have?  My eldest and her husband are spending a few days in Boston celebrating the SIL’s birthday and St. Patrick’s Day.

Ernie ~ You’ve had snow?  I’m seeing lots of snow in your neck of the woods or am I wrong?  Rest those knees is my advice.

I’ve been stricken with a sinus infection and coughing.  Have spent the week-end and beginning of the week down and out.  A Dr. appointment today complete with Prednisone and Z-Pack antibiotic.  And so it is….

Here in Ohio.  Some snow remains.   Rain coming tomorrow.

Carry on…….as we do……banks closing…(scary) Russians taking our drones down.  Guess I’ll pull the covers over my head.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and all.  Was ok to take the dogs out this morning so we went.  Looks like

we might get rained out tomorrow morn.  We did get some snow but not the forecast amount,

got hours of rain mixed with snow for part of it, that cut down our snow accumulation.  Up in

Morrisville where many in-laws live, they got 2 feet, compared to about 5 inches here.  Wife's

father had to go in for surgery Monday and her niece went in Wednesday to have a baby so they

had to navigate through the storm. 

Sorry you got sick Susan, hope it goes away soon. 

Putin has made it obvious he's our enemy for many years, some just didn't see it or face it.  Going

back to the cold war, already there, except for East Germany, I hope. 

Hope the bank failures stay isolated.  Already affecting the stock market, that didn't need bad news.

Still getting dirt bike ready, had to order a couple o-rings. 

We're supposed to get 44 degrees and lots of sun today, should melt almost all the snow left. 

Have great day all.



From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie,

Think I already feel better with two antibiotic pills.  Started the Prednisone today.  Was really short winded as it seems to have landed in the bronchial area, although she said my lungs were clear.  

It started out to be sunny but clouding up and rain predicted.  Daughter thought it would be fun for me to join them downtown on St. Patrick’s Day for the parade.  I gently declined…….drinking and revelry in the streets ~ too old for it all.  Plus, weather is to turn cold by Friday.

Carry On.  Hope your snow melts today.  Susan


From: JavaNY


Feel better soon, Susan. Antibiotics, liquids, and rest. Not much else helps.

We had almost no snow. A few wet inches. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  34 here but the rain to start in a few minutes and goes on for hours.

Glad you're feeling better Susan.  I used to watch the parade downtown when my grandchildren rode in

their fathers police car but that's all St. Patrick was to me.  Our parade was a couple weeks ago.  Today is

rainy most of the day and our parade day was cold.  I love the bagpipe bands, maybe see some at the

Laurel Festival Parade in June.  Not sure if we can take our dogs to a public event with crowds of people

and some dogs there in June.

Much of our snow melted, the rain and sorta warm temps today should take care of the rest.  Forecast 52

and sunny for Monday.  I will probably go down to the farm that day.  Not certain I have oil pressure through

the engine without those o-rings so if I don't receive and install them will probably leave the bike here

this time.

Socket I used on the larger antenna mount pulled apart with the antenna mounted on it so had to disassemble

it and use a different type socket on it.  Had to drill it out larger and the ground lug has to be moved.  Might

go to Lowes and look for some thin lock washers for it.

Our niece had a healthy baby boy.  Said there was a foot of snow in the road on their way to the hospital.  Glad

all turned out well.  Think she was in the hospital all night before the birth. 

Was sad to see another bank failing and had to be rescued.  Not good for the stock market.  We hope to use some

of our savings there some day but wouldn't use any right now.  We don't lose any money unless we use it when there's

a downturn in the market.  Many say how much they've lost but if they don't sell, haven't lost anything, even get a

discount if they buy during a downturn. 

At least it's warm today with the rain, then a little colder after that but looks good for about at least 5 days after that for

us.  Good to see some better March weather.  We've had some bad snow storms in March.  March of 2022 we had that

wet snow and ice that broke our trees and brought down power lines.  Cost me $180 to run the generator for 3 days but

isolated incident and grateful we had the generator, also gas station that had non ethonel gas that we use in our small

engines still had power.  In March of 1993 we had feet of snow and it drifted to piles of snow over our heads.

Have a great day all.


Some of wife's flowers by the pool.


From: JavaNY


Congrats to your niece and family, Ernie. 

Enjoy the day all. 


From: Susan1206


Dear Sensational friends ~

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Finn.   This is a picture of his first St. Paddy’s Day when I brought him home eleven years ago.

We will spend the day inside as it is raining and cool.  Feeling better, dislike the strong but necessary, drugs.  Perhaps an outing to a local take out for the traditional corned beef sandwiches or a grilled cheese for me!

Enjoy the day!  Susan


From: Kittyarnold


Love the picture of Finn.....hope everyone has a wonderful day....still cold here but supposed to get up to 50....up way to early....daughter had us over for a corned beef and cabbage dinner delicious.....she sent us home with enough for dinner tonight....we have sweet daughters.....will have to take a nap after breakfast it is only 6 now.....