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Gaylene's Cancer Journal   Quit Stories and Journals

Started 8/30/15 by ModMic (MICHELL15437); 2597 views.
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Thank you for reading Gaylene's Cancer Journal.  Very sadly, she passed away in October of 2012.  What follows is the announcement from forum guide, Terry Martin.  Rest in gentle pease, dear Gay.  We miss you.


Dear Forumily,

It is with great sorrow that I must share sad news with all of you today. Our beloved friend Gaylene passed away this morning from breathing complications that grew into a situation that was more than her body could cope with.

I know that this is a shock for all of you who knew and loved her. It was a shock for the mod team as well. We had exchanged emails with her and she'd posted on the forum just a few days before her son contacted us to say that Gay had been admitted to the hospital. She didn't let on that her health was taking a critical turn, so I don't know whether it was a sudden event or that she was shielding all of us. It wouldn't surprise me if she was - she was never one to complain and wouldn't want anyone to worry on her behalf. Gay was always thinking of others and how she could help them, not of herself. It was that incredibly positive nature of hers that helped her fight and WIN numerous challenges she faced in recent years, and it was that same giving nature that made us all cherish her so much.

Most of you knew our dear Gaylene, but if you didn't, please allow me to share a little about her and direct you to some of the powerful messages she authored that were meant to help you stay the course and make cessation permanent. 

Gay quit smoking on October 21, 2002 following a diagnosis of emphysema. She found the forum not long after and settled in. Using her positive attitude, imagery and many, many caramel apple suckers, she got through her first smoke-free year. Her quit program was a WIN and everyone here, winners. :*)

From Gay's One Year Milestone:

"I say WINNER most of the time because I'd rather be a winner than a quitter! Think positive thoughts about cessation. You are choosing to be smoke free. Actually, you can smoke any time you want, but you would rather not. You are a non-smoker. Non-smokers don't smoke.

"Using imagery has been a big help to me. I like to imagine myself smoking in a group. The air is clouded with smoke that is coming out of our mouths and noses. We are hacking and wheezing. We have yellow teeth and fingers. Then with that nasty picture in mind, I like to imagine that I'm lying on green grass, gazing at the clear blue sky and taking in the fresh air. I can smell the nearby flowers. I'm totally relaxed. Which picture would you rather be in?

"Please, don't ever give up on your quest to be smoke free. Every single bit of discomfort you feel is worth the outcome!"

Not long after her first smoke-free anniversary I asked Gay to join the moderating team, and thankfully for the many generations of WINNERS to come, she happily obliged. 
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