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HELP me quit   General Chit-Chat

Started Oct-11 by smk57; 946 views.

From: smk57


Thanks a lot! atleast now I know how to fend off the thoughts and stuff when they come along with cravings.

I'm thankfully on my way now, hope to move it further on

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Hi smk,

Another good thing is to keep a written journal.   You can look back on the terrible , rotten days and the days where you see a ray of light in your quit.  Write down phrases that help you.  Just write and write.  It helps.  Here are just two I had throughout my journal the first 3 months, over and over again.

‘The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’

'One is too many and a thousand are not enough'.

Practical Tips for Your First Smoke-Free Week

Updated November 19, 2015. You may feel like you're on a roller coaster during the first couple of weeks of smoking cessation. Whether you use a quit aid of some sort or go cold turkey, you're going to feel some discomforts due to nicotine withdrawal.

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From: June2019


Greetings smk57!

I've only been off the smokes since June 2019, but a couple of other items I found helpful to get past the cravings in the first few weeks/months were:

sunflower seeds in the shell (keeps both the mouth and hand busy),

scented lotions (just taking a whiff of certain fragrances can get the mind elsewhere & off hankering for a puff - i still do this one, too, though not as much)

rinsing with mouthwash throughout the day (taking deep inhales after a pungent mint rinse is oddly satisfying at times -- still do this one!)

Just though I'd share in case you find them helpful. 

wishing you strength in keeping your resolve to get off nicotine

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You have already had some good advice.  Unfortunately I have quit a few times.  My weapon     hand cream.....it is hard to smoke while using it.     Others will have more inspiring advice for you.  I wish you all the best.


Quit 24/8/19

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Neats (1146)

From: Neats (1146)


Hi sm57

Hang in there it is not easy but it really is possible to quit. Read all you can find here both in the Quit Smoking Library and the articles provided by the Moderators. Try to make a few changes to your normal routine and think of new things you would like to do.  Keep yourself busy maybe doing puzzles, crossword, draw, cook, exercise or do whatever you can to just  distract yourself.

I found  sips of ice water really helped me with those craves and posting regularly on the forum.  Stay close and good luck. 


From: smk57


Thanks ModMarge!

I have started keeping a journal now, writing down the thoughts that I have, then and there.

All the things that you've suggested are really helping, a lot! There's improvement 


From: smk57


Thank you June2019, these were really helpful!

Mouthwash, and applying cream really made a difference, took my mind off the usual scent, and then the cravings just drifted away.

As for the sunflower seeds, I had to do with peanuts, gum, and other tiny snacks, cause sunflower seeds are hard to come by in these areas. Still, they do the trick.

Thank you 


From: smk57


Hello ModMarge

Could you help me out with shutting down unnecessary stress as well, so that I can bring down the cravings too


From: smk57


Hello VIV691, hand cream truly helps in my case as well. The scent and the texture makes my mind drift off, rather than fixating on cravings, and that does the trick.

Thanks a lot for helping me out


From: smk57


Thanks a lot for the motivation, Anita!

It really helps when you've got friends to help you out with the whole quitting process, cause you're right, it does get a bit difficult in between.

Nonetheless, I am confident about making it this time!

Yeah, I started working on some sudoku whenever I get some free time, so that my mind doesn't wander around, eventually leading to cravings.

Also, sipping cold water is so effective! You lose the whole, tingling in the mouth, and then the craving just, goes away!

Thanks a lot, again