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March 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 138370 views.

From: Jan2185


Wooohooo Asad.

You have reached the club house!!!!

Many many congratulations - a whole year smoke free.  grinning

Very well done my friend - Time to celebrate tadaboomstar2

Jan sunflower

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From: cherbearquit


Wow! During this stressful period in our lives, to see your post about coming out of retirement to assist is incredible! This truly shows dedication and kindness, which everyone should practice. We are all in this together and need to watch out for each other. I wish all the best for you. Stay safe!


From: slowblumer


Hi Asad,

Huge Congrats to you on this one year milestone.  You reached deep inside for this prize,  I hope you treat yourself to something very special.  You more than deserve it.




From: AsadAKhan


Hello All

Thanks I lot for remembering it. We are small group of only 3 from March 2019 (which are successful) but together we did it and I am proud of myself.  Thank you Jan and Cheryl for remembering my quit dates and congratulating me on each and every monthly milestone.

It has been a long journey (specifically the first 4-5 months) where I think of everyone as a liar and nicotine junkie is coming again and again to me with the thoughts of one smoke to fix it all" solution or the other feelings that I will be going through this pain and agony for the rest of your life. Here I want to specifically thank ModMarge and Debbie for all the guidance and there support by patiently  responding to my stupid question of will it get better and when it get better on the forum and in private chat. 

I am member of multiple websites like whyquit and others and they are great help to start with the process. But this forum is like a afterlife to the process initiation as you get answer to all your questions 24/7 and you get the feeling that you are not alone in pain and all other in group or in forum are going through same or have gone through the same pain and agony.

I want to post a key but I am not posting as I think key is in now in my hand and i.e. to never take another puff.

Thank you all,



Congratulations!! Asad you nailed this! Be very proud of this monumental achievement.  You showed that nicotine monster that you are in charge. I wish you continued success with everything you tackle. Stay strong and healthy throughout this Covid19 virus battle. Be so happy that your lungs will be strong now to recover if you catch this virus. We all must eat great foods, exercise, and never smoke ever again. Congratulations Asad as you definitely are no sissy! Onto year 2 for you.

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: slowblumer


Thank you Asad,

Your key is definitely in your hand.  Keep on going.



From: Rassister



 You have always been there for all of us and became a part of our quits.  I see many retired nurses being asked to help.  I am not surprised that you have signed up.  Thanks for all that you do for others.  Stay safe and be well.



From: Rassister


Congratulations and welcome to the club house.  It is the best place in the world with an incredible view of your future.   Moving on to year two....

All the best,



From: cmw0822


Hello to you! Asad you won the hard battle of staying smober for an entire year!! You hold tight to that key like it is a shield from the nicodeamon.  Debbie.. your dedication to staying smoke free and inspiring all of for this past year is something so very special. Turtles, your gentle outlook and steady reassurance was always a wonderful support for me. Debbie...Asad, Turtles and I finally all reached the clubhouse and we have your support to be grateful for in helping us get there. Asad and Turtles, I am honored to share our anniversary date together and pray we all share many more.  May all of you stay safe, healthy and smober as we face another incidence of evil in COVID 19. Keeping you all in my prayers,  Cheryl 

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From: turtles


Congratulations to you, buddy!!!  So worth it! And you too Asad!

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