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Dots and Stars Graphics Instructions   Dots and Stars Milestones

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From: ModDee


Dots and Stars Milestones Graphics Instructions

All members can upload images into messages. However, Delphi Extra ($19.95 per year) and Delphi Plus ($14.85 every 3 months) members can also use the text editor image upload feature when creating and editing personal signatures. Use the following links for instructions on creating an image or personal signature.

How To Insert An Image

How To Create A Personal Signature

Use the Dots and Stars Milestones Folder to post your smoke-free milestones. Follow the instructions below to find and insert dot or star graphics into your signature.

Before you get started, please take a look at the Forum Graphics Rules for general guidelines about using graphics at the About Smoking Cessation forum.


Dots are used to mark the first four smoke-free weeks of a person's quit program. Each dot represents 1 week, and once a member has accumulated 4 of them, they are turned in on the one-month smoke-free anniversary for a star. As much as you might wish to remember your first week by keeping an honorary dot in your signature, once you begin posting with stars, the dots must go.

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