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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2160230 views.

From: Susan1206



To help the economy…. A new rug, umbrella and chair coverings. Spring has finally arrived in Ohio!  Susan


From: Cocoa60


Looks good Susan.  You all will enjoy a great Summer.  Almost 40 here this morn, 39.  Will be

very warm after we get moving.  Dogs still require their sweaters at this temp and me my Winter

coat.  Not a pleasant day for the pups yesterday.  Really blew up at the automatic parking brake

solenoid they've put in the caliper on the rear brakes of Toyota and others I hear.  Have to hook

up a voltage source to it, run the piston out and back in.  Unfortunately I tried to get the piston in

without doing that before I looked it up, with no success naturally.  Ended up ruining a brake pad.

Lucky I got a guy just grabbed another new one from a box and gave it to me, they're $80 a set.  The

new hardware inserts are a pain also, probably to stop the pads from sticking in the newer cars the

way they have last 15-20 years with smaller calipers and pads.  Rear is finished and test driven.  Will

be easier next time now that I'm experienced with them.

Hope Paul is enjoying his trip through PA. 

I took the crankshaft out of the 350 chev engine in my daughter's garage to start getting it ready for

the Monte Carlo Sport Coupe we bought new in 1985.  Saw that I removed the rear main bearing cap

18 years ago to look at it.  Got extremely lucky, found the oil pan and the cap was still there after 18

years and didn't get buried somewhere or lost.  The engine would have to be bore aligned to use a

different one.  So now I can take the crank to the machine shop and get it turned. 

Hope Kitty is doing ok, a lot to accept. 

The rain front finally moved out and let the sun in.  Have a good day.



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all....tomorrow I will have an idea of what will be scheduled for my "treatment" I think it is early in the disease so maybe won't be too bad...will keep you posted....really like my Dr....hugs to all and stay smoke free


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  Woke early, good thing we're retired.  Still 52 here but probably dropping.

Glad you will get some info today Kitty.   Don't know what to say about it.

I had a terrible time doing the brakes on wife's late model Toyota.  The new type little inserts

they use in the calipers and the solenoids in the calipers for the automatic parking brake that

comes on every time you put it in park.  I actually ruined one of the brake pads but lucky the

guy at Auto Zone gave me a new one out of a box.  Would've had to buy a whole new set for

$80.00.  Lucky we have the internet and you tube for new stuff.  Don't know what would happen

to the guy that doesn't have access to it.  Maybe learn from someone at the auto parts or a dealer.

You have to hook up a battery or power supply to the terminals on the caliper, run the piston out

and then back in to it's seat.

We had a quick rain front move through but I got one bank and ditch mowed before it arrived.

Rest of the lawn needed mowed but it will dry quick after this rain, bank and ditch won't. 

Have a great day all, supposed to be dry next 7 days here, mostly sunny.  Glad we aren't smoking.



From: JavaNY


Good morning, all,

Back from my trip. Met a college friend in Philly on Thursday. I went to Valley Forge on Friday with my nephew. Walked over 15 miles, but nice weather. Not much else to do in King of Prussia. It's a big shopping destination, but I had no interest in that. We went to the mall on Saturday to see it. Easy enough to get lost in it. Went to the casino at night. Relatively small and not very interesting. Walked through my college on Sunday on the way home. A lot has changed in 41 years grinning

Enjoy the day,



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  Woke at the alarm this morn so plenty of sleep.  Sounds like you

enjoyed your trip Paul.  I've gone back to look at old work places and schools.  Many of them

are shut down and some buildings gone.  Not college though, going strong with new buildings

added like yours sounds like.  Our mall here was just about shut down and the landlords wouldn't

give businesses a break.  But now new types of businesses are coming in and even tearing down

and rebuilding some parts.  We still have JC Pennys in the mall and shop there for some things.

They were one of the few that owned their part of the mall.  I've gone to casinos but don't care

for them that much, have relatives that go to them all the time.  Guess with more and more shootings

we probably should avoid such places, getting to be like a plague. 

Got my bike inspected yesterday, still have to get my Baja inspected this month, should be ready.  Next

guy that brought his bike in had low beam headlight out. 

Mowed the rest of the lawn yesterday, back lawn was a little wet but it's done.  Looks like the blades are

hitting the front of the deck some but I have the other deck about ready to go on.  Wasn't going to paint

it before I'm sure it will fit but maybe I will now to give it time to cure.

Hope you are all enjoying the good weather.  Hope Kitty got good news.



From: Susan1206


Good evening everyone ~

Trying to catch up with all of the chit chat.  Hopefully, Kitty received good news regarding her treatment…..  Paul, sounds like you had a fun trip.  Walking 15 miles is no small feat.  Are you sure you were a smoker?    Ernie, up to his usual work, work, work…..puts me to shame.   I managed to drive spouse to where the Nissan Z 350 (I guess that’s the name of it) had interior work done on the leather.  It’s about an hour drive over to the east side from the west side….. transplanted some Sweet Annie that does not look good tonight, trimmed a rose bush that looks like its on its way out and managed to walk Finn at least three times.  Watching a show on Apple TV and that will be my day.  More of the same tomorrow, except a Costco visit.    Enjoy the evening.  Lots and lots of flowering trees are winding down and blowing in the wind.  Susan.  Looking at flights for Denver ~ trip to see one of only two cousins in September.


From: Susan1206


Nice picture of Miss Kitty’s Sanibel home ~ so lovely, wonder what the island looks like now??


From: JavaNY


It was a good trip, Susan. I arrived at 2pm Thursday. My friend could not leave work until 3:00. I went to a bar a block from his office. An old Polish neighborhood in Philly, it was packed at 2:00.  Pretty good pierogis, kielbasa, and cheap drinks.  Most people didn't speak English, didn't stop them from talking to me grinning.

Good night, all. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  36 here and dropping.  Woke up early with help from the pups this time.

The pictures are from August 2020, last time Kitty's property sold, or at least when it was put

up for that sale.  Property values are going up so fast it's hard to keep track, but if you sell you

have to pay the outrageous price for a new place unless like my brother just taking the money

and run.  Prices will level off and probably drop some but I don't know when.  Hope then the

stock market starts creeping up again.  Will take a terrible drop if the debt ceiling isn't lifted.

I would think most of Sanibel is rebuilt now, property being in demand there.

Sounds like you're keeping busy Susan.  My wife and daughter are going to the greenhouse

today to get tons of flowers.  Will mostly go around the pool for us.  Daughter has her own

greenhouse and we're building another that's incomplete.  I built a frame from the tents I had

that wore out and the one that collapsed in the snow storm.  I had to rebuild the frame of the

greenhouse she's using now, wouldn't hold up with the frame that came with it.

Took care of everyones garbage yesterday, then watched the pups while my wife completed

some tasks.  Had planned on going to check on the guy inspecting the Baja this morn and dropping

off the crankshaft to the machine shop but now I might be to tired from getting up in the middle

of my night. 

Great Jim's Nissan is finished and picked up, hope he's happy with the work.  The work is difficult and

it's difficult to find someone that can and will do it well. 

Sounds like a good trip Paul, new experiences and meeting new people. 

Tried to use the pool net to clean webs away from one of the camera lenses and get the guest to move

but I see this morn he's moved in and made himself at home.  Will keep wiping away his web and hope

he eventually finds a new home. 

Have a A1C diabetes blood test coming up soon.  Dread it because my home tests have been to high.  It's

hard to get Glucose low and keep it there.  Long for the days when my regulators worked with no effort.

Have to live with the results.  I should get a real diabetes doctor instead of relying on a family doctor but

then I might get a die hard pill pusher.

Yes, hope good news from Kitty.

Good weather for everyone to enjoy.  We're supposed to get no chance of rain until next Tuesday as of now.