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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2094308 views.

From: Susan1206


Congrats on a successful run.  So happy that you are smoke free and able to participate in such events.  Yes, I had a close friend who passed from lung cancer but her husband was a chain smoker, so possibly exposure.

It truly is such an insidious habit.  I can’t believe that I was so stupid to smoke for all of those years.  But, what is in the past must stay there and I am so grateful that I found the Forum and was able to quit.

Finn not up yet (9:32 a..m.).  A walk for sure this morning.



From: Susan1206


Dear Miss Kitty,

Wonderful signs of Spring here…my treasured forget-me-nots have multiplied.  I just love the blue flowers.  Wish they lasted all summer long.

I must gather up the leaves and debris from winter soon.  Rain coming.

What are your Easter plans?



From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie,

I will send some of our warm temperature your way…supposed to get to 70 degrees today, but strong storms predicted. 

We had a nice visit over to my friend’s home and we walked our Goldens.  Kayla is going to be 12 and is slowing down ~ she will no longer jump up into my friend’s SUV, so we visit over at her house rather than going to a park.  Such is life.  They are content just to be together, as they previously would romp and play.

Enjoy the day.  Hope you were able to walk the pups.  Susan


From: JavaNY


Thanks, Susan. 

Yes, if I had a time machine, I'd do lots of things differently. Assuming I had my current knowledge otherwise, I'd probably make the same bad choices, wink

I'll go to my sister's probably Saturday morning. I'll go to a Good Friday service at the church my grandparents went to. 157 years old. Probably won't go Easter, unless one of my nieces wants to go. 

Good evening, everyone,



From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  In the 40s last two mornings, nice to not have my hands so cold, even with heated gloves.

54 this morn but dropping temps throughout the day.  We have 3 nights in a row back in the 20s but at least

above our threshold so we will be out for a walk mornings.  The dogs still rush out into a lane of traffic if there's

an animal alive or dead.  Kayla and Finn are getting older, it's a pain but something we have to live with if we want

the love.  Wife says my solar lights look like a runway up in our dog cemetery.  Miss them all so much.

I see my wife's flowers coming up.  Don't know what they are but they will be pretty.  Then we have all the pool

flowers coming up soon.  Only a little over a month and it will be pool opening time.  Muck nicer to open than to

close.  smiley 

We're having the family Easter ham dinner here, same as every year.  Will love having our family together.  Daughter's

haven't taken over hosting the dinner yet.  We still haven't put up Easter decorations yet but some Spring stuff and

St. Patricks is down. 

You probably remember we lost our flower girl last year, I think from smoking lung cancer.  Isn't talked about much

because 4 of my wife's brothers still smoke even with weak lungs and vascular problems.  I came very close to dying

with my Aortic aneurysm 9 years after I stopped smoking, probably caused by plaque on artery walls, the vascular

surgeon said.  The surgeon said plaque never goes away.  One of wife's brothers has had surgery's on the arteries

that go down legs just below the Aorta.  Wife changed over to vape but hasn't been able to let that go yet.  She did

step own to a 3 of nicotine from 6.  It's strange having your flower girl gone. 

Was 67 here this afternoon, we had house windows open again.  2nd time.  I've been putting plastic bags over our

car mirrors and windshield covers on with straps out to the edge of the mirrors.  Trying to stop the Robins from

pooping on our mirrors and down the sides of the cars.  Hasn't solved it but reduced it a great deal.  Had the same

thing last year, think it's for a couple months of Spring. 

I'm still trouble shooting the control problems in the ham transceiver, will get it some time.  Keeping track of brother

in hospital.  I will probably have to go back down Saturday to take care of his cats if he's still in then.  Has infections

in one leg that are improving with antibiotics and has a blood clot in the other leg they're trying to cure with blood

thinners.  Leg with infections is starting to look better, he says.

Have a great day all.



From: Susan1206


Wishing all of my dear friends, a blessed Easter.   Love, Susan


From: Susan1206


Dear Paul,

Enjoy the Good Friday services and time spent with your family.  One of the girls and her family are traveling to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I believe they eventually plan to visit all of the Baseball stadiums.  We will enjoy Easter with my youngest and her family.  

Finn may get a few left overs from our visit to the restaurant.



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Seeing your comment on your solar lights and pathway back to your loved animals made me smile!  Finn will probably get a few leftovers from our visit into the city on Sunday.  I have cooked and made holiday meals for a lifetime and now, I am happy to either allow one of the girls to take over or to dine at a restaurant!

I did manager to put a few hours in outside, scooping up the leaves and winter debris and cutting back some of the perennials.  May I say “ouch” because that is how my left knee has felt since going up and down for two hours.  I love the putzing….and planting…..and seeing God’s beauty in our flowers.  

Happy Easter to you and your family.



From: Susan1206


Happy Easter to you and Brian.

I imagine that you may be dining with one of the daughters.   Enjoy!



From: Kittyarnold


Happy Easter to all of your family....we have a traditional Easter brunch....because of their Polish heritage they always have kielbasa and the hard boiled eggs (with other stuff)  so yes we will be there one daughter does it every year since Mom quit....