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March Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 3/30/18 by slowblumer; 415176 views.
BMann (bmann018)

From: BMann (bmann018)


Thank you for your wonderful post. Just a correction, I am referring football, not coaching. I coached a lot of baseball in my past but no other sport. I reffed about 10 years ago and just heard about how desperate they are for officials, in all sports. Anyway it was going well until I pulled my hamstring a couple weeks ago and had to take some time off. Tough getting old. I couldn't even play golf so I had to bake. I like baking more than cooking savory dishes, but love to smoke meats and make stews. Chilli counts as a stew, but I have never tried it - bet your's is good. My wife and I love watching several of the baking shows, more than the cooking shows. The BBC has a great show with amateur bakers battling for nothing more than a nice plate and the win. My last couple bakes were great ( I share them with the other 3 houses in our culdesac). I made a sweet potato, caramelized pecans and marshmellow meringue frosting and this weekend I made a peach, strawberry, and basil upside down cake. Amazing how well basil goes in some desserts.

Oregon is supposed to be cold and wet this winter, a needed change from our recent dry years, (dry for Oregon). I will have to go back to seeing the sun once a week again. We usually don't get a ton of sunshine in the winter. Nice today, rain tomorrow.

All else is going well and I do miss so many of our friends here and hope they are doing well. We all get busy and have much to do these days, so I don't blame folks for moving away from this site. The best is when we see folks come back to quit again. I believe this forum really worked for me and think they will succeed with continuing efforts.

Thanks again for reaching out. Love and be well.


From: Denim50


Hey Brian, 

I’m sorry about my sports blunder, lol. Referring is great too. I’m sorry about your hamstring though. Yeah, I think getting older is a bit tough for all of us, but I’m happy to be doing it, lol. wink 

I’m glad you’re still enjoying time in the kitchen. I agree that it’s enjoyable to bake too. I also know the show you were referring to. I think many people, whether the actually watch it or not, have caught a glimpse of it. I’m sure your neighbors appreciate all of those (no doubt) delicious bakes. Though I have to say, I’ve not ever thought about putting basil in a dessert. Interesting. 

I’m glad to hear things are going to be a little damper out that way after so much drought and wildfires. 

Thank you for recent supportive post to others on the forum. I’ve seen your most recent post to Diana too. I’m a little concerned about her. She hasn’t logged on the forum since the 12th. I hope she’s doing alright and has managed to maintain her quit. I also hope we hear from her again soon. 

Thanks for keeping in touch. I hope you and your family have a wonderful fall Friday and great weekend.  

Talk again soon.