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December 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 48948 views.

From: DebraAnne60


Oh dear, I am so concerned for you.  It all sounds so stressful in your world .  Where are you located.  You must be so pleased you are not smoking.  I sure hope you get some relief soon.  

We are not too bad here in Ontario Canada.  So far anyway. 

I looked after my father when he was sick with cancer for 18 months and did not want to be in the hospital.  I remember it was a lot of work.  You are dealing with so much, I wish I could come right over and give you a hand.  You are quite right though, if you can get through this and maintain your quit journey, you are definitely carry on for life.  I am soon up to three months but I notice the dreams are getting more and more vivid.  Sometimes it takes me quite some time  to realize it was just a dream when I wake up.    I never knew that smoking actually stunted our sleep dreams.  Did you also have a surge in vivid dreams.

Otherwise, things are pretty easy at the moment. 

Do write back when you have a moment  and let us know how you are doing.  I always enjoy hearing from you.  

Stay safe, 


From: SusanK1960


Hi sweet lady,

Hope you are doing well and not letting this international craziness stress you out!  Are you still at the University or did they put studies on hold due to the virus crisis?  

I am sending you a big congratulations on 3 months smobriety!  It will be 100 days in no time, which I know was a goal for you in the past. Hopefully, you will find a plateau in your quit within the next month. We have your back, butt, arms, and whatever other part that needs to be pushed or pulled to get you to a peaceful place soon!


From: DebraAnne60


Congratulations on your Three months!!!  I am five days behind you.  Mind if I ask how are you feeling.  


From: cherbearquit


Sending a big Congrats. to you as you celebrate 3 months today! It sure has been a long ride these past three months but the few of us left in our group are doing this! Be sure to do something special for yourself, because you deserve it! 

Quit 12/6/19


From: Majomar


Hi, Debra,

thank you for all your kind words and concern :) it's rare these days to feel empathy from people, and with this new situation, people are starting to act crazy. I'm worried about psychological consequences and what will happen to the way we relate to each other... and this is only the beginning. 

I live in the Balkans, in Montenegro, we are quite used to "dramatic" circumstances or extraordinary situations and I am quite tough by nature, but also quite sensitive... and some days I feel that strength and see this situation as a challenge that will make us all better people, and some days I feel alone and everything seems as if it will never end... and the world has reached its end. :D (which I don't fear, just... not a pleasant feeling), Of course, it is not real... and we all feel different emotions, some of which are just challenging and have to b faced.

Regarding dreams, I always had vivid dreams, so I can't make a difference since the quit... and then my situation was maybe different, because of the loss of my mother, and my brain still can't catch up with the situation, I think... when I have (vivid) dreams, those include her and rarely is the brain aware that she's gone. It still can be a lot of adrenalin and trying to "solve" the situation and help her in my dreams. 

And then, when I'm stressed, I take a sedative, that affects the way I experience my dreams, probably.

I believe that your mind is "clearing"... and those dreams are part of a coping mechanism, and you will be OK :)

 I thought I almost forgot about smoking, but... as I wrote before, this stress brings the urge back again, and I fight back and count the days and hope it will all go away soon.

Stay strong and stay well :)


From: Majomar


Congratulation, Arielle! :)


From: Arielle2019


Thank you so much guys for your sweet messages, it really warms my heart heart

Life has been one thunderstorm after the other this year so my focus has been on handling stress, reevaluating old beliefs and embracing the uncertainty that affects us all. Thankfully I study mostly online so my studies haven't been affected that much yet. 

Does it sound strange that nicotine is no longer a focus? Something happened to me mentally after I read Allen Carr's book "Quit smoking" over Christmas, so thank you so much Susan for forwarding me the book as an attachement on this forum pray

I hand over my fears to God/Universe (call it what you wish) and in these times of fear and physical isolation I believe that connecting to oneanother and showing kindness and compassion is more important than ever. 

I hope that you and your loved ones are well and healthy.

Remember, together we are stronger



From: Arielle2019


Thank you relaxed

How are you holding up? 


From: Majomar



These are challenging times for everyone, I believe. I'm doing fine, I do struggle, but I don't feel as if it were more "trouble" than other people face. I feel many people have it harder, in many ways and I try to remain cool and be patient when some sort of crisis arrives.

I'm losing my focus these days, but it's not the quitting, I think it's the Covid-crisis. And then an "urge" just slips in, like it's finding a crack in your "defence" system... :D I won't let it defeat me!


From: Arielle2019


I hear you, can totally relate.

So awesome that no matter what happens around us, smoking is no longer an option. 

That makes us winners every day muscle

Way to go Majomar!!!