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Nopetober `14   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 36466 views.

From: ModDee


Greetings Nopetober `14 Group!


Welcome to the new forum and your quit buddy group thread! This is still the place where you can continue to get quit help, information and just hang out and get to know each .

Settle in and get comfortable. This is your home base, but the entire forum is here for you. ;-)

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From: ModAndrea


Welcome, lovely Nopetobers! I brought the pool!


From: Janetisclean


I'm being very grown up and dealing with change which is not my favorite activity disappointed_relieved. I'm not going to let my quit go over such a silly thing like this. I may even like the change! I acclimated to the lists being on the left within a few minutes!

The main thing is... QUIT and staying quit and not letting the nicodemon in!

Thanks Andrea for making the transition easy. Thanks Dee I think you were a big part here. Big thanks of course go to Terry for everything always!



Nine months, four weeks, one day, 9 hours, 52 minutes and 23 seconds. 3024 cigarettes not smoked, saving $1,512.06. Life saved: 1 week, 3 days, 12 hours, 0 minutes.

Andrea - I saw there was a place for "cc" originally.   Now can't see it.   If you have time, could you forward to Dee and Terry so they get their due thanks.


Lauren (LT55)

From: Lauren (LT55)


Andrea, thank God!!  Would a bar be in order too?

Whine...bad time for me right now.   Can only explore this site in the evenings...

Thanks Dee and T - I can't imagine the noise you're hearing.

Lauren x


From: ModAndrea


(((Janet))) Welcome to your new home! Thank you for your positive attitude.

The cc appears in the upper right hand corner of the drop down reply box. I will pass along your kind words.

It's great to see your SilkQuit meter works. grinning



From: ModAndrea


A bar sounds in order. It's mid 80's here, plenty of sun. I have tonic, gin, and limes. All systems GO.

I left word at about.com that I'd contacted Kathy, and she will be returning October 1st and has the link for this forum.


From: JaneyPernego


Good Morning Dear Andrea and Janet and Lauren!

I have sort of found it over to here, but only by using Terry's link to this page; haven't worked out how to get here on my own yet!  Thank you Terry, Dee, Andrea 

Everyone will smile about this when I say that I seriously wondered whether my quit was safe now that I haven't been able to bring my pink stars!

Grow up Cleo !

Love to everyone 


From: ModAndrea


Hello, lovely Cleo!

Can you bookmark this? I can using Google Chrome. Or you can copy the link -


I don't know if this is going to work, but I have the free basic membership on Delphi, and I have my signature with my key and quit date in a word file. I'm going to cut and paste and see if it works. I'll probably only use it on occasion. But it should be a way to get your stars back, although it would have to be done manually every time.

So glad you're here!




Quit August 7, 2013


From: ModAndrea


Eureka! It works! 


From: nwangela


Just checking to see if I am really here - haven't done profile yet... hmm must find nice pic of the sea.. xx