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Fighting February MustQuiteers 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 3/2/18 by slowblumer; 353033 views.

From: Jatchat


Thanks Denim,

I'll consider what you said, meanwhile I will and have set a quit date for the 4th May.

In Christ


From: Denim50


Hey Anthony, 

Thank you for your very kind message and support. relaxed I'm happy to be here and lend support to others. Goodness only knows how my quit would have turned out without the amazing support here from others and I'm happy to try to give a bit of that back. 

Thank you for sharing your quit date and congratulations on choosing to get right back at it. I hope your first day is going well. 

Have you taken any pictures recently? You're such a talented photographer and it's such a pleasure to see them when you post them. 

With the changing of the seasons, has it turned much cooler there? 

I haven't heard from Caz recently but I'm hoping that she will post again soon. I hope you keep posting too.  

One of the sensors on the SUV went out so I have to try to get that fixed. I'm making some post, then need to do a few things around here but will be logging in and out throughout the day today. 

I'm going to post this, as I've got another congratulations to post too but we'll talk again soon. Best wishes. 

Have a great day. relaxed 


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