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August Champions 2015   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 9/3/15 by ModDee; 372386 views.

From: angelina1512


Hey marge,

i think places like these make me more determined. I would hate to write and say I failed, I smoked, I now have to start again.

i romance the quit, not the smoke. You have to do the time,each day is such a win and they soon add up.

i will tell my brain what to think, not the other way around. It's hard, harder than child birth but it is doable. 

At the start it was 15 minutes at a time, then one hour, now one day.

i will stick to one day at a time for a while.



From: slowblumer


Hi 007,

I do the NOPE pledge, but I never say 'never', at least not yet. I notice that most of the time I pledge I say, 'I pledge NOPE today or 'I will not smoke today'.  I am not under any delusion that I am home free and still have to live and do this too one day at a time. I made my own pledge to say  'never' at one year.   I am still more aware of my weaknesses than my strength:)  Debbie, says under her signature, ''Sometimes I Amaze Myself''.  She is right.  It's finding that new sense of power over the addiction and realizing that, hey, I can do this.  I did this and I will continue to do it.  It's a gradual sense of taking our life back.





From: Sooz007


ha ha I love 007 - my maiden name is Connery so it fits.  My friend Dave Barry tells me I sound like some religious icon when he says Hey Sooz (Jesus) lol.  We are such a funny bunch aren't we.  I just finished lunch with a smoking friend of mine and was actually able to walk away when she lit a cigarette and offered me one.  Yes, the crave was there but I also knew it would disappear in a minute or two once I walked away and replace it with a mint (I had a glass of wine at lunch too!).  Aren't you proud of me :)

Sooz :)


From: Rulaquit


Thanks Dee

i am home. 

Rula star2


From: Rulaquit


See Sooz! 

You are strong too. 

I am so proud of you 

Rula star2


From: amfsmokefree


Go Sooz!! That is awesome! And those mints definitely help me! I have a bag in my purse, and a bag in the car!!! My fiance' tried to take my last one the other day and I told him "No way!" ;)


From: JoJoMn


Edited: Actually was to be TO ALL....



We are indeed. 'August' is more than just the name of the month.

AUGUST means: Distinguished, venerable, eminent, illustrious, celebrated, prestigious, honored, acclaimed.

CHAMPIONS. 1. A person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition. 2. A person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else.

ALL of that, DOES indeed apply to us.

We should always keep that in mind when we speak of or about us.

Be humbled about it. For it is a just and honorable cause: FREEDOM. Personal and social freedom.

Notice the name is plural: TOGETHER.


Peace and blessings on our new home.

Jo *

August Champions 2015 ~ Quit August 1, 2015

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From: youdi


Congratulations Rula, Helen, great going!!   Jen, great that you had another smoke free week, the star is within your reach...






From: Sooz007


Hi there Youdi, I don't feel I've said hello to you very much.  You seem to be doing really well and I like the way your second dot appears to be growing from the first one - very clever.


Sooz :)

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From: Jenavieve03


JoJo said to pack all my junk and move so here I am, our new home! relaxed

I am so thrilled we have our permanent home and we are the August Champions!! Love my new non smoking family here!



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