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HELP me quit   General Chit-Chat

Started Oct-11 by smk57; 1024 views.
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Hi smk,

These are all good.  Stress is a huge factor so anyway we can reduce it is a benefit.

Quick Strategies for Shrugging Off Stress

Chronic stress is damaging to your body and mind. These stress relief techniques minimize stress and protect your body from the damage of long-term stress.

How Deep Breathing Can Reduce Stress

How to Stay Smoke-Free In Times of Extraordinary Stress


From: glenninindy


If all else fails, always remember to ask God to help you quit. He created you. You did not come into this world with a cig transfixed to your face or asking for one. Believe me, after decades of smoking, God will help you to quit real good. It may not be exactly the way you wanted to quit, but you will.