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September Ash-Kickers 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 10/1/18 by ModSue (VentasSue); 369250 views.

From: Denim50


Hey Vic, 

I will! I love those cookies! Thank you! blush 

Have a great day. relaxed 



From: Nanp123


3 1/2 years!!! In the beginning I never thought I would make it, but this forum kept me going and I stayed butt free! Thanks for taking this over for all those folks that need that extra support and education about the changes that take place as we quit. 

When I started this journey, I promised myself a Panama Canal if I made it. I booked one 2 weeks ago! 16 nights from San Diego to Tampa. It's not until 2023, but that's OK. Traveling is so much nicer now - no worries about where to smoke!

The nicodevil still whispers to me occasionally, but it's real easy to ignore him now. 3 1/2 years, 25,668 cigarettes not smoked and $8,342.07 saved, based on $6.50 a pack,  

Hope you are all well!


From: awaken1961


nice to hear from you , glad your doing so well , enjoy the trip, you have earned it !

Msg 3843.2622 deleted

From: Denim50


Hey Nancy, 

It's great to hear from you! 

Thank you for your kind message and support. I'm glad to be able to do this and keep it going. I'm happy that we can continue to support and help new quitters and continue to be here with each other. 

Huge congratulations on your future trip and what a wonderful way to celebrate and reward yourself! Though it's not until next year, I hope you have a blast when you do go. 

I hope you and your family are all doing well also. 

Have a great day. relaxed 



From: Vic091718


Happy May.  Just back from Cruising car show in OC MD. Just the 2 of us. Wow been a while since last no kid vacation. Haha. Was great. Sunny time. Summer is almost here.  Golf ‍??BBQ and good drinks !!!  I hope everyone is doing well. Take care. Keep in touch.  


From: Vic091718


Hi everyone. I hope all is good. I was just thinking of our good bonding times on this site. Take care.  Enjoy a snack  


From: Denim50


Hey Vic, 

Great to hear from you! relaxed I'm sorry I missed replying to you in the spring. Your trip to OC sounded wonderful. I hope you've been enjoying a great summer too. 

The pizza's great and you know those chocolate chips are yummy. Can't resist chocolate. blush Just missing a drink but fortunately I've brought one with me.Thank you for the delicious food you always bring. Sooo good! 

I miss these get-togethers too. I hope everyone shows back up soon. I also hope you're keeping the grill ready for the big celebration next month. Four years! Can you believe that next year will be five years and we'll all have to exchange those keys for wings? Well, Mrissa really wouldn't have to, she's had the best of both from the get go, with her winged key. I love that. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone here again next month for the party. It will be great catching up with everyone again. Since you're in charge of the food and drinks, I'll bring along some music too.  

Do you have anything special planned to celebrate your four year quit-versary? 

I'm looking forward to the milder temperatures with the changing of the season. I love it when it's not too hot or too cold. 

The preseason games are going on and it won't be long until the official start of the season. Did you see the brawl? I know you're looking forward to the game tomorrow night.

I hope you're doing well. This is the second week I've not been feeling too good. The doc. gave me some medicine though, so I'm looking forward to feeling better again soon. Okay, I'm going to go ahead and post this but we'll talk more later and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead. 

Have a great day. relaxed