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NOPEvember 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 11/30/18 by ModDee; 111814 views.

From: SteveAll


Thanks Denim!

Congrats to you on your upcoming 2 year!


From: Denim50


Hey Steve, 

     Thank you! We’re both reaching two years this year. Still amazes me. I remember when I first joined and was trying to get to two weeks, much less two years, lol. Thanks for keeping in touch. Hope you have a great day. 


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From: spartanfan


Hi Friends!  Long time no post! ...just thought I'd check in to see how all of you are doing with the world in lockdown.  What a strange and scary time.  We're good here--husband has been working from home since March 13 which was also the kids last day in school.  Just got notice last week that they won't be going back this spring....hopefully things will have improved enough by late August so they'll be able to go back then. 

I've been staying busy by reading, painting (got another paint by numbers since they were so helpful when I quit), jigsaw puzzles, cleaning, baking and getting outside for walks or basketball "games" with my 10 year old when it's nice. 

Interestingly I've been having some pretty strong cigarette cravings the past few weeks.  They are way better now (still have them daily but it's just a quick 30 second thing, if that long).  When they started they really took me by surprise, since I haven't had any cravings whatsoever since maybe early January.  I started dreaming about smoking nearly every night and was just overwhelmed by my desire to go out and buy a pack.  I did fight my way through every craving I had--and if I had to guess I'm assuming it's this pandemic that has me wanting to smoke--that was the way I coped with EVERYTHING hard in my life in the past, so how am I supposed to cope now??? On the positive side, I am SOOOOOO happy to have stopped smoking nearly 18 months ago.  I pray every night that my lungs have healed enough so if I do end up with covid19 I will be one of the lucky ones.  

Hope you are all doing well!  (going to copy and paste this in my adopted January Bravehearts group too!) 

Julie 11.7.18


From: Screwadriver


Hi Julie glad you are doing well. I am not liking this lock down but enduring it as best as can be. I also have been having urges similar to yours ad dismissing them quickly. It really surprised me I still have those thoughts. Anyways let's enjoy our healing lungs and bodies and NOPE.


From: livtoswim


Hi Julie,

Thanks for your post and checking in us early birds. It's helps to see what the future looks like after 18 mos. How nice it must be.  I am sure this habit always requires attention to ward off those sneaky little thoughts of only just 1 right? 

I was on line when you started your journey.  I didn't make it all the way.   I am back and more determined than ever.  

I ramped up in March when this thing exploded.   It didn't stop at one or two of course. It got worse. Out of control. So here I am starting again.  This WILL be my forever quit.


From: spartanfan


Good to see you!!!  And also good to know I'm not the only one who is this far into the journey and still having cravings.  They've lessened since I posted but are still there every now and then.  Sick of it!!!  Maybe once the weather finally gets more consistent (tired of 70 and sunny one day and 45 and rainy the next) and I can spend more time outside it will help.  who knows.  


From: spartanfan


Deanne, I remember you from before.  I'm sorry I haven't been around as much lately.  I'm so proud of you for coming back again--you sound very resolved to make this forever quit.  I know you can do it!!!  Even still having these sneaky thoughts (which I know will go away again at some point, as long as I don't give in), it is much easier with each day I put between myself and the nicodemon.  Keep on keeping on, you are doing great!!  Just tag me in a post if you need to chat--I still get email notifications!



From: overdoz


Hey how are you doing? I remember you from a while back. Yeah i remember once i had a long quit for 2 years and had cravings at the 2 year mark and caved in. I have since had 2 5 month quits and many 2-3 week quits.

Currently at almost 3 weeks quit, cravings have lessened but can come on out of know where, i just want to be rid of this terrible addiction this time. Last that i had quit for 2 years it was in the spring so im keeping my fingers crossed that it will happen again. 

Overdoz quit 04-17-20


From: spartanfan


Hey Overdoz, yes I remember you!  From Chicago right??  (I’m north of the city).  Cravings have lessened now but I was really surprised at how strong they were after so long without one.  I’m glad you are still quitting and are motivated to do so...wish this weather would cooperate though so we could spend more time outside!  You’re coming up on a month, that’s definitely something to celebrate.  Hope this one is your forever quit, if you need my support just tag me in one of these posts, I still get email notifications!