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Smoke Free Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 7/31/18 by slowblumer; 311523 views.

From: Molly010


Hello Gloria!

It's cute that your dogs sleep together.  Captain prefers to sleep on the couch mostly but Evie loves to sleep with us.  She runs under the covers and stays there almost the whole night.  Captain is our "old man" dog.  He has some arthritis and back issues but he has been doing well recently.  

For my job too, I have noticed that if therapy is recommended most of it is being done remotely.  Seems a bit odd to me, but that is how some places are doing it these days.  

There is a mask mandate in LA county but not for the whole state.  The courts require masks but are not requiring social distancing.  It is frustrating that we have to do this for the unvaccinated groups that are filling up the hospitals now.  My understanding is, we can still get it and pass it on to others, but we shouldn't end up in a hospital or dead.  I saw one doctor on TV say that someone told him in the ER that she would rather die of Covid than get the vaccine.  My question to her would be: why go to the ER then?  They are going to give her drugs to treat covid and she is taking up a bed. 

You will find something to fill your days.  Just give it some time and figure out what you might want to do.  Is your town open?  Maybe you can do some volunteer work somewhere if that's your thing.  Or start a new hobby.  

Cheers to three years!!  Today is my official quit day.  Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

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From: Molly010


Hey JR,

Glad you are feeling better and are well enough to return to work.  

I have to admit, I looked into prepping a bit when Covid started too.  Some of those people are a bit over the top, but there is some sense of security knowing you have what you need if anything does happen.  Sounds like that woman didn't look into these enough if you aren't able to get rid of certain bacteria with these ovens.  I suppose she could put it over a regular fire first?  Although that would defeat the point of the ovens.  If they only get to a certain temperature, then she will figure it out soon enough!  I want to look into these now though.  We live in LA, which has a lot of earthquakes so if we can't use our stove, this is a great alternative.  Is there a particular brand you recommend?

Your three year anniversary is coming up soon.  Will be here before you know it!  

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JR (DPartonFan)

From: JR (DPartonFan)



Yes on the brand.  The brand actually is called the All American Sun Oven.  I just checked out the internet and it looks like the best price going on one right now is from Sunoven.com for $369. I bought mine as a package that included all the cookware and everything from a website called Cantina West solar cooker but it looks like they don't offer the complete package anymore.

It does cook your food safely but it isn't for home canning things.  Some folks do some of their home canning in the ovens on their stoves but all home canning safety guidelines seriously advise against that.  To kill the bacteria in home canned food it has to be canned using either a water boiling canner or a pressure canner. 

So last year I went out during the first week of February and bought cases of canned vegetables and stocked up enough meat in the freezers to last about 6 months for two of us.  The folks I worked with were laughing their butts off over that and I told them I just had a gut feeling that the cupboards maybe should be well stocked for a while.  I also was thinking "what else besides food would you not want to be caught without?". I went out and bought 100 rolls of toilet paper and boy the folks at work really lost it over that.  Then about two weeks later the panic buying started and they were all asking if I might share my toilet paper stash.  I said, "I have no friends, you're on your own." LOL But hey, I was advising everyone at work to stock up a little more than normal while everything was still fully stocked and they laughed at me.  You wouldn't believe how many times I was told later in the year last year that they would listen to my gut feelings from now on.  It's not that I had a psychic knowledge of what was coming or anything like that.  It was just a teaching from my days in the Scouts - Always be prepared! 

But the woman who had enough food in her house to feed her family of four for 10 years?....well, that just sounded over the top to me.  Far above and beyond always being prepared. Anyway, it's great to hear from you!  Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior! 


From: Denim50



Hey Molly, 

Congratulations on three years smoke free! Woohooo! Can you believe it? I remember all of us trying to get to one and picking out those keys but look at us now. Lol. Moving on toward years four and five to achieve our wings. Amazing. So glad we rode the roller coaster together and found that journey they kept talking about. I kept hearing journey but it was hard to notice a journey when your on a roller coaster, lol. I remember once telling Suzy, ‘I think I may have got in the wrong line at this Carnival.’ joy I’m glad we took the ride though and held on. Three years is a lot to celebrate and I hope you’ve had a really special day doing that. You deserve it. Thanks for being such a great quit-buddy and friend. I’m sorry I’m so late posting this. My device was acting up and I actually tried to get on here a few times. Thankfully my son is good with tech stuff and straightened it out for me. I want to respond to your other post to me but I’m going to go ahead and post this before it gets too late, then I’ll try to answer those and Gloria’s. Have a great day! 




From: Denim50


Hey Molly, 

After I posted congratulations to you, I meant to log in yesterday and answer this post, the one in the July ‘21 group from you, and Gloria’s post but I wasn’t feeling too good yesterday and still not feel my best, but thankfully slightly better. 

I’m glad we all rode the first year out together too. relaxed 

What breed is your new dog? Boy or girl? What’s it’s name? I think it’s great that you adopted it from a shelter. There are so many that need good loving homes. 

I’m redoing one room and redecorating two of the others. I’m also repainting the door trim on the outside. The house itself has vinyl siding. I did some of what I had wanted to do and needed to do last year and decided to try to finish up the remainder of what I wanted done this summer. Hopefully, I’ll get it all the way I want it before Fall. 

I’m going to post this and a couple of other short post and write more again when I’m feeling better. 

I hope you have a great day. 





From: Denim50


Hey Gloria, 

It’s great to hear from you. Thank you for the pm. It’s wonderful to see so many quit-buddies returning and posting. I hope that trend continues. I’m still here, all I can be anyway, supporting and encouraging others. Molly has made some encouraging post too. relaxed Speaking of that, Dave is trying to restart his quit. I wish him the best with it and I’m glad he’s back here with us too. 

It has been so hot here and with such a lack of rain. Had to weed eat the flower bed, everything wilted and is dry. The humidity is high too. I’ve had the A/C and fans both going. The year is passing so quickly though that it won’t be long until the Fall will be here. I’m just hoping the coming Winter isn’t as hard as last year. 

I was going to post yesterday but wasn’t feeling too swift. This morning I felt slightly better. I took a nap, got some rest, and that seemed to help, so I’m glad about that. 

One of my cousins called the other night and talked about two hours. She’s visiting the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and enjoying that. She thinks it’s beautiful and loves the peacefulness of it. I’m glad she’s having a relaxing and good time there. 

Were you able to find the peaches you wanted? I hope so. Your ice cream sounds amazing. I love peaches and I love peach shakes too. Do you make those also? I have to admit, I have no clue about making ice cream but I can sure put some away, lol. blush 

As I told Molly, I’ve got some things around the house I’m working on. I’m also wanting to take another trip before the Fall. Did you go to Va. Beach again this summer? 

I don’t want to cut this short but I’m going to post this now since I’m still not 100% yet. I’ll keep in touch though and hope that you and the others do the same. Have a great day and we’ll talk more soon.  








From: Denim50


Hey Dave, 

I haven’t heard back from you in several days and was wondering how you’re doing? Please keep in touch as you get a chance. Thanks. 

Have a great day. relaxed 

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JR (DPartonFan)

From: JR (DPartonFan)


Well I made it through the first week back to work.  Was exhausted by the end of the fourth 12 hour shift but that was to be expected.  I've spent the last couple of days getting stocked back up on meats because I have been reading a lot about this Delta plus variant.  It worries me that the meat packing plants may have to shut down again when this becomes the primary covid variant.  Bought up 6 roast beefs, 30 pounds of hamburger and about 30 pounds of ground turkey.  I spent the evening vacuum sealing every thing and getting it into the freezer. Tomorrow I plan to work on getting Chicken breasts and Pork chops put in the freezer. I've been stocking back up on canned and frozen vegetables as I've been using them but didn't realize I had gotten a little low on the meats. 

A lot of the folks at work have started stocking up this time.  I think they decided to follow my advice this time around. LOL 

We finally got some rain today! Thought there for a bit that I might have to get out in the backyard and learn to do a rain dance to get it to rain. The flowers aren't wilted looking any more. 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  


Hello Jr, Denim & others. Happy September!! And Fall is here!! I started double masking again Aug 4 due to the Delta variant even though I am fully vaccinated (Moderna).  I even started wearing masks outside at my bible study (One vaccinated lady was exposed to covid at a funeral where only 2 people wore masks inside). Some people who were fully vaccinated caught the delta variant and got sick, Our vaccinated Bible study partner got sick but denied testing positive for covid even though her vaccinated stepsons who went to funeral with her DID get sick and tested pos for covid. So I am back in pandemic mode: double masking inside and when in close proximity outside & only going to inside places of necessity. I was pissed as I thought we were thru this mess. I had to get used to double masking again, no social gatherings & no dining inside restaurants AGAIN. I have now accepted that we may have to stay in pandemic mode until 2023...or longer. I am not gonna get a booster shot yet but will consider it after one year just like the annual flu shot.

My oldest little doggie (the cranky old male chihuahua) finally got so sick with his congestive heart failure that the meds didn;t help and he was suffering. Had him euthanized on Sept 5. Glad& Thankful I still have my sweet 6 Y O chiweenie Dolly. We doing ok missing that bossy noisy chihuahua. Had to change my daily doggie routines so Dolly will remain happy and confident. I know she is grieving and missing her "Boss." She got her bed back now. I take her riding everyday and give her lots of cuddles and playtime. She goes walking with me now  as well. She had separation anxiety before I got the older dog. I try not to leave her alone now and I am home everyday anyway. We doing ok. We grieving together. I don;t plan to get another dog but who knows. 

I plan to go Vegan next year JR...no more meat for me. I am on twitter everyday and always read about (and SEE) the inhumane treatment of factory farming that our meat industry has become. I am totally against animal slaughter and am an animal rights advocate. I feel SO convicted and sad when I eat meat for awhile now. So I am going totally vegan in Jan---no meat, dairy, eggs etc. It's time!! So no more homemade ice cream or deviled eggs (my FAVs!!!) come Jan. I challenge anyone who loves animals to join me in becoming vegan. It will be a totally different lifestyle for me as I grew up on a farm and always knew my meat by name!! Had no control then but past time to follow my beliefs now. I am as committed to this as quitting smoking. I will start meatless Mondays in Oct to try to figure how what I can eat. My older Sis is vegan for health reasons so she is a big support. I have to come up with some recipes for meals I can eat. Will not do more cooking...need some easy meals. I am low carb due to diabetes. I have time to research and plan for my new life in Jan.

I am also helping my older brother buy/find his first home. He has to move out of Dad's home and was gonna get an apt. He is a veteran and I asked him if he had thought about using his VA benefits to buy a home. He said he never thought about it but is now excited about the possibility of owning his first home. Told him he could get a home and own it vs. paying rent. He has been pre-approved now to get a VA home loan with $0 down. He was sad & upset to have to move out of our family home but is now excited with his new road ahead. I told him he would LOVE having his own place (Spot!). So I am busy finding homes he might like. He did not know house pymts could be less than rent. Glad to help him.

Looking forward to my niece's wedding Oct 15 on the beach in Virginia Beach, VA. She got engaged last yr during the pandemic and thought she put it off until the pandemic would be over but here we are. It is outside and will just be a small reception in a big warehouse open building. We are SO happy that they can have a wedding with family and friends. We will be wearing masks of course.

I will be staying at VA Beach oceanfront during the wedding. I will be alone but looking forward to being rejuvenated and enjoying the ocean to lift my pandemic spirit. So looking forward to this trip, even though alone.

Still kicking Cig butt!!! Thankful, Joyful and blessed.   


Nicotine & smoke-free since 30 Jul 2018...How Sweet it is!!sunflowersunflowersunflower


From: CindiS319


Hi Gloria,

So good to hear from you.  Wow you have a lot going on.  It's really nice that you could help and guide your brother.  The wedding and the stay at VA Beach sounds wonderful!  It's been a long time since I've stepped on an ocean beach.  Sorry to hear about your doggie.  I know how hard that is.  We just discovered a big lump on my older dog's shoulder (she's 10 1/2) and surgery would be like $1200.  We had it biopsied but it was inconclusive so we're just going to keep an eye on it to see if it grows any bigger or starts to bother her.  

Yes this pandemic can end anytime now and that would be great.  The only good thing I see that has come from it for me is I've been working from home and I love it.  My commute is 1.5 hours each way so it is awesome that I can work from my home office.  I actually think I'm more productive and less stressed.

Congratulations on your decision to go vegan.  That's a great choice but one I don't think I could make.  I have quite a few friends that are vegan and they say they feel so much healthier too.  Maybe some day....

Take care and enjoy your time at VA Beach!  Stay SAFE and HEALTHY too!!