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NOPEvember 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 11/30/18 by ModDee; 108879 views.

From: Molly010


Nice new digs guys!

Congrats on almost four weeks Bev!!!  That is a huge accomplishment.  You are all doing very well.  I hope to pop in from time to time.  Enjoy your new space and your quit buddies.  :)

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From: ModDee


Hi there,

Just wanted to share a inspirational one year anniversary post from our member Steve. 

It’s a day, like any other day... with one small exception; it’s my one year, smoke free, anniversary

This isn’t my first rodeo aka I’ve been here before.  I’m ecstatic to be back.

Every once in awhile, an outta nowhere crave slams me. I know this is the desperate attempt of my dying addiction to sucker me back. I tell myself that I’m smarter now.

I rarely think about smoking - which is where I prefer to be. The struggle to get here is real. The freedom is worth every battle.

my advice:

to those starting (at less than 4 months) - suck it up / make the hard choices and stay the course

to those with 4 to 8 months quit: Don’t get frustrated, discouraged or believe (the lie) that one is ok - it’s not.  You DON’T want to do any part of months 0 to 4 over. You especially don’t want to become that serial quitter; that’s a hard place.  I know.

you must always believe that you don’t need cigarettes.  It’s hard to comprehend but you must believe. All the ‘experienced’ quitters on this site have felt the same way you feel: like you’re different.  News flash: you aren’t different.  A peaceful, happy life without nicotine does exist  

8 to 12 months - don’t get complacent, bored or side swiped by the nicodemon. You’re almost there.

12+ months: never forget what it took to get to 12. one is never an option.

I am so glad to be on the other side.

You killed my friends. For years, without me knowing, you robbed me of my freedom.  You are a nasty, smelly, filthy, self serving liar. f$&@ u nicotine - I’m winning



From: lizwilfred


Me too! English winter has me craving a pool and sunshine as much as a cigarette

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Becka (Becka1955)

From: Becka (Becka1955)


Hi November people. I’m just going to slide in here and join you. I quit on November 14 but didn’t think to come back here until last night. I originally quit in February, joined the February group, and had almost 5 months quit when I let down my guard and started a ridiculous quit/start, quit/start smoking thing that only a mad woman would go through. I want to stop smoking for good. 

So, here’s to today of NOPING!  


From: Nanp123


Hey Bev!

Congratulations on 4 weeks tomorrow! That's wonderful - be very proud!


From: HumbledPam


Thanks Dee! I think I'll take a dip in the pool! smiley


From: hester75


Welcome Becka!

sorry to hear about the 5months slip. But very happy you back here with us.

it shows me that we can never be vigilant enough. Makes me worry though. It takes so much energy to stay positive and to keep fighting. 

Let us do this together



From: hester75


Oh Liz , I will gladly swop with you. I will choose the english cold weather anyday above the sweltering African sun.

hope all is going well



From: lizwilfred


Hi Hester,

Have to say this weekend has been a struggle. 

And spent a lot of time in bed trying  to ignore the feelings. Going to try to stay busy this afternoon. Think things will improve if I get past the weekend. 

How are you, you’re doing brilliantly 


From: ModDee


Congratulations Bev.