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March 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 268064 views.

Thanks Screwadriver,

Yes thanks for the welcome back, I have to earn my stripes now starting from scratch but "from little things big things grow", line from a Paul Kelly song. How are you and how is your quit going?

Kind regards



From: slowblumer


Hi Anthony,

Not 'if the cravings hit' because you know they will.  You can do this.



From: Screwadriver


I just celebrated my 3rd month quit and am feeling real good month 3 I found to be a breeze. Month 2 I had some motivation issues and sleeping way too long until I started excercising then just good things seemed to happen. 

A friend happened to see me post a message and asked about the stars I had put as my signiture then he told me to go with him to see some gals who were celibrating there 2nd month quit. Sure enough they were so happy being 2 months quit they were dancing on stage showing off the 2 stars.....

Good to have back!


From: Ostekake12


Hi Anthony

Welcome to this gorgious forume. I am quite new my self, but I have actually managed to day 24 today. It is a true roller coaster and these two days has been the worst for me. But I am so thankful that I have this forume. The last 24 hours I have been at the hospital with my girlfriend and it has been so scary all of it. And even when I have hold her in my arms while she had had seizures for hours and hours  - I have had the phone in the other hand and posted here. I need to be here. And I hope you will stay here during your good and bad days tulip

full_moonfull_moonfull_moon - Veronica

Smober and proud since 5.2.19


From: Paula266


Im with you on leaving that life of addiction that really wasn't a life. Smoking controlled everything I did. Now Im free. I feel 100 % better already. I talk to myself alot. Beats smoking. I even talk to strangers in stores if I get a crave. I will say "excuse me do you know where the yeast is " and then " You look familar, seems like I've seen you before". Lol by then Im laughing and the craves gone. Keep doing whatever you need to, to not smoke. I do silly stuff at home sometimes to pass a crave. Ive rearranged my sock drawer so many times and my food in my kitchen cabnets. My husband can tell when Ive had a rough crave day, cause he can't find anything.  Keep NOPE-ing. Have a great nonsmoking Friday.


From: BlueDahlia29


Hi Anthony I am so rooting for you and I absolutely know without a doubt you can do this. You got very far in a quit before and you so can do it again. Put this addiction behind you once and for all there's a beautiful life to be lived without the need for cigarettes or the pain and heartache they cause. You deserve better for yourself. One day at a time. You got this!!!!  Hugs.


From: overdoz


Hi Anthony glad you are back, and it gives me motivation that i have made the right decision to quit cause i see that you want to quit, you see that it is not worth it. Im not judging you, i tried to quit for like 3 years after i had relapsed, and it was a tug of war. Keep trying. Allen Carr is good, this site is better i think.

Overdoz quit 10-13-2018


From: Robin212


Welcome and congratulations on your quit! I am 2 months and from the January group. Saw your post and wanted to let you know I LOVE Allen!

I read and listen to him all the time. Believe in yourself, read and post and it will go well


From: julesDS


Hi Anthony

im 12 days in just wanted to say hi. I know you can do this and it’s about finding your own coping strategies I think??!? I was determined not to swap cigs for nibbles so now when a craving hits I force myself to run up n down stairs 10 times - totally bonkers I know but I’m trying to train my subconscious into associating cravings with being knackered n hopefully they will die down a bit?  Yep - totally bonkers I know - good job I have an understanding boss ha ha 

let me know how you get in n KEEP GOING!!!

jules x


From: julesDS


Wow !!!! I’m in awe !!!! Veronica that post was really inspirational I’m 12 days in and after reading your post and hearing how you kept going through such a traumatic time I feel a total wimp!!!!! Please keep going hun - if you can then I can !!!!!

my thoughts are with you and I hope your partner gets well soon

jules x