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September Ash-Kickers 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 10/1/18 by ModSue (VentasSue); 369729 views.

From: Nanp123


Hi ModSue,

Thank you for your kind words - they are appreciated! 

One hour at a time turns into a day. Baby steps is how I am approaching my life and smoking cessation. I am very proud of what I have done and when those urges hit, I say NOPE - I am not starting over! 

As I said before, I can't change the past, but I am in full control of the future! Well as least as far as smoking/ not smoking goes. 


Quit 9/22/18 New season - new beginning

ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)


Hey Selina

Just a quick post to see how you're doing? - and to let you know that the group have moved to our permanent home - September Ash-Kickers 2018.

Hope you're well.

ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)


Hey Robert

Congratulations on 4 weeks' smoke-free.  

Just to let you know that, today, we've moved to our new home 'September Ash-Kickers 2018'.

Hope you're well?

ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)


Hey Colleen

Just letting you know that we're now in our new group.  

Hope you're well and looking forward to seeing you there.


From: Lgor


Hi Sue,

My name is Lori, and I would like to join the sept ash kickers. I quit smoking sept 29th so today is day 3. I have been reading alot on the site, but feel the best thing is to join a group for accountability. I know, that left to my own devices, I fail...i have attempted to quit smoking 100 times.


From: Missdogs2018


Hi Nancy,

Just wanted to give you a warm shout-out and officially welcome you to the battlefield. Wear your armor and check it everyday. We are battling and fighting for our lives, health and freedom from the evil nicodemon who will not allow us to walk away quietly or easily...he is a serious terrorist and uses guerilla warfare. He will be patient and pretend to be a caring friend also. He lays in wait and will use whatever trick or tactic he can to keep us in his power. Keep fighting and remember 2 things...you can do this if: 1) your desire to NOT smoke is stronger than your desire to smoke, 2) Just DON'T SMOKE TODAY!! Do whatever you need to do to NOT smoke TODAY. 

I am also 65 years young and I smoked for 42 years. Once I received my Medicare Card in the mail, I could not deny being a senior citizen. I reflected on my stage of life and decided I better quit before I developed health problems due to smoking. I also hated to smell like smoke. I decided I don't care if I gain weight (why I smoked for many years). I had a memorial service and tribute to my long term frenemy because I did not want to miss him and so I gave him a proper goodbye (and good riddance!!). He is History...I do NOT miss him at all and do not want him in my life. Our relationship is OVER. So Glad.

Congrats on your first dot. I just earned my 2nd star. I was SO happy and determined to get my first star...helped keep me going that first month. The first 2 weeks are Super hard. Hell week then Heck week. It does get better and easier each day. I was actually in a fog for 2 weeks (normal) and just did what I had to do to NOT smoke today. One day at a time and let the days add up. Read everything you can hear and stick close to this forum for support, inspiration and motivation. You can do this...Put your game face on and kick (cig) butt. Just DO it!! FIGHT!!!

Glad to have you on the battlefield. Stay alert, vigilant and ready.

One day at a time. Let's Fight and keep kicking (Cig) butt. Remain tough, committed, brave, passionate and determined. 


64 days smoke free star2star2(Another month bites the dust...How Sweet it is!!sunflowersunflower)

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ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)


Hey Lori

Congratulations on your third day of non-smoking and also on finding this forum.  Here you will find all the information and support you need to make this a successful quit.

You are quite right that, when we belong to a support group, it gives us accountability but I think that, the longer you are involved in this group, you will find that the camaraderie, support and non-judgmental care is the main reason why many of us stuck around here and succeeded in our quits.  

I'm so pleased that you are reading a lot of the articles and posts here.  Knowledge is power when we are fighting this addiction.  Please don't hesitate to ask if there is anything specific you wish to learn about regarding quitting. Also, I'm not sure if you've found it yet, there is a library with a link at the bottom of the left hand column here.  The personal stories and articles there are all worth looking at.

So, do keep reading and posting.  I was told to post until my fingers hurt and it works - when we're busy on the keyboard, the idea of smoking seems to disappear.

It isn't easy to quit at first but, I promise you, that, as time goes on it does get better and better and the wonderful day comes when you never even thought of a cigarette and, in fact, the day will come when you will actually hate the idea of smoking.

So, keep going and make this quit your No 1 priority.


From: Michel05


Hi Bo and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! One month is huge and you've done it so well! I see you here posting and reaching out to others... Isn't this forum the best? Be proud and treat yourself today and then off we go to keep on keeping on!!!

Michele     Quit 1 June 2018


From: Lgor


Thanks so much Sue! I am sure the comradery is a huge help. It's comforting to know that were not alone. I need to keep myself busy, which is hard when you're feeling sluggish and mopey. I've attempted to quit smoking so many times. I actually think my A.D.D. gets in the way of success..like i lose focus, and blow it. I'm too old to continue smoking, and I definitely feel tge effects as I age. Stupid addiction!!!

Bo (1sept18)

From: Bo (1sept18)


AWWWW, what a cute bunny wabbit.  Thank you Sue and love our new home.  One month, who woulda thought ?  It feels good and I am ready for month 2.  Thanks again for everything !!